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IF we do romance may I be the girl?

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Asha | 1793 comments Of corse. So whats the plot?

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Thank you! I'm not sure, quite yet.
I do not enjoy supernatural. Anything with any of the following is not my cup of tea:
But other fantasy matters are alright. However, I do prefer real life. If that's alright. Although you may choose.
Action or no?

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Asha | 1793 comments Yeah lets do real life i have never done a 1x1 with that plot before. I like a bit of action. We could incorporate a fantasy into a real life situation like for example cinderella. A girl could be living with her two step sisters an stepmother and she has to work for them and the guy could be a hottie she has had a crush on forever and so on. But we could use other stories like snow white or beauty and the beast or we can just do normal everyday life. What do you think?

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Hmm...Well okay. Let's do just Cinderella. :)

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Asha | 1793 comments we don't have to do the fairy-tale thing if you don't want to I was just suggesting.

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No! It's SOO cool. (No one ever has such awesome ideas. I always have to think of them. -.-)
I love that idea! So she's poor, and he's rich and she meets him at a big party and leaves maybe her...journal? And he goes around trying to find a girl with her name? Her name could be Ella. ^^

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Asha | 1793 comments ok dokay then. thanks by the way I have never come up with an idea other people normally do it for me. change for both of us. so are you making the girl?

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So fun!! :D I love your idea so much. I'm really excited.
Yeah...If that's alright. >.<

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Asha | 1793 comments yep I will make the guy.

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Sorry. >.<
Can you make your character first?

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Asha | 1793 comments don't worry I was just checking. will post my carrie in a sec

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Alrighty. ^^

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Asha | 1793 comments Name: Izaak Longford

Age: 18


personality: he is nice, caring and selfless. he feels that people use him for his wealth and that no one really understands him. his father is often caught up in work these days and Izaak never really sees him. he was very close to his mother but she died a few years ago in childbirth with Izaak's baby sister. Izaak and his dad both feel the affects of his mother's death and now Izaak tends to be a bit more quiet and shy than he was before.

