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Hi! :3

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Heylo! ^^ Do you have any ideas? ;3

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Ideas? I'm afraid not; I'm all out of them, currently, because of finals and crap. D:

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments No problemo; I understand. Hm, let's see . . . Well, what do you usually do? c: ^^

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Generally, I do those romances with so much drama that you just can't help but whip out a box of popcorn and start chomping your way through with wide eyes. x3

I despise supernatural and fantasy; witchcraft and demons are not at all realistic, so I'm just that girl who likes real stuff.

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Ooh, c: Me too! I personally suck at anything supernatural. xD I've always wanted to do a 'stranded' RP? Like, two people are stuck on a deserted island, due to a plane crash. ^^ They have to learn how to survive in the wilderness, and they slowly begin to rekindle a love. Oh, and they're total opposites: so at first, they detest each-other. C: Aaanyways, that's just an idea. If it's a bit too much; we could always think about something else.

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Oooh! That sounds fun! c;

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Yay! c; And sorry if I take long a bit long to reply; I'm in the middle of making a super long character. >.< So, shall we talk about the genders?

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'Tis alright. I myself have to reply to many roleplays. Ugh. >.<

Well, I myself enjoy to play female, since, you know, I am female.

But I am open to playing as the male if you're not comfortable with playing a male. c;

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments >.< Sowwie! I didn't even get a notification. Urm, yes, I also prefer to play female; but it's fine if you'd like to work something out. I usually feel so bad when I just accept an offer that easily. xD

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Urgh. I hate this part of roleplay; deciding who plays who. >.<

Well...um...what would you like to do in this case? :/

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments I knooow, it's so annoying. c: Psh, um, let's see. Obviously, I don't want you to feel so uncomfortable if you don't like playing the guy; so I don't mind playing the guy. xD

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Are you sure? I feel so guilty now. :C

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Noooooo! Don't. xD But I know what you mean. c: It's perfectly fine with me; I've been playing the girl in all my other RP's, so it's nice to have a bit of a change.

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...If you say so.

How detailed are your characters? Usually, my characters are somewhat detailed.

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments xD I like to do super detailed charries; but semi-detailed for now sounds good to me. c:

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Alright. If you don't mind, I'll just copy and paste one of my detailed charries. XD

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Don't worry. I'm going to do the same. xD C:

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© Aʟʟ ʀɪɢʜᴛs ʀᴇsᴇʀᴠᴇᴅ. Wɪsᴇ Oᴡʟ Iɴᴄᴏʀᴘᴏʀᴀᴛᴇᴅ.

▬▬▬▬♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

"I'm an invisible human being. I'm a girl of cartilage, bone, fiber -- and often times, I'm even said to own a mind. I'm only invisible, though, because people refuse to see me."


Full name: Laila Sofia Akrami
Nickname: None to be found.

▬▬▬▬♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

{ليلى} Laila is an internationally-used feminine name strongly of Arabic origin, though mainly it has been originated from the Semitic languages. Over time, the definitions have varied from the start of "Night" to "Dark-haired beauty." In the end, however, both definitions have melded together to form "Night Beauty."

Sofia is a feminine name derived from the Greek word for "wisdom." It was used to represent the personification of wisdom and is also the name of an early Christian martyr. The way it is spelled is derived from the Persian world.

Akrami is a name of Arabic origin. It suggests Semitic origin, used in masculine reference.

▬▬▬▬♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

"They sacrificed their lives for me and time didn't allow me to express my dearest gratitude. I feel like the most selfish person in the whole world."


║▌ Laila is perhaps one of the lucky few graced with natural beauty. Born in one of the most prominent cities in Bulgaria, Laila has been the reincarnation of her great-great grandmother, notably similar in terms of looks when put into comparison. Her face is a nice oval shape and very small, complimenting the other features that complete it. Her eyes are wide and almond-shaped, complimented by naturally long eyelashes and the shade of dark, molten chocolate. Her hair is a lovely dark brown, falling in cascading locks and earning its rich pigmentation due to the profuse amounts of eumelanin gracing it. In the winter, however, when kissed with bountiful sunlight, it may appear ashen for some unknown reason.

High cheekbones are well-rewarded, a squared-off jaw softly narrowing into a proportionate chin. Her lips are of average size, perhaps a bit more full than an average person's. Her eyebrows are generally left a natural thickness,and are quite arched. Though many of her features can easily be enhanced by the simple usage of make-up, Laila does not prefer to add anything artificial to her flawless application as she presumes that what nature has given her shall be used as is, since it would only be contradicting and possibly leading her to look like a courtesan.

(view spoiler)

{Height} 167 centimeters [5.479 feet]
{Weight} 46.5 kilograms [102.515 pounds]
{Distinctive markings} None to be found.

Age: Eighteen. [18]
{D.O.B} August 11th, 1994.
{City of birth} Sofia, Bulgaria.
{Time of birth} 11:58 P.M.

ǝlʎʇS lɐɹǝuǝG:

(view spoiler)

▬▬▬▬♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

▬▬▬▬♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

"My past is a distant thing, something that is not tangible now. No one can feel it, touch it, harm it. My present is the current events, spasmodic. It can sneak up on you one day, the other day make itself known to you by standing in front of you. My future is undecided, but the paths I have traveled, starting way back from the past and intertwining with the present, are not over. They are all leading to one thing, the future. And right now, I don't know if I'm going the right way or not, but all I'm going to do is continue running along the tracks."


"One more, just one more," the midwife encouraged. Miri Akrami wheezed and panted, sweat dribbling down her forehead. "One...more...," