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Dissapointment Rae Wilder Summon

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Lterrical Your books have been the very best thing I was looking forward to this summer but right now I am kinda mad. I didn't even read it yet but I'm reading these comments and they say your just about killed everyone in the last few chapters and to be honest I am juss not up for it. First you go off and kill Rae now your goning to kill Breanden ? Ana ? Conall? Alec? Grace? Ameila and her twin maybe ? Mavae locahann?!?! No ma'am I refuse to get my heart broken as you kill every charater I care about. With all love I think its best I don't read this book. I'm not up for getting my heart broken . Last time I cried for a charater in a book a sulked for a couple days and I'm not doing that this time. Though rae may have died I not gng to cry! She's still alive in my mind. Sp you may as well get started oon a new Rae Wilder book. Tell everyone summon was just a ruff-draft please start again

Laura I think you should read it for yourself and decide for yourself. I happened to enjoy it.

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