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Name: Aldara Thea Woods

Age: 18

Appearance: description

Personality: - "They call me hipster...And they say it like it's a bad thing..."
Aldara isn't exactly against the term hipster, but she doesn't exactly like being called it. Although her fashion sense is a little odd, and her music taste even odder, Aldara doesn't think that she abandons her own personal taste for that of being unique.
However, that's not to say that Aldara doesn't take pride in her own uniqueness. She loves the fact that she's never needed anyone else's opinions on what she has to do or say, or think, or listen to, or even wear. She did what she wanted from day one.
Although she doesn't admit it....She may verging a little on the hipster side, and her sisters certainly acknowledge that-they love to give her crap about it-Aldara doesn't really think that's a...bad thing. In fact, she believes its just a lable for someone you just may not understand. And the fact that "hipster" which refers to someone who doesn't follow norm or trends, is gaining as a trend very quickly.
- "So I prefer the company of my sisters over others? I'm not THAT anti-social."
Well....That's how she thinks of herself. Its not that Aldara is shy-no, not that in the least- it's just that she doesn't get that well along with people. She simply...takes little interest in them. Not that she's mean at all, ever, but she jut doesn't find anyone but Ani or Trina intellectual or interesting at all, really. She's a little harsh on people, you could say, after being raised with such wonderful, creative individuals.
Although she is a little harsh to judge, and quick to jump to a conclusion about people, Aldara would never gossip about anything. This is her caring, kind and over all trouble-avoiding nature being very evident. She believes no one is truly bad and that everyone deserves a second chance. She just has a tendency to interact very little with people her age. To be frank, she prefers her paints and her books. They're good enough for her, and they don't blab incessantly, in her own words.
"Artism is my finest trait, you could say."
Painting. Sculpting. Sketching. Aldara does it all. And to be honest, Aldara does it good. Very, very good. Good enough to have won several awards both in State and nation, gained monumental scholarships to the finest art schools and have her paintings bought by prestigious art scholars. Not that she's famous quite yet, and no one really knows her name unless paying very close attention to the art scheme, but she's already made good money on her craft. She's even been featured in "Art Nouveau", a not all together popular, yet still very nice art magazine.
Aldara doesn't do it for any sort of reward though. For a moment, she get to forget the universe and let yourself melt into the paint, the canvas, your every dream. "Everything moves fast. But is forever." She says.
Sometimes, Aldara will disappear for days, lock herself in her room and not emerge until a masterpiece is done. The three sisters share a small apartment, and ever square inch of it is covered in beautiful paintings done by none other than Aldara, the middle child. Depending on how artistic she is feeling at the period of the month, sometimes there will paintings stacked high beside the chairs and on the kitchen counter. Ani calls her a machine, and Tani calls it genius. Aldara isn't quite sure yet.
But one thing she does know, is that Aldara loves it more than anything in the world, and she does it constantly. Aldara carries a notebook everywhere with her, and documents everything she sees. From birds, to people, to the way trees sway in the wind like they're dancing. Anything that strikes her fancy.
Along with her creativity among painting, she is creative in every aspect. Her speech patterns are witty and brilliant with a hilarious banter that makes you think it's scripted or something. Despite their limited budget and even more limited amount of space, the three sister's apartment is amazing, just from Aldara's weekly trips to the thrift shop.
"I love my sisters."
To quote Aldara herself, "My sisters are freaking brilliant. They are as constant in my life as the paint that permanately stains my hands."
People have said that they've never seen such a bond as the one that Aldara shares with Ani and Trina Woods. The three are insperable, and people often simply refer to them as "the three". They've been through so much together, than they'll never leave each other's sides. Particularly the bond between Aldara and her younger (by a year) sister, Ani. Ani and Aldara's conversations are hilarious to watch. They have a banter that is unmistakable. They know each other better than anyone, side on every argument together and love to pretend that they are simply one, but talking in sinc or walking everywhere hand in hand. Together they share a afficianado for old movies, Doctor Who, Star Treck, Star wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and...well, anything that you could slap the title "geeky" onto. They are the ultimate geek, moving in perfect stride together.
"Trina has always taken care of us...Assumed the mother position in the trio...And we love her for it." Aldara says, on the oldest of the three, Trina. Even though Trina is 11 years older than the youngest among them, Ani, she assumed immediate control when their mum and dad passed away. She was alwas so constant, and had such a presence that made them get through life even when it was tough. It was only because of Trina that they finally owned their apartment today.
"The test scores say I'm smart. I mean, I guess I tried hard in school, but I'm really not much."
Despite what she says, Aldara is insanely intelligent. Mostly in English, that is, but her Science and Math scores still proved her to be one of the most intelligent young girls in Maine.
Aldara always loved to read. Writing, yeah, it was fine. And spelling was always a strong suite. She was good at memorizing big words, just a habit of force for wanting to seem smart when she was young. She was stellar at grammar was the reading that always got her. Painting took her to a different world, that was true, but nothing did it as well as reading for Aldara. She was often caught reading during class, and even today, she carries a bag full of books with her everywhere. This has earned her the title "nerd". But is that really a bad thing?
So obviously Aldara is very right brained, but she also has a critical, planning mind, which lets her discern nearly any puzzle and keeps her in focus so she isn't just...always lost in a fantasy. She used to be, that is, until she really set her mind to math and science, and, eventually learned to love it. She has a born quizzical nature, a curiousity for the universe. It seems that everything intrigues her, that she eats up information rather than actual food or substance.
So in a way, she never escaped from that realm of dreams. And who said that she had to?
"Yeah...I guess I'm a TAD bit modest.."
A tad is a little under specific. Aldara has probably never said a good thing about herself aloud. Oddly....she's always too wrapped up in comforting others, telling others that they're lovely and making sure everyone is nice and settled. She's too nice...And not nice enough to her self. She can look at herself and actually think that she's fat, and this is a beautiful girl who runs everyday. She likes her art work enough, but she doesn't say that aloud. And she honestly doesn't believe that she's intelligent in the least, just that she enjoys to read quite a lot. Trina finds it dreadfully annoying that Aldara would ever say a word against herself, but that's the way it is, Aldara says.
"I put effort into what I do. It's as simple as that. Then people will respect you."
No matter if she's painting, working a day at school or helping tidy up the kitchen, Aldara puts her best into everything. And I mean everything. She believes that's the way to live your life and is very helpful. She never slacks, is never lazy and lives for what she puts her mind into.
"Exploring is one of life's finest pleasures..."
It isn't boys. It isn't makeup. It's getting your hands dirty and finding new adventures. Yes, it's Aldara who went sky diving when she was fourteen. Learned to ride horses at the age of five. She is fearless, to be quite honest. She loves adventure, the thrill of adrenaline coursing through your body, the lap of a wave on your ankles or the pounding air as you jump from a plane. Yeah, she's kind of addicted to the thrill of a good exploration.
"Mum always taught us to be kind. And to play a good prank..."
Aldara's mother was feisty, but a good woman. She taught the values of being kind, and while only Trina inherited her wonderful social sisters, all three of the sisters are very caring, helpful, kind and thoughtful in their actions. They treat their words like their tongues are made of glass, always careful of what they say.
But that wasn't all Anivia taught before she passed...She did teach them all to have fun. At all costs. All three of them love a good prank. And they're all jokesters, as well.

