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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Here we go (:

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Thanks! Hi! :) So, anyway, I was wondering. Do you have a preference of what species the creature (or in other words, the statue) should be? Or do you prefer me to just make that decision? Just curious. C:

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Hmmmm, well, I don't have a preference! I think you should make that decision (: So this roleplay goes the way you want it to ^_^

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Hahaha, okay! XD Well, thank you then. I'll make him be a hybrid, like a variety of some things just to make him that much more interesting.

So I guess we pretty much know the simple plot, being that the girl sees the statue one day and then one night, she witnesses him coming to life. Do you want to add anything to the plot, like any details of where the statue should be and why the girl happened to be in the same place where the statue is...or something like that? Or not? :) Just curious.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Hmmmmm, I'm not sure, like, is the statue in a secluded area or what?

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Hmmmmmm....he could be. My ideas would be that she sees him somewhere deep in a forest, somewhere up on top of a hill out in the open, somewhere among some ancient ruins, or maybe somewhere beside his mansion that he lives in. Or if you wanted to, the girl could be taking a trip to Egypt or some other interesting country that had ancient ruins, and she finds the towering statue out in the dessert close by some ancient tombs or buildings or something like that.

Those were just some random ideas that went through my head. What are your thoughts? C:

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Hmmm, I kinda of like the first idea. Where she's maybe walking along in the woods ((maybe she's upset)) and she comes across a creature, maybe doesn't even see him, but sees the shadow becomes scared ((or whatever her reaction would be)) and then becomes curious. . .walking our and spilling into ancient ruins and seeing a statue. . ?

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Sure, I like that idea. Like maybe the creature she is seeing the shadow of is the statue come to life before she later runs into the statue (which is the creature she had seen the shadow of before)? I'm assuming this is what you're saying, just to double check?

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Yes :D

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Sweet. Okay. :D So I guess charries then? I can post mine first if you like, since it's all ready.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments COnsidering I don't know what I'm playing. . .then yes xD

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments ??

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Just so you know, my charrie will be quite detailed, and it will take two posts to post it. But you don't have to make your charrie as detailed as mine. Just thought I'd tell you before I post my charrie. :)

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments O.O Uhhhh, I'm still really confused, who am I playing as??

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You'll be playing the girl who meets the statue and will fall in love with him later on, and he'll fall in love with her. If you're wondering whether or not you should make her human or not, then that's up to you.

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"You’d best start believing in ghost stories, mortal. You’re in one!"

Name: His name is Shetan, and he is known as Shetan, but his full name is Shetan Seth Callaway.
Nicknames: The Undertaker, Big Evil, Great One, The Devil, The Demon from Death Valley, The Dead One, The Demonic Powerhouse, and possibly a few more. But his servants and followers call him "Your Majesty," "King," "My Lord," and "Master."

Age: His age is unknown. He has been around forever, so he would be immortal. But if you were to ask him exactly how old he was, he would tell you specifically.

Gender: Male.

Birthday: December 13.

Species: Shetan is many creatures in one. He is a vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter, zombie, ghost, evil spirit, demon, smoke monster, and a creature made out of fire. Due to Shetan being a hybrid, people just call him the smoke monster when asked what he is.

History: His history would be a lot to go through, but it is also unknown, at least for now.

Homeland: The Underworld, also known as Death Valley.

Interests: Shetan has many interests, but here are a few.

Favorite color: Black, definitely black. He does favor certain other colors as well, though, and they are blue, green, purple, red, gold, and silver. His favoring of those colors besides black greatly helps whenever Christmas is around, for Shetan is quite fond of Christmas lights at night. That probably explains why Shetan’s favorite holiday is Christmas.

Favorite foods: Unfortunately for people and animals, it is raw flesh, which comes in at #1. Blood is his favorite drink, and the sight or scent of it drives him nuts. But that’s not the only thing he’ll eat. Shetan can be quite the hog, which you’ll be able to see just by looking at his rather huge and round stomach. He will eat anything you give him, even if it’s vegetables or fruit or anything that’s human food. As long as you’re not his enemy, Shetan will love you to death if you give him his favorite foods. If you’re not familiar with him and if you haven’t become his friend yet, it is a good idea to leave out food for him instead of boldly going up to him and handing it to him. You can never know whether he could turn dangerous or not. But if he knows you as his friend and you can trust him enough, then you don’t necessarily have to worry about going up to him and handing him food. He is crazy about blueberries and pizza and any kind of desserts. But his most favorite dessert of all is ice cream. If he sees it, he goes animalistically insane. You would have to hold him back in order to keep him from devouring it all, which would end up being quite comical if not scary. But if you allow him to have some, he instantly becomes your best friend for life, unless you’re his enemy.

