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Peter stops his motorcycle outside of the house. He looks at Alanna who is on the back. "Well here we are."

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"No problem. I'm just happy to help a friend."

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"Sure, or you can go to my apartment. Room 5B. It was nice hanging out with you." he watches her get off his bike.

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Peter watches her run in the house. He slips on his helmet and guns the engine, pulling out of the driveway.

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Samlot runs in with Alanna in his arms. "What happened here?!"

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"Where is he?" he says.

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Samlot sees the leader on a bed he walks to him. "You summoned me?"

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"No! You can't leave us!" he weeps for the death of his leader.

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((GTG sorry.))

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Samlot walks out of the infirmary with a pained look on his face. "We... we... have... a-a... new l-l-leader." a tear falls from his face.

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Samlot catches her. He continues to have tears fall from his face.

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Samlot looks around as the others crowd around him.

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Samlot holds her above his head so she is away from them.

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Samlot looks up at the others. "These words are heavy on my heart but, our leader has spoken. He has appointed me leader of the shapeshifters. His passing is a terrible thing but we must remain together. I don't know what vampire did this but, he will regret it because he caused a new leader that will have his head if it is the last thing I do."

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Urg, I'll need to get better at this speech thing. he thinks to himself.

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He stifles a laugh seeing her kneeling. "I get the whole respect thing, but I'm still Samlot. I want you to treat me as such."

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"Now, what shall I do now. I'm not really sure what a leader does at this point."

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"Yes. I'll do that." Samlot walks into the leaders chambers and starts to organize a hunt.

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Samlot emerges from the chambers and grabs his jacket.
"I'm going to the forest to investigate."

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"Ok. Let's go!" he walks to the forest.

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Peter enters the house. "Did something happen here?"

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"So that's what I sensed." he mutters to himself. "I am sorry for your lose." he says.

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"Who is the new leader?"

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"Him!? He seems very irresponsible."

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"Hmmm, well. You have my condolences."

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"You're welcome. Do you think that they might need help in their search?"

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"Well I'll go see if they need help."

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Peter lands behind her and slides Samlot off his back.

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Blood covers Samlot's face as his wound continues to bleed.

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Peter pushes the stretcher inside.

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Samlot rests peacefully.

Peter looks at Marge. "How is he?"

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"It's good he'll be fine. I can't believe he actually slayed a vampire!"

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"That makes sense. He is older than you."

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"Really! Then what does that mean?"

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"Oh. I see." Peter says.

Samlot opens his eyes. He sits up. "Ow. That hurts." he touches the stitches. "Would ya look at that. I'm Frankenstein!" he smiles

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"I know. I know." he smiles. "But you have to admit. That was awesome!"

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Samlot looks up. He notices Peter. "Who are you?"

Peter outstretches his hand. "Peter. A manakyte and a friend."

Samlot shakes the hand.

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"Well then. Thank you." Samlot says to Peter.

"No problem." Peter replies.

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Peter watches her go. "Well I should get to my apartment. Bye." he walks out and flies away.

"See ya." Samlot says. He sits lays down and closes his eyes.

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((The next morning.))
Samlot wakes up. He sits up and gets off the bed. "Ow." he says as his body is extremely sore. He starts to walks towards the door.

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He opens the door. CREAK the door creaks loudly. He winces.

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"Sorry Alanna, didn't mean to wake you up." he whispers.

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Samlot chuckles to himself and walks to his job at Cafe Ylisstol.

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