So, over all. A brief explanation of Aldara's personality... In social gatherings, Aldara doesn't start a conversation, but isn't altogether awkward in one, either. She keeps out of trouble, but loves a good prank. She is incredibly kind, and would do anything for any of her sisters. She is compassionate. She is witty and brilliant, with a very artistic touch in everything she does. She loves to explore, and is unnaturally brave. She has earned the title "geek" and takes that as a complement.

((Sorry she's soo long. >.< I had her prewritten so I just copy and pasted.))

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Asha | 1793 comments ((wow, I am actually speechless....))

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((Haha, don't think about it. I wrote it a while ago for an advanced roleplay. I was just waaay too lazy to write something out.))

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((And that's cut down.. She's two parts when everything is typed out.))

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Asha | 1793 comments ((again wow))

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((Haha, I didn't want to seem pretentious or anything. >.< So you start? The night of the party perhaps? Maybe he's getting ready for it?))

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((Haha, I didn't want to seem pretentious or anything. >.< So you start? The night of the party perhaps? Maybe he's getting ready for it?))

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((I thought this was modern day. >.<
Is it not? I was thinking just a normal high school party. Sorry for being so judgemental...>.<))

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Asha | 1793 comments ((Ssssoooooooo so sorry I shall start again!))

Izaak put on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, he couldn't believe he had agreed to go to the party with Rowan. He wasn't the one for big appearances but Rowan had told everyone that he would be there and if he didn't go he wouldn't hear the end of it at school on Monday.

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((That's fine!! Sorry. >.< I'm a big butinsk.
Here's a link to Aldara's outfit by the way. ^^

Aldara stared at herself in the mirror, brushing down the outfit she'd picked out for the party, her fingers skidding across her perfectly carved curves. She was petite, maybe getting a wee bit too skinny from being underfed. They were poor after all.
She was wearing a nice pair of white short shorts that weren't too short but still showed off her long legs and a tank topped blouse in a pale rosy colour that perfectly matched the headband over her long silky brown hair and her studded black flats. She looked casual indeed, yet undeniably fabulous.
Still, Aldara wasn't entirely sure why she was going to a party. She did not like parties, to say the least. In fact, she detested parties, possibly more than anything. Aldara, however, did need new ideas for her novel, and there was no better source than people watching. It helped her carve believable characters. She was invited, being the official "nerd" of the school, and she believed that she was only invited for comic entertainment. Meaning that she would be brutally teased for others enjoyment. Readying her wits and her confidence, Aldara bid farewell to her sister and left for the party, which was just down the block.
Soon she arrived, stepping tentatively into the already busy house. She was not noticed at first, as she slunk through the crowd to a dark corner.

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Asha | 1793 comments ((cute! this is what Izaak is wearing))

Izzak walked into the party, Rowan right on his tail, and was straight away greeted by a group of guys and their girlfriends. he said hello back but his eyes had fallen on a beautiful girl sitting by herself in the corner of the room. she was writing in a book and seemed to be observing the party scene that was unfolding. Rowan pushed him further into the house greeting yet more people but Izaak's thought were still with the mysterious girl in the front room.