Personality: There are many aspects of Shetan’s personality. He has two sides: his good side and his bad side.

His bad side

Shetan shows his bad side towards his enemies and anyone else he doesn’t like in particular.


"Come closer, and I’ll make you wish you didn’t. I dare you!"

The first thing you will be able to sense about Shetan is that he is the most evil creature you will ever imagine. He is not afraid to do the vilest thing he could ever do. Just by looking at his appearance, you will be able to see the evil. When his presence is near, you will sense it and feel it. Not to mention, he can go into a terrible, uncontrollable rage when angered. His rage is like the rage of Zeus and the rage of a twisted, rabid, wild beast combined together. Then you should never mess with him, if you can get away in time. Messing with him when he’s in a rage is an instant death sentence.


"I just love the wonderfully gloomy weather. When the rain, the tornados, the hurricanes, and the earthquakes come, I am at peace."

It’s quite simple. Shetan is simply eerie in the way he carries himself many times.


"I am a creature of the night, the thing that goes bump in the night, your worst nightmare. You have every right to be afraid of the darkness, not just the things that are in the darkness...What’s that?...Why? Because I am the darkness."

Being evil and eerie, it would be rather strange if Shetan wasn’t dark as well. His mind and heart are as black as his body.


"No! Get those scissors away from me! Don’t cut off my hair...please. My wonderful, thick, wavy, black hair...a monster’s mane. If you take my hair away from me, I will become ashamed, for my hair is my glory."

Shetan is naturally animalistic because of what he is, and he is quite uncivilized, usually going around with no shirt on.


"I delight in the screams of pain from my victims and prey. It is like music to my ears. I know, I am a psychotic, hideous, wicked monster…a beast with a twisted, disturbed, and demented mind. And I’m proud of it. Thank you for that wonderful compliment." *The deep, wicked, evil cackles start.*

Being the vile monster he is, Shetan is naturally twisted. He loves to torture his victims and prey at his leisure before killing them and/or eating them.


"You will see. Oh, yes, you will see."

Shetan is very mysterious. It is very difficult to tell what runs through his mind.


"Yes, I do like you...because you are going to taste good when I eat you."

You never know what side of Shetan you will see. He can be harmless one moment and then turn on you the next. This will never happen if you are his best friend, however. Because he is so mysterious, you can never know what he is going to do unless he tells you (such as if he was going to play a prank on someone, for example). He can also be quiet one minute and talkative the next.

His good side

Shetan will show his good side if you are a child (for he is fond of children), and if you are his friend or if he knows you will not be a threat.

Kindness, Gentleness, and Love

"Your love and affection to me touches me deeply. Thank you...I-I love you so much."

Shetan will be kind and gentle and loving towards the ones he cares for. You would end up loving him to death once you discover his good side. He is also quite affectionate if you were to hug him or show him some sort of affection in any way. He responds very well to gentleness and care and is quick to return it. He is the type who would just take you into his arms and give you loving kisses and huge, affectionate hugs that are endless. He also has a rare, sensitive side to him where if you just love him up and shower him with affection, he will feel deeply touched by it. And if you actually succeed in loving him up to the point where he breaks down and cries, then you would deserve a million dollars, for seeing Shetan actually cry as a result of affection is even more rare.


"You poor thing, come to me. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. It‘s all right. Just let it all out."

If you’re sad or hurt or frightened in any way, Shetan is there. He is quick to comfort and is willing to be the shoulder to cry on. He can change from being the nightmare to the one comforting you from a nightmare. He is a creature that will immediately take you into his arms the moment he hears a pitiful, heart-wrenching sob. He is one who can hold you and comfort you forever. He never tires of it.


"I don’t care. I’m a monster. Monsters are tough and brave. I’m not scared. Just stay close to me. The monster will protect you."

