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A large cafe with many windows. There is a counter with a cash register, a display of treats, and a menu with these options for coffee: Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Breve, Americono, and all can be with multiple shots of espresso.

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Peter runs in frantically and runs to the counter. "Napkins!! I need napkins!! QUICKLY!!!" He has a huge pizza sauce stain on his shirt.

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David entered the cafe, hearing shouts. He chuckled. It wasn't always he would walk into a cafe with someone yelling or shouting random words. "Hey, I think you should give that guy a napkin. He looks like he might die if he doesn't get a napkin." He mocked.

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((Late notifications :/))
((My Goodreads keeps doing that.))

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David just laughed it off. It was fun for him seeing people in misery or in trouble other than him and his brother Matthew. "Hey, Alanna." David called out "What a random situation." He whispered beside her and gestured to the two people on the counter.

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Peter starts to calm down. "My pizza fell on my favorite shirt." He starts to scrub at the stains. "I really love this shirt." The shirt is a blue and white dragon scale design muscle shirt.

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"So, hey. Anything you wanna do?" David asked, he gets quickly bored so it's a minor problem for him.

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"Here." Peter hands Jerry a ten dollar bill. "Sorry for causing a scene." He turns around and walks. As he passes Alanna and David he looks at them. "S'up" He says as his eyes momentarily flash yellow and reptilian. He walks out.

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"Did you just see that guys eyes?" David freaked a bit but it was also a bit normal for him to be seeing these kind of things. "What do you think he is?" David whispered to Alanna, seeing her smirk.

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David got dragged along by Alanna before he had time to say 'Okay' to her.

((Where to?))

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Peter parks his motorbike with Holly on the back he takes off his helmet. "Here we are."

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He helps Holly off the bike and slides off her helmet.

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Holly | 154 comments Holly cuddled, "Its cold."

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He smiles. "Lets go in." he enters with Holly in his arm. "What do you want? It's my treat."

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Holly | 154 comments "You guess what I like."

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"You look like a girl that likes mocha with 1 cream, no suger. Am I right?"

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Holly | 154 comments "Maybe."

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"Then I'll take a chance." he walks up to the counter. "One Latte with two shots and a mocha, 1 cream."

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"Mocha is a small, and the latte is a large."

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Peter waits patiently.

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"Thanks," he walks over to Holly and hands her the drink."
((I'm going to make another charrie that works here.))

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Samlot walks in, late as usual, and puts on his apron.

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"What? I'm not AS late this time!" he smiles. "How's business today?"

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"Well, what can ya do. Any work I should be doing?" he says as he punches his card.

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"Sounds good." he walks up to the counter.
Well, I got stuck with the boring job. Oh well. Jerry has been on it all day, I should give him some credit he thinks to himself.

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"Hey Jerry! I'm goin' on break! Wanna join me?" he shouts back to Jerry.

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"Ok. What should we do with the people here?"

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Peter looks up. "Sure, let's go outside Holly." he grabs his coffee and grabs her hand, going out the door. He sits down outside with Holly.

Samlot smiles. "Nice. Where do you want to go?"

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"Yes! That's what I'm talking about." he hi fives Jerry. "Let's go."
((I'll make a pizza place discussion.))

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Holly | 154 comments Holly smiled at him, sipping it softly

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"What do you think of the coffee? peter asks. "did I get it right?"

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Holly | 154 comments Holly nods, "Perfection." She put her hand on his.

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Peter smiles.

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Holly | 154 comments "Kiss me."

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"Already thinking about it." he leans forward and kisses her.

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Holly | 154 comments Holly kissed back, smiling slightly.

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Peter continues and then pulls back suddenly. He brings his hand to his head like he has a headache.

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Holly | 154 comments "Are you okay?" Holly asked, grabbing his hand.

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"I... I f-feel strange."

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Holly | 154 comments "How so?"

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"Something... important just happened. Someone important just died."

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Holly | 154 comments Holly breathed shallowly, "Do you need to leave now? I can easily get back home."

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"Yes. I do need to leave. This could be big."

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Holly | 154 comments "Can I come with you?" She asked, concerned.

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"I would love it if you did."

message 46: by Holly (new)

Holly | 154 comments "Lets go then."

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Peter gets up and leaves.

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Holly | 154 comments Holly stands up and follows

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Samlot walks in and punches his card. He's early for once. He slips on his apron and mans the register.

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