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((Vewwy nice. ^^))

Aldara pulled out her notepad and her eyes skimmed across the crowd, waiting for an interesting character. She had also opened up her laptop, adding to her novel momentarily. The air was thick and smelled of alcohol, something Aldara wrinkled her nose at distastefully.

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Asha | 1793 comments ((thank you vewwy much :) ))

Rowan thrust a beer into Izaak's hands but he gave it back, he hated the taste of alcohol. he excused himself from all the people he had been talking to saying he needed some fresh air but he walked back into the front room to find the girl, who was now on her laptop. he stood there for a while, hoping she wouldn't see him, but watching her closely; intrigued by her strange but stunning character.

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((Of course. ^^ ))

Aldara pulled her laptop closer to her, not listening to anything anymore or looking up at all as she slipped her headphones on and began writing more. Her fingers flew across the keyboard as a burst of inspiration hit her. Her eyes lit up.
After three minutes or so of intense writing, Aldara looked up for a brief moment, and was startled to find that she had attracted the attention of a man. So startled, in fact, that she jumped a little and her head phones fell off.
"Geesh." She muttered to herself. "Don't just stand there. What do you want?" Immediately she had her guard up for someone who wanted to hurt her as she closed her laptop and looked up at him.

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Asha | 1793 comments ((sorry))

"sorry" Izaak said hurriedly "I didn't mean to startle you" he walked over closer to her.

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((That's alright!! :) ))

Aldara awkwardly made more space for him on the small couch she was sitting on, tucking her laptop back into her bag. "It's alright." She assured him with a small smile. She bit her lip, awkwardly drumming her fingers on her thighs. She was never good at social engagements, and today was no exception.

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((That's alright!! :) ))

Aldara awkwardly made more space for him on the small couch she was sitting on, tucking her laptop back into her bag. "It's alright." She assured him with a small smile. She bit her lip, awkwardly drumming her fingers on her thighs. She was never good at social engagements, and today was no exception.

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Asha | 1793 comments Izaak sat down next to the girl "I'm Izaak" he said keeping his voice low so to not attract any unwanted attention from any other party goers.

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"Oh. Um...nice to meet you." Was she supposed to know that name? She didn't keep up with the social status of anyone. It was always just her little world. "I'm Aldara." She smiled little broader and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, out of her eye so her brilliant blue eyes were exposed. She blushed a little.

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Asha | 1793 comments Izzak smiled back at her, she didn't seem to know who he was and that made him like her even more. "what were you writing?" he asked gesturing to the laptop. he moved back a little on the couch seeing her uncomfortableness hoping she would not take it affectively.

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She bit her lip gently, nibbling on the bottom corner. "Oh, um just some ridiculous story." She admitted, shrugging. "It's nothing, to be honest." That was a lie, and Aldara knew it. She had already been published once.

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Asha | 1793 comments "A party is an odd place to write a story." he said with a little laugh "And stop being so modest; I am sure it is amazing" he smiled at her.

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Adara frowned. "Not so much. I get inspired by the way people talk and move, their little quirks. Stuff like that can only be written by observing." She gestured around her. "Thus, here I am, observing and not interfering." She looked back at him and scowled, leaning against the back of the couch. They were just inches away. Their shoulders nearly brushed, but Aldara thought very little of it. "And you don't know me," she added, in regards to his last statement. "You have not read it, or any of my writing for that matter. You can not make that assumption on any grounds." She snorted, not wanting to be praised. She was odd that way. She found it impossible to take a compliment.
She then smiled briefly at him. "So, why are you here?"

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Asha | 1793 comments "I have no idea. Drinking the night away is really not my ideal night out but long storey short my friend told me that I just had to come." Izaak rolled his eyes. Rowan was like his brother but his personality definitely fit the more cocky, confident guy Izaak had been before his mother's death.

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"Oh." Aldara shrugged. She wasn't much for social status or anything of the sort so she just leaned back and sighed a little. "I guess you already know my story." She giggled slightly, for the first time really looking at him. He had the most striking blue eyes....When she met his gaze she shuddered and stared at her lap.

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Asha | 1793 comments "so... what's the story about?" he asked, pretending not to notice her shudder, but loving the fact that he could make her react like that.

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