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There are 142 staircases in Hogwarts- many have been known to move. Watch out for false steps- your leg will fall straight through! Some staircases are sweeping marble stairs while others are narrow and rickety.
(Role-Play here.)

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Meagan | 32 comments Rose decided to walk around the castle while waiting for classes to start. She was taking the staircase up to the fourth floor herbology wing, or so she thought. The staircase started to move in a direction that was completely opposite of what Rose wanted. She noticed another student on the same staircase, "I would say I hate when this happens, but really it just gives me an excuse to not go to class! Hi, I'm Rose."

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"John nice meet ya." He said to the girl his thick irish accent obvious he was no longer hiding it. "And I agree 'ith ya 'bout the staircases." He said to Rose.

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Meagan | 32 comments Rose enjoys Irish accents, so was very please when he introduced himself. Rose asks John, "Where are you headed? Or should I say, where were you headed?" with a smile.

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"I was going to herbology but not 'cording to 'is staircase." He said and smiled back.

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Meagan | 32 comments Rose joked "Eh, who needs herbology anyway?" She wasn't sure where this staircase had landed but knew it looked familiar. "Well here is my new stop. I'll probably just head up and walk around, like I said, any excuse to miss herbology!" Rose walked up the staircase to the hallway above, wondering where it was going to lead her.

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"I'll come 'ith ya." He said and followed her.

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Meagan | 32 comments "So I take it you're from Ireland? I've always wanted to go to Ireland but never got a chance! What year are you?" Rose asked, curious to see how old John was.

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"Got 'at right, I'm in me fifth year so fifteen." He said to her.

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Meagan | 32 comments "Wicked! Me too," Rose said, hopeful she just made a friend who she could cause trouble with!

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He nodded and looked at the clock they passed "herbology should be 'ow what's yer 'ext class?"

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Meagan | 32 comments "Potions" Rose answered, in a tone implying she was the least bit excited. "I wish I liked the class, but to be honest there aren't many classes I enjoy! I would rather be on the quidditch pitch. I do have defense against the dark arts after potions, however, which I am usually pretty excited for!"

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"I also 'av potions but I like potions I find I also would like to be on 'he quidditch pitch me self." He replied.

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Meagan | 32 comments "Yeah I hear ya" Rose answered. "I think I'm going to find my way to the great hall for some food. You're welcome to join if you'd like" Rose put out the offer. She was hoping that they would meet up with more people in the great hall to hang out with. If not, she figured she would go to potions out of obligation, unfortunately.

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"I think I'll go to potions, I truly enjoy 'at class ya know well I must be off 'en come if ya like." He replied and walked down a staircase to potions class.

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Meagan | 32 comments "Yeah I guess I'll come to Potions," she said grudgingly. "You better help me though! God knows I'm no good at that class."

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"I'll 'elp ya I find that class easy and fun." He said to her.

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Meagan | 32 comments Rose answered sincerely, "Sweet, thanks!" Thinking about how this class was going to go she said, "well here goes nothin'" and followed John.

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Jacob walked up a marble staircase leisurely, swinging his pleasantly light bookbag. Potions was next- brilliant. His favourite subject by far.

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Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Siobhan ascended the staircase mind on the events of the poisoning she shook her head, things that like happen all the time in Durmstrang she chided herself, why is it so exceptional here? she gasped as her foot sank into the stair...
((sorry Inky- I wasn't sure who was posting first!))

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Jacob spotted a girl sink into a trick staircase. He ducked down to help her up.
"Siobhan," he said in surprise. "Are you alright? I heard about what happened at the teashop..."

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) "Thank you! that happen a lot?" she asked grinning "I'm fine Jak, may I call you Jak? A little peaky afterwards but" she shrugged...

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"Sure," Jacob said in amusement. "Call me Jak." His voice grew serious as he walked up the stairs with her. "So...do you have any idea who did it? Who were you with?"