Shetan is extremely and fiercely protective. He is like a guard, watching over you and protecting you. There are moments when he can get a little too overprotective, but that is not often. Once Shetan cares for you, you could never be in safer hands. It is truly bliss and a huge relief when you have this frightening, strong, nightmarish monster on your side instead of as your enemy.


"I am honored to die for you. It’s better this way. It makes me happy. Things will be much better for you if I pass on. I love you. Don’t cry. Be comforted to know that I will return. After all, I can’t stay dead forever. You can’t kill what’s already dead."

Once Shetan cares for you, that is it. He is not one to betray his friends. He will be loyal to the very end, and he will not hesitate to die for you if you are in danger.


"I’m not trying to be funny. I’m dead serious about this!"

*Sighs* "Well, guys, guess what...I got lost in my own mansion again. Yeah, yeah, it’s embarrassing." *Sighs again* "Ugh! How embarrassing that is! Wait...what’s that? I got lost because I was half asleep! And it was all your fault! Oh, yes, it was! Yeah! There I am in my bed trying to rest in peace and enjoy a wonderful, deep sleep, and then you come along and nearly push me off the bed, hoping that’ll wake me up! No, no, I wasn’t snoring! If I was snoring, then the house would have collapsed. After all, YOU were the one who said that every time I snore, I cause an earthquake! Was that why you woke me up, you little brat? Because I was snoring? I’m gonna kill you. You’re supposed to be my good, little minion and serve me, not some obnoxious relative! Anyway...uh...where was I? Oh, yeah. It’s because of YOU and you alone that I keep getting lost in my own house like that! I know every part of this mansion I created with my own hands...the tunnels, the hallways, the rooms, the staircases, the torture chambers, the tower...I know it all like the back of my hand. And then I end up losing my mind all because I didn’t get any sleep! You know, you remind me of some neighbor I once had, that real stupid nut that would always wake me up in various ways. Yeah. That was Junior...

And then there was another one that always drove me nuts...named Hoagie..."

Once you get to know him well, Shetan becomes a total clown. He loves playing pranks on people, and he gets a charge out of their reactions. He has such a great sense of humor that many times he will say something hilarious, but he will be dead serious about it, and he won’t even know he’s being funny. But Shetan knows he’s a clown and sometimes ends up making himself laugh. Sometimes, he gets so silly that he ends up snickering and laughing for absolutely no reason at all. Not to mention, he has some clumsiness and can add some extra comic relief with that. He is one who absolutely loves it when people laugh at him and make fun of him. So Shetan has a fun side that will make a person want to be around him more, if they’re bold.

Powers: Shetan has many powers, which shall be roleplayed.

Weaknesses: One may think Shetan is all-powerful, but he is not. It’s true that he is very powerful, but he does have weaknesses. Here are a few of them.

*His rare, sensitive side.
*His paranoia of large sinkholes and crosses and all his other fears.
*His ability of his feelings getting hurt if one of those moments happen.
*The ability to die.

Fears: Yes, Shetan does have fears. Here are a few of them.

*Large, scary-looking sinkholes that seem to be a dark, bottomless abyss.
*Crosses. They do not harm him. He’s just scared to death of them.
*Holy water. It burns him, and if consumed, it will kill him unless he gets help fast.
*Any special, magical weapon that is able to kill him.
*Getting his long hair chopped off. Even though he has the ability to make his hair grow back supernaturally, he can’t stand even one second of shame.

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*Human and animal flesh.
*Falling in love with the right girl.
*Children. He has a soft spot for them.
*The colors blue, green, purple, black, red, gold, and silver.
*Murdering and torturing.
*Anything horror.
*The way his entire appearance looks and how hideous he is.
*The fact that he is a monster and what kind he is.
*Any type of food.
*Ice cream.
*Any and all desserts.
*The night.
*Operas and singing, for he has the voice of a god. He is a professional opera singer.
*Wrestling. He is a professional wrestler.
*Acting. He is a famous actor as well.
*His red eyes, sharp teeth, claws, his hair, his dragon wings and devilish horns, his incredible, frightening strength, his hugeness, his broad shoulders, huge biceps, wide chest, and huge belly. Shetan is proud of it all, claiming that those are the marks of a true beast.
*Anything that has to do with humor and playing pranks on people.
*Being worshipped.
*Pouring out his love and affection to the ones dear to him.
*Being himself.
*Acting insane and psychotic.
*Laughing maniacally.


