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Danielle Danielle Jun 08, 2013 03:32PM
Ok, this is off topic from the book but anyways, I was thinking of getting an ereader because they're certain books that don't come in a phsyical copy and I really want to read. I was just wondering what is the best one to buy and which one gives you the widest variety of books to buy? I was thinking a Kindle...

You can have an e-reader using a tablet and you can also use an e-reader device. Whichever you prefer, I'm using a galaxy tab and sometimes my iphone. Ofcourse the original e-reader is much cheaper compare to tablets like iPad etc.

Danielle, we have a traditional Kindle, a Fire and a Paperwhite. I use i-Pads for work and have researched Android and Windows tablets. I use a laptop and desktops for both home and work. Having said all that, I prefer Windows and Android machines to the i-Pad because the i-Pad does not have the depth of file management and flexibility that the other machines do. To transfer a file from an i-Pad requires the use of a music program, iTunes, instead of a proper file manager. You can drag and drop a file from a computer to the i-Pad, but you can't find it once you do.

While the new Kindle Fire HD has garnered some great reviews, I think I would stick to a Windows or Android machine for ease of use and flexibility. Be aware that the iPad does not work with web sites that use Adobe Flash. Everything else does.

i have an ipad and i love mine. i have access to all the same books/apps for books that you can probably get on any other device. my mom has a nook but i'm more used to my ipad so i don't like hers as much. she loves it.

and as for the kindle, i got fires for my girls and they like them, but they are too young to read so who knows. we have the little ones which make taking them places that much easier.

i know - not much help :( sorry!

I have a Kindle Fire, and I love it, but I wish I didn't buy it because you can just put the app on your phone and read on it rather than spend money on a tablet that's just a bigger screened phone.

Also, I have apps on my phone for free books that I use ALL the time and I had to make myself start using my Kindle again because it always just sat there doing nothing..

Ultimately, the choice is weather you want a bigger screen than your phone or not. If it doesn't matter to you, than I wouldn't buy an ereader. If it is a big deal, than go with something that is cheaper and just for reading because you really don't need it for anything else.

Hope that helps :)

Do you want a tablet or do you want an ereader? Tablets like the iPad, Kindle Fire, or Nook Tablet have ereading capabilities and a lot else. They're more expensive and have screens that are more like a computer or smartphone screen.

An ereader, like a regular Kindle or Nook, has an e-ink screen, so it looks more like the page of an actual book (although I think the font is sharper on my Kindle than in a real book) and you'll need a light source (or an e-reader with a built-in light) to read. The screen itself isn't lit.

Technically, there are more books available for the Nook than the Kindle. ePub, which is like the generic ebook file format, is supported by Nook while the Kindle has its own file format and does not support ePub (think of it like the difference between an iPod and an MP3 player). For the most part, though, just about anything you'd want is going to be available for any reader (publishing to the Nook and Kindle are both free). It sounds like you want to use the ereader to read indie and self-published books, but just so you know, for some books published by traditional publishers, Kindle editions are occasionally a bit cheaper than Nook editions.

I'd recommend looking at the prices and specs of the individual devices and playing with them at a store to compare if you can. You might prefer the feel of one device.

I have a Kindle, but I bought mine back when the Nook was still in its early stages and the Kindle was definitely the superior device (in my opinion). Now? It's probably more of a toss-up.

Brittney Agreed. Also, I'd consider a tablet more, simply because then you can have both a Nook app and a Kindle app, so when one book isn't available for one ...more
Jun 18, 2013 03:59PM
Danielle Thanks for all the feedback, I ended up getting a Kindle paperwhite and so far am very pleased with it. I wanted something that was just capable of bo ...more
Jun 18, 2013 08:21PM

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