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) "Oh, just Mel and John and their really nice so I wouldn't blame them." Siobhan said, she shrugged again and laughed slightly "You could say I'm sorta used to stuff like that."
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Kayla (kittykat801) | 8618 comments Instead of the Great Hall, one of the moving staircases led her to the opposite way. A way she had never gone before. "I guess I'm missing breakfast! It looks cool in here," she said with excitement. She got off the staircase and entered the strange corridor.

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thelastrevolutionary | 1999 comments Mod
Eriq sat alone on a deserted staircase. It was well past time that he should've been back in the Dormitory. It wasn't the first time he had roamed the castle at night. The slim 13 year old found it soothing and he often did his best thinking at that time

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thelastrevolutionary | 1999 comments Mod
Eriq heard footsteps and groaned mentally. He stood up quietly and dashed silently up several more staircases until he was On one by a large window. He climbed up on the window sill and pulled his knees up to his chest and pulled the curtain over the window hiding him from view

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thelastrevolutionary | 1999 comments Mod
Eriq froze his hand grasping his wand

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Andi looked up from her seat in one of the windows. She heard someone speak. "Hello?"

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((Wait I'm confused are you Bree AND Eva?))

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((Oh sooooooo I only know Eva.... I'll just all of a sudden know Bree too ;) ))
Andi yelped but the person who grabbed her covered her mouth. She turned around and saw Bree. "Oh." She sighed with relief. "You scared me!"

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thelastrevolutionary | 1999 comments Mod
Eriq hopped down from the window sill landing lightly. " Lumos" he whispered before setting out again

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Andi shrugged. "This whole Eriq thing is getting to me. And I like reading at night before bed." Andi walked back and grabbed her book from the windowsill.

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Andi shrugged. "Then what are you doing up?" She smiled.

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thelastrevolutionary | 1999 comments Mod
Eriq whirled around " locomotor mortis" he whispered lokcking Bree's legs. " mufliato" he added as she opened her mouth

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"Bree?" Andi looked around the room and saw Eriq. "Eriq, what'd you do?" She asked, watching him as he looked like he was nearly going to laugh.

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thelastrevolutionary | 1999 comments Mod
" Petrifcas Totalus" he said sending Andi to the floor before taking off

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Andi flew back and fell onto the ground. She jumped up, clenching her hands into fists.
CHILL OUT she said to herself in her head. YOU'VE BEEN DOING SO WELL DON'T GET ALL JUMPY NOW. Andi did not enjoy dealing with this "situation" of hers. She flexed her fists a few times and took some deep breaths.

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"Um, yeah." Andi nodded and picked up her book off the floor. "Just tired." She smiled at Bree.

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thelastrevolutionary | 1999 comments Mod
Eriq ran towards the owlery on light feet. He reached it and locked the door behind him

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"I should learn that." Andi laughed.

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Andi nodded. "Probably. Well it was nice talking to you. And I'll learn the counter curse to that leg lock spell." Andi laughed and waved at Bree as she crept to the Ravenclaw common room. She sat on the couch and read, not wanting to sleep yet. She still couldn't understand everything that happened today.

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((Bye! :) ))

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She continued to walk from the room of requirement and paused a moment to remember what staircase she should take.

Momo~ lover of pickles | 721 comments "Ha what a loser! You must be a lost one at that!" A golden- framed portrait of a runny-nosed boy laughed at Lee's appearance of bewilderment.

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Screaming Lee hits the portrait with her cymbals and runs away.

Momo~ lover of pickles | 721 comments The painted boy yelled after her fleeing form: "Lame comeback.......LOSER!"

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"Shut up you stupid portrait!!!" Lee yells still running.

Momo~ lover of pickles | 721 comments "Even LAMER Double-stinking LOSEr" the boy hollered, knowing he had won against the peculiar cymbal-toting girl with purple hair.

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Lee just kept in running until she rounded a Courner and ran smack into her sister.

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