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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary (thepearlwolf) | 18 comments Hi all,

If you win a First Reads book and you don't feel it's worthy of a 5-star review, maybe a 3 star or lower, do you skip leaving a review, or do you write an honest review even though they were kind enough to offer the book for the giveaway? Just wondering what most people do in these situations. Not that I have a so-so or bad review to leave, I'm just curious how people handle this situation.

message 2: by Ratri (new)

Ratri Anugrah (ratrianugrah) | 2 comments Just write honest review :) write the good and the bad and suggestions so the author won't loose hope.

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary (thepearlwolf) | 18 comments Good advice!

message 4: by Thomas (new)

Thomas (thomasstolte) | 36 comments I've reviewed a few books. Write an honest review, include the good, the bad and the ugly. As a writer, you are going to get all three. If you don't want bad reviews, don't publish. I wrote a hard review saying what was wrong but also what is right. The author is now one of my friends. Go figure. I expect that when I publish, reviews will contain all three aspects if they are honest.

So if you slam it in the review try to include a little sunshine.

message 5: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (sillytwigg) | 2 comments I feel awkward, but I always put an honest review. I feel like it's a disservice to other readers to praise a book you didn't love.

message 6: by Mary (new)

Mary (thepearlwolf) | 18 comments Thanks everyone. I've been lucky so far and haven't read a giveaway book that I felt was mediocre or less, but wanted to hear what the norm is in case it ever comes up.

message 7: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Read (sread40) | 37 comments The Almond TreeThis book makes it look at your life at a different way if your life is bad than it can get worse. But the person made a scholarship to try and help the people in other countries to get the children a college education that they deserve. I'm sure that they will get all of the kids out of the bad countries eventually. Made me cry while reading the book knowing that there is always bad people around.

have donated this book to the local cancer center. won this book from the goodreads first read giveaway site.

message 8: by Mary (new)

Mary (thepearlwolf) | 18 comments Thanks. I'll have to check it out.

message 9: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Read (sread40) | 37 comments I will see if I can't post the rest of my books that I have got and read from the giveaways

message 10: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Read (sread40) | 37 comments Apology: A Novel

I read this book I don't like it that it cusses a lot. I did like the story of the little boy and his life. He had went through a lot when he got hit with the baseball at the end of book. It was a good thing that the kid rescued the kid by picking him up when he got hit in the chest by the ball.
Every person has their own opinion on this book but I did enjoy it that's why I plan on sharing it with other people.
This is a book that I will donate to the cancer center.

Advanced uncorrected copy - Published date June 2013
Won from Goodreads First Read

message 11: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Read (sread40) | 37 comments Phoenix a Black City novel
Advanced Uncorrected Galleys
Goodreads First Read Giveaway
There were creatures within the book that seem to creppy. But they all have a personality some of them hurt inside when Phoenix looses his Natalie.
I was surprised that Natalie never married Phoenix in the book. I hope that the book will continue right off where the Phoenix left off.
This book had crime, romance, family memories & friendship that seems to last throughout the whole book to the end.

*Love is finding soul mate which your soul mate stays with you all throughout the book*

message 12: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Read (sread40) | 37 comments My Special Force: The Warrior Who Taught Me The Meaning of Life and Love
this book taught me that just because your husband may die from a deadly disease you can still live. Soldiers die all the time over in Iraq but there is more people that die everyday from cancer. You can always show your daughters what their father was like and share stories about him all the time.

This book was very thoughtful and made me cry when they found out that he was going to die.

I will be donating this to the local cancer center for other people to read. Won this book from goodreads first read giveaway site.

message 13: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Read (sread40) | 37 comments The Best Bear Hugs Ever
this book reminds me of when I started reading it of a little kid wanting to bring all the animals home to play with them. It was fun for me to read the book I just wanted to read the book and make a honest review of it. This book will be going to the children's/adult's cancer center. It will be fun to see the kids that are there wanting to get the book.

message 14: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Read (sread40) | 37 comments if you want u can view all of my reviews of the books that I have won.

message 15: by Mary (new)

Mary (thepearlwolf) | 18 comments Thanks! Great reviews.

message 16: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Read (sread40) | 37 comments anytime will be adding more later.

message 17: by Thomas (new)

Thomas (thomasstolte) | 36 comments As an aspiring author, I'd rather have an honest review that can help improve the next book. a low rating, that doesn't explain why, isn't much help. It may be based simply on a person's dislike of the subject matter (i.e. not another rehash of "Twilight"). A review that states the author wrote with a limited vocabulary and constantly used the same word or often used words incorrectly, is helpful. Most authors appreciate an honest review. I wrote a review of a First-Reads book, that said what I liked and didn't like. BTW I gave it a 3 out of 5. The author sent a thank you email.

However, a brutal attack on the book, will get the author's attention, but has little value. The author might discount it.

P.S. An honest review, may also spur the author or publisher to offer other books to you. I've gotten about a half-dozen e-books direct from the authors for writing reviews of their books.

message 18: by Mary (new)

Mary (thepearlwolf) | 18 comments Thanks, that's good advice on the specifics to include. I always try to include helpful info in reviews, mainly because when I'm trying to decide whether or not to read a book, vague reviews like "it's great, loved it" or "hated it, couldn't finish" don't help me. I hadn't thought about how much certain details can help the author.

message 19: by Gerard (new)

Gerard | 9 comments I've only written honest accounts of what I've been reading, that's ultimately what the program is for.
It helps the author figure out what could possibly be "wrong" with their book and helps them understand their audience better.

Sometimes I have won a book that I was really interested in, but when the book arrived it turned out to be quite different from what I was expecting.
I imagine the same thing happening in a book store where someone gets the idea to buy a book, comes home and realizes the book isn't quite what they were expecting.
Honest reviews can prevent people from making the decision to buy a book they might not really be in to.

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