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The vast stone courtyards of Hogwarts are a popular place for students to study or relax. There are stone and wooden benches around the edge of the courtyards, which are outside the castle.
(Role-Play here.)

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments Lena waved to Artemis and Bree and yelled, "I found a stone bench that will hold all of us!"

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Artemis giggled, and hurried over to where her friends were sitting, clutching a stack of French toast,drenched in lemon juice and wrapped in paper towels. She divided them between the girls.
"I wonder," she said, licking a drop of juice running down her hand, "when Quidditch practise will start?"

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments "I have been wondering that too! I'm so excited! I just hope I wont get badly injured." Lena replied as she slurped her Apple Juice.

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments **apple juice**

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments Lena stopped slurping her juice and turned to face Bree at her right, "I've heard some people have ended up unconscious for months. I would hate that because I would miss my classes; don't judge. I love learning."

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John walked out of the library and on to the courtyard he sat on a bench and began to read.

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments "Oh, there's John. Lets invite him over, he looks lonely." Lena said feeling sorry for him.

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments "Hey, John come join us. You look lonely." Lena yelled to him.

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments "I'm going to play, chaser. Originally I was going to play seeker but someone got that part already." Lena replied excitedly.

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He looked over "sure!" He called back and closed his book and walked over to them.

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments "Hey, John. How are you?" Lena asked with a smile.

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments Lena turned to Bree and replied Nice before asking John how his day was.

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"I'm doing 'right what 'bout yourself?" He asked.

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments "Good, nice to see you again. I have to go feed my cat before class. See you guys later!" Lena told everyone as she stood up.

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"Hi John," Artemis said lightly. "So- you're on the Slytherin Quidditch team? We were just talking about Quidditch practise!"

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"My day 'twas okay really nothin' much 'pending lot o' time in the library." He said.

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"Bye, 'right well yes I am on the Slytherin team as 'he keeper." He said.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Melania strolled into the courtyard as the sun shined brightly on the grass. She spotted some kids she was not familiar with. Mel walked up to the group, "Hey guys I just wanted to introduce herself, I am Melania, but everyone just calls me Mel."

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"Hello Mel." He said.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Hi, I don't really know many people," she awkwardly and looked around thinking of something else to say. "So, Um... What are your favorite classes?"

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"And I'm John." He said to her with his Irish accent.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Nice to meet you John," she said a little too enthusiastically. "What is your favorite class? I agree with Bree, Transfiguration is the best by far!"

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Meagan | 32 comments Rose is walking back from Hogsmeade through the courtyard when she sees a group of people. She notices Melania is there so she decides to go over to talk. "Oh hey Mel, I missed you in the Three Broomsticks! Hi everybody, I'm Rose" she says, introducing herself to the group.

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"Potions." He replied.

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Meagan | 32 comments Rose smiles back at Bree, "Hi nice to meet you! What year are you all?" She asks, sensing a lull in the conversation.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Sorry, Rose! I looked for you, but did not spot you. I feel bad. We are just talking about what our favorite classes are." She said hoping Rose would forgive her disappearance.

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"I like Arithmancy," Artemis said, "which reminds me! WE've got Transfiguation! Let's go!"

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "So far Bree and I like Transfiguration and John likes Potions. Which to me is BORING..."

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Meagan | 32 comments "No worries Mel! I was late, got caught up!" She replied to her friend. joining the conversation she says "My favorite class ironically is transfiguration! Actually that's a lie, it's really defense against the dark arts. But I enjoy transfiguration very much!" Rose said, hoping to find some common interests with the new group.

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" 'ow do ya find potions borin'." He said.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments ""It was nice to meet you guys!! See ya hopefully in classes!" She said as she walked away.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments ((It means the role playing for this part has ended))

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(What do you think?)

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He looked at his watch time to go class and rushed off.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments ((Don't make her feel bad!!! :)))

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John walked out into whistling a muggle song he once heard.

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Sitting on bench, Cassie looked up from her study notes at the sound of John's whistle. She smiled and greeted her friend.

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He noticed Cassie "hey!" He called out and walked over to her.

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"How 're you doing?" He asked.

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Cassie scooted to make room on the bench for him. "All right, John?"

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"What?" He said to her sitting next to her on the bench.

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She grinned. "All right? You know...the British saying for 'how are you'?"

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"No I don't." He said confused.

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She shrugged. "Well now you do. So...I repeat my question: all right?" She asked, grinning.

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"Yes I am and why wouldn't I be lassie?" He asked.

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Cassie shrugged again, laughing. "It was just a polite question. Maybe next time I should try some Irish slang...hmm...How's about yea? Alright boyo?" She paused and wrinkled her nose. "I'll work on it."

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"Are you sayin' I'm not Irish." He said from past experiences some people had called him a fake and that did not put him in a good mode.

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