*Anyone who angers him exceedingly.
*Anyone who hurts and kills children.
*Anyone he loves dying.
*When people see him afraid. But if you’re a close friend, then he won’t care so much.
*Being disrespected and dishonored.
*Getting embarrassed.

Talents: These are a few.

*Using his supernatural powers.
*Fighting in any way, whether with a sword, bow and arrow, his bodily strength, etc.
*Playing pranks on people.
*Playing the organ and piano.
*The ability to know and speak any language. His native language is Egyptian.


*Taking walks through the cemetery, woods, pastures, nature trails, etc.
*Running. As a supernatural being, he is fast for his size and weight.
*Reading, whenever he feels like it.
*Writing. Yes, sometimes, he feels like doing that.
*Enjoying the volcanoes, due to him being black lava.

Appearance: Shetan is not made out of flesh and blood. He is made out of fire, black lava, to be precise. He has long, wavy, black hair, which drops down to his waist, and clawed hands, and all of his teeth are sharp and pointy. He has huge, black dragon wings and devilish, black horns that he can reveal or conceal at will. His eyes are fiery red, one of the most horribly frightening things about him. He has an incredibly huge body, a 600-pound mass of muscle and body fat. He is seven feet and four inches tall, a giant of a monster. His shoulders are broad, his arms huge and muscular, his chest wide and broad, and his stomach large and round, showing how incredibly strong he is. He is so strong that he can literally break metal. His appearance and strength is awesome and frightening. Coupled with his evil thoughts and actions, Shetan is truly your worst nightmare.

Shetan’s face looks like this, only it’s much more animalistic and monster-looking, and his skin is as black as the night.

Other: Shetan is also dead as a zombie and a spirit. He has no pulse, but very strangely, he has a heartbeat. He also lives in a haunted mansion, an eerie, misty graveyard surrounding it.

Anything else about him shall be roleplayed.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments O.O Oh my goodness. You're amazing at character making. I'm gonna try my hardest to make a really detailed character, but I usually make medium detailed characters. You won't be disappointed in mine, right?

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LOL, thanks. Oh, no, I'm never disappointed in people's characters. I don't care how detailed or simple you make your charrie. I'm not picky. :)

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments I loved how you added little passages. .did you make those up as you went along?? or do you have a story going on with him??

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Btw: What era is this in? Do they women wear dresses? Or is it more modern?

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There really isn't much of a story going on with him. I just made those up to allow people to be able to understand more and dwell into each aspects of his personality. However, if I was to think about it, I could make some of it become a part of his history or story, haha.

I was thinking maybe modern.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Name: Elaina Blair Espion

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Appearance: Elaina has beautiful, lustrous blonde hair that shadows her glittering ever green eyes. She has very pale, porcelain like skin that stretches over her short, scrawny body.

((incase it doesn't show up:: http://cs418227.vk.me/v418227506/6738...))
Height: 5'4"

Weight: 120 lbs

Personality: Elaina is soft, but fierce with a hot attitude. She fights for what she needs to take care of the people she loves and naturally doesn't take much from people. Anyone who knows her knows she has a kind, loving heart that loves even the worst of her enemies. She tends to get annoyed, but her patience never wears thin. She works hard to help others and doesn't ask for anything in return. She's kind the intellect and almost always finds herself in a good book.

Dreams: - Own a library
- Help everyone in need
- Visit other lands
- Have children
- To fall in love

History: Elaina lost her father in a terrible accident as a child, ever since the accident, her mother has a frail, fragile mind that breaks every now and again. Elaina takes special care of her mother, and the people of her town tends to steer away from her mother, Abigail. Despite the hardships her family has gone through, Elaina works hard to keep her mentality.


-Bad people

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I love her!

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Do you want to start or me?

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments :D Will you? I have a great starting idea, but I'm not sure about it! So, you can start!

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Okay! Give me a few moments.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments You're fine! I'm going to shower and fold my clothes real quick ^_^

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It was in the early afternoon. The sun shone through the green trees in the dense forest, coming in beautiful streams that looked heavenly, as if the forest was paradise on earth. The sunlight lit up the entire forest, making everything sparkle and causing the greenness of everything to be an even brighter green. It was a lovely spring.

