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Ravenxrose | 91 comments Mod
Library. Place full of books, in case you didn't know that... :)

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Ravenxrose | 91 comments Mod
library photo: Wray, Colorado wraylibrary01_zps821bf1fb.jpg

Replace Wray with Quintson.

message 3: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Rain sat in one of the comfy chairs, reading the first book to a series called Fablehaven. So far, it was pretty good. Interesting enough.

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dany (elothwen) Rain sat in one of the comfy chairs, reading the first book to a series called Fablehaven. It was good so far. Interesting enough.

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dany (elothwen) Rain heard the quiet sound of a page turning, and looked up. There was a girl sitting at a table across from her reading a math book. That must suck..

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dany (elothwen) Rain weakly smiled back, and flipped to the last page of her book. She read it to the last line, and closed it.

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dany (elothwen) Rain raised an eyebrow, and grabbed the second book of the series, Rise of the Evening Star. She pushed the cover open, and started reading.

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dany (elothwen) Rain was confused. School didn't even start yet! What was she doing?
Rain silently got up and walked quickly over to the table she was at. She whispered, "I hope you don't mind me asking, but why are you studying?"

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dany (elothwen) "That's not cool at all." Rain scrunched her nose.
"Every day? Or not in the summer?"

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dany (elothwen) "" Rain shrugged. "You get good grades then?"
Outside, she heard the pound of rain.

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dany (elothwen) Rain nodded. "How old are you, anyway? High school age?" She guessed, not really knowing about stuff like this.

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dany (elothwen) "I see..." Rain trailed off and looked out the window. She shook her head and looked back at the girl.
"What's your name? I recognize your face from somewhere."

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dany (elothwen) Tess... "Hm. I recognize the name...hey, have you gotten an award in high school? Like, on a plaque?"

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dany (elothwen) "That's where I've seen your name. On a volleyball plaque." Rain recalled, remembering the time she went in to talk to the 9th graders about some thing.

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dany (elothwen) "No idea." Rain shrugged. "Well, the name's Rain on this end. You recognize that?"

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dany (elothwen) Jack walked into the library, where, sure enough, Rain was. She was sitting with another girl, conversing. He didn't feel like interrupting them, so he sat at a different table, waiting for her to finish chatting.

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dany (elothwen) Rain remembered suddenly. "I saw your face on TV once! Though, it was probably someone who looked like you..." she didn't notice Jack.

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dany (elothwen) "Yeah. Why?" Rain raised an eyebrow. She seemed pretty confused.

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dany (elothwen) (O-O)

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