But looks were easily deceiving. Where there was beauty, there was danger....and evil. In a large clearing deep in the forest, there stood a towering statue. The clearing was very leafy, for brown leaves covered the ground, blowing and rustling in the occasional wind and breeze. The statue stood right in the middle of this clearing, standing tall and proud. But the statue was not human. It was a hideous, demonic statue, the statue resembling a creature from the Underworld. The statue was as black as the night, with red eyes that would stare right through you. Two, black, devilish horns grew from its head, and enormous, black, demon wings grew from its back, stretching out at their full length magnificently. The body of the beast was huge, standing at seven feet and four inches tall, but it was taller because of the tall, stone square that it stood upon. But the monstrosity wasn't the only thing that was scary. The position that the creature was in was even scarier. It stood in a position where it looked like it was going to attack. Its huge hands were raised up, one hand out in front of him and the other hand raised over his head, brandishing its short and fingernail-like but still frightening claws. Its hideous face was angry and vicious, with fire in its eyes and its mouth open, showing all of its sharp, pointy, and horrible teeth. You would think that it looked almost lifelike until you would walk up and knock on it. Then you know that it was made out of hard stone for sure.

But the statue was not always stone. And there was a reason for it being lifelike. It wasn't always in the position that it was either. On some days, it posed in very different positions. This statue was no ordinary statue.

That's because this statue came to life.

At will, it would come to life, and at will, it would turn back into stone again. It could turn to stone and come to life at any place at any time. The statue's name was Shetan.

Today was one of those days when Shetan chose to come to life. As the rays of the sun shone down upon him, the change began. His waist-length, wavy, black hair that was once stone began to slowly start blowing in the gentle wind. Then the eyes began to glow and glisten in a rather eerie way, and moments later, they blinked. The change began to continue, making its way down the statue from its head to its feet. Shetan began to slowly move his head, then his hands and arms, then the wings stretched, and finally, his legs and feet. The transformation was complete.

Stepping down from the stony square he stood on, Shetan began to walk on the leafy ground, his black boots crunching leaves as he started disappearing into the trees mysteriously. He spent a couple of hours walking through the forest, haunting it.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Elaina stepped down onto the crisp, crunchy leaves that had fallen from the limb's grasp. The bright sun beat down on her pale skin as she hastily hid herself beneath the tree's shadow. A soft, simply hum escaped her plump lips as she gazed up at the soft blue sky.

"That sounds okay." She muttered to herself, scribbling down inside her small, leather bounded notebook as she continued deeper into the forest.

All around her life sang back, her hum bouncing off the hallow trunks and back to her in an echo. Elaina, with the journal firmly grasped in her hands, looked up toward a bird on her right, watching as it hopped toward the edge of the limb and pecked around for food.

"Do you have a family?" She whispered, moving her hand up to the edge and allowing the bird to analyze it, then swiftly burst into a full winged flight.
Passion overwhelmed Elaina as she burst in a tooth-filled smile, her evergreen eyes glittering as her lustrous blonde hair twisted down passed her shoulders.

The world around her seemed so at peace, she couldn't control the giddy feeling rising inside of her. She had never been passed the forest limits and her mind was raising, curiosity bursting in her chest.

Having already accomplished the morning's chores and her reading with the children, she had the rest of the day to herself, to her songs. The music filled her life with beauty, her strong voice holding out notes normal people couldn't even hit in general. She rolled her eyes and attempted to contain the worry constantly in the back of her mind: her mother.

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As Shetan walked slowly and methodically through the forest, he allowed his devilish horns and his wings to disappear. His wings folded and disappeared inside his back, and his horns slowly moved down back into his head, disappearing as well. Shetan could reveal and conceal his horns and wings at will. The sunlight shone down on his black body, causing his body to shine every time he stepped out of the shadows and walked into light. Whenever the sun shone on his body, it shone on his long hair as well, causing his black hair to glisten like a horse's mane. It would have been an awesome sight.

Due to Shetan being animalistic, he never wore a shirt, only pants and boots, causing his broad shoulders, his muscular arms, his wide, well built, strong chest, and his rather large and round stomach to be revealed at all times. Sometimes, his thick, luxurious hair covered his shoulders and most of his torso, before the occasional wind would come and blow his hair around.

As Shetan walked, he stopped abruptly, thinking that he heard some faint humming and footsteps. He cocked his head to the side a little bit like a dog, listening hard, before he knew that there really was someone else in the woods. His horrible, red eyes glowed with wicked interest before he started quietly making his way towards the sounds. It wasn't long before he saw the girl through some trees he was standing behind. He was surprisingly and dangerously close to her, and the sun shone down upon him from behind, causing a hulking shadow of him to appear on the leafy ground. Shetan did absolutely nothing. He just crossed his arms and stared at her walking.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Elaina stalled, feeling the presence around her as she pressed her palm against the firm trunk of a hallow oak tree.
"Hello?" She whispered, remaining calm as her heart flip flopped around in her chest, her stomach tightening in angst as she stood her ground. Despite her naturally adventurous attitude, caution erupted in the back of her mind and controlled her body entirely.

Hastily, she slipped her journal into her shoulder bag and smoothed out her sundress, annoyance striking through her as the wind billowed through it's soft ruffles and swept her hair away from her shoulders.
Slowly, Elaina grazed her eyes across the ground around her, then stopped, almost immediately. Shock slapped at her form as she took in the ferocious shadow cast across her own.

"Uhm." She stuttered lightly, taking a step back and peering around the tree, containing a scream of surprise as her eyes averted to the beast that caused her eery exhaustion.

Elaina bit down on her lip and instinctively took a step back, having never come across such a monster in her life. She felt no need to ask question as she blinked rapidly, attempting to make him go away like he was just a part of her imagination.

"I know how this goes." She stuttered nervously, rolling her eyes at the waver in her voice and continuing, "I've read plenty stories. And I want you to know. I put up quite the fight." She collected her fists dutifully and shook them, then loosened them back at her sides, "Or at least," She shrugged, "I won't be eaten without some kind of fair play."

Elaina rambled on, and then caught herself, biting her tongue and taking yet another step back. Instinctively, wouldn't she fight? Wouldn't she fight for her right to live? But WOULD she fight? Would she be ABLE to put up any kind of fight? She couldn't hurt a bug. She always captured them and put them outside. So could she hurt another being despite their hunger for her own skin?

Elaina knew the answer, and gulped.

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Shetan kept his arms crossed over his broad chest, his hair blowing softly and gently in the silent breeze, blowing across his face occasionally. He did not move a muscle, not even when she saw him. It was like he had turned back into a statue again. But he had not, for his eyes glowed with living fire, and his hair still flowed in the wind, and he was very much not stone right now.

He stared down at her with an eerie, haunting, emotionless gaze, the gaze that an evil spirit would give a victim before it would suddenly attack.

He finally moved when she began to speak. He uncrossed his arms slowly and let them hang down at his sides. He cocked his head at her dumbly as he listened to her, but at the same time, there was intelligence in his eyes. But other than that, Shetan did not move anymore. He didn't come closer, nor did he walk away. He didn't even attack.

But he did not speak. He never said a word after she was done speaking. But in his mind, he knew that she was dead wrong if she really thought that he was some kind of joke. He would certainly be more than willing to prove that to her.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments ((Oh my god. I'm loving this and we just started xD How much longer will you be on??)0

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((XD I should hopefully be on for a few more hours before I have to go to bed.))

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Elaina braced herself for the worst and then straightened herself, thoughts zooming through her mind as she took a step forward.

"W-what are you?" She whispered lightly in her crystal voice, her eyes sparkling against the sun as it beat down against her sweat slicked skin.

She watched his almost mechanical like moves and bit down on her lip, assessing her exits and then averting her eyes back to the beast in front of her. Or was it a beast at all? Thoughts crammed themselves into her mind as she took yet another step toward him, her eyes narrowing at the gleam of his red eyes the crisp, darkness of his black skin.

For a moment, she thought maybe it was all in her mind. Maybe he was simply a statue and she had it wrong. The heat from the sun had simply sent her delirious, but she saw him move again. His arms swiftly moving down to his side and his hair--his beautiful, lustrous hair pulled back and flowing a long in the wind. As if the wind was being playful.

"Maybe I'm going crazy." She muttered, waiting for a reaction that wouldn't occur as she squinted her eyes even more, looking for any sign of life besides the obvious hair and movement.

But she couldn't. It felt impossible that she was facing another being. Was it human? No way. Elaina could at least tell by that. Suddenly, Elaina shook her head and took the steps back that she had taken forward, her caution overtaking her instincts.

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There was a pause, a short pause, but a pause that seemed long, for the silence was eerie. Eerieness made short moments seem longer than they really were. Shetan finally spoke after that pause.

"I am many things. I am a vampire, a werewolf, a shapeshifter, a zombie, a ghost, an evil spirit, a demon, a smoke monster, and a creature made out of black lava." Shetan spoke very slowly and mysteriously, his voice deep and gruff with hints of animalistic growls that occured naturally in his voice. But he did not tell her that he was a statue.

Then he began to slowly move closer to her, taking several steps forward before stopping again.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments A bump rose to the end of Elaina's throat as she attempted to comprehend the words that came from his mouth.

"Please. Stop." She whispered, fear rising into her eyes, despite this she remained still, her heart fluttering rapidly as she stared him down.

His voice shot eerie chills down her spine as she attempted to drag her eyes away from him unsuccessfully. If she looked away, would he be closer? Despite his slow movements, she could see the speed inside of his composure. There, right there, she faced a predator. Her predator.

Already, she had collected that information as she attempted to gulped down the lump in her throat. Just that morning she had been reading a story to her children, similar to the situation she was in, but far less deadly. His--was it a he? She thought, but rolled her eyes, deeming it unimportant. All she knew was that she had to get out. Elaina assessed her slim chances without moving her eyes, but knew, in the back of her mind, she wouldn't make it out of this situation alive. In reality, she could be his next meal.

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Shetan was even more dangerously close to her, standing only a feet or two away from her. He probably would have moved closer if he wanted to, but, however, he listened to her pleas for him to stop, and he did. He did not make any more movements to come closer. But he didn't take any steps back.

He was currently thinking about what to do. She did look like she would make a very good meal. But Shetan wasn't really hungry at this moment. So he wasn't sure whether he should just leave her or continue to haunt her in various ways.

In the meantime, Shetan took this moment to observe her and look her over, his eyes remaining emotionless and cold. He looked her up and down, his gaze shifting to her hair and her face and especially, the fear in her eyes. He slowly crossed his arms again in silence.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments The wind shifted slightly and the sun was shadowed by a fluffy white cloud. Elaina averted her eyes from her potential predator to the sudden shift of the weather. No long the sun beat down on her skin, casting beads of sweat to skim down her back. However, cold sweats puddled in her palms as she tightened them into tiny fists.

Despite her determination, she felt there was no way out of this. He was literally two feet taller then her and could pop her like a pea. But she couldn't listen to that side of her brain. That would get her killed. So, in spite of her instincts, she averted her eyes back to his and narrowed them as curiosity flickered in them.

"what's your name?" Elaina asked calmly, tilting her head slightly to the side and lacing her fingers around the strap of her bag, attempting to relax the cramped muscles in her hands.

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As the white cloud hid the sun, a shadow was cast over the area in the woods. Shetan's black body seemed to become even darker now that the sun was no longer shining down on him and that the area they were in was more shadowed now.

He stared down at her calmly, noting the curiosity in her eyes. "Shetan," he replied, watching her every movement. "Who are you?"

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Elaina couldn't help but fidget as she noticed hs shadowed form, wrapping the strap around her fingers confusingly.

"I've never heard that name before. I'm Elaina." She controlled her voice to come out evenly as she breathed in heavily, her stomach wavering as fear attempted to force her curiosity away, "I've never been here before." She played lightly, noting his stern form and lack of reaction.

Each word from his mouth was writing with horrific growls of many animalistic characteristics.

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Shetan absentmindedly uncrossed one of his arms and raised his large hand, opening it and looking at his short but very sharp claws at the ends of his fat fingers. It seemed as if he was planning on ripping her to shreds with those claws the way he looked them over. But fortunately, he wasn't planning on hurting her with them. For some reason, he wanted to talk to her more and listen to her speak. She was interesting, and even though he had killed humans before, it wasn't every day that he ran into one. It had been a few weeks since he had last seen a living human.

"I've visited here all my life," he murmured, still looking at his claws. But after he was finished speaking, he shifted his gaze back to her face, crossing his arms the way he had them before again. "What brings you here?"

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Unconsciously, a smile tugged at the edges of Elaina's lips, a blush forming on her cheeks. This was her body's response to kindness, despite her eeriness of the situation. Elaina knew she shouldn't let her guard entirely down, but she also knew there was obviously no harm in speaking to him.

"Oh," She whispered a soft reply, then glanced down at the ground, "I've lived in the city right outside the outskirts of the woods, and I've always wanted to visit here. So I wandered in today." Elaina explained, unfolding her hands and motioning back toward the city and then here, always one for speaking with her hands.

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Shetan took a glance around the woods. Another cloud had crossed over the white, puffy cloud that hid the sun, causing the woods to lapse even more into shadowed darkness. Shetan glanced back at her before taking a few steps back slowly. "I must go now."

He turned around and started to walk away before he stopped and looked over his shoulder at her out of the corner of his eye. "If you continue to stay here, beware the statue," he warned eerily. His head turned back around, and he walked away from her, disappearing into the trees.

Shetan was going back to his place in the woods, that clearing where he stood as the statue. The clearing was not only large and full of leaves, but it also had some ancient ruins nearby the stone square where Shetan would stand.

Shetan stepped up onto the stone square, allowed his horns and wings to come back out again, and slowly got into the same position he was before. As he stood very still, his body began to harden as his red eyes stopped glowing and went dull and as his hair stopped blowing in the breeze. Now he was stone again. He was in that same scary position that he was last time he was stone, with his claws brandished and his wings spread out and his mouth open, revealing his sharp teeth, and everything.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments ((Does he think while he's in statue form?))

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Skeptical and curious, Elaina stared as he moved forward into the shadowed vast area of trees.She narrowed her eyes at the sky, and then fiddled to open up her notebook, a gasp escaping her lips as she scrambled down the events of the forest and the beast she had come across.

Beware of the statue

What did he mean by that? She wondered, her eyesbrows furrowing in thought as she thrust the notebook back into her messenger bag and fiddled with the straps of her bad.

"What did he mean?" She pondered out loud, turning around to face towards the opening of the forest, but then turning back, doing what she suspected to be a bad idea.

Without hesitation, Elaina burst into a run, the wind pressing against her as she forced herself forward. Her hair blew back and her messenger bag slammed agaisnt her hips in throttled frustrations. The world around Elaina had changed. All she knew, all her knowledge, had leaked into another world and she couldn't leave it a lone. No. She couldn't leave it. .

Elaina, her body aching, stumbled to a halt at the end of the forest, spilling out into a vast opening with what seemed to also withold a temple. And. her eyes scanned over the land, then stopped.

A statue

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Shetan continued to stand as the statue, never moving, being the firm, hard stone he currently was. He was still in his frightening attacking position.

But despite him being stone, he could still think. He still had the ability to think and see what was going on around him. Not to mention, he could even speak in statue form. So when Elaina stumbled into the clearing, he saw her immediately through his still, never-moving eyes.

So she got curious, he thought. I'm not surprised. He saw her notice him and stare right in his direction. So curious, so captured by the world around her....she sees me. Of course, she must know where the statue is in order to beware of it. But she doesn't know that this statue doesn't remain here forever. Shetan spoke this in his mind, slowly, mysteriously, and eerily.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Elaina untangled the bag from her grasp and manuvered it over her head, placing it easily in the hallow hole of a trunk. She bit down on her lip and narrowed her eyes on the statue, grasping her hands behind her back and crossing the green field toward the statue.

She couldn't help her curiousity, slowly, she approached the stern mass and bit down on her lip.

"What did he mean?" Elaina whispered, almost frustrated, as sweat trickled down her back, the wind picking up around her and the sun beating down on her flustered cheeks.

Suddenly, she reached out, but halted an inch away from the marble, grazing her eyes across the monstrosity and up toward it's eyes.

"Are you the statue?" She eyed it mysteriously, cocking an eyebrow as she softly placed a hand on the broad chest of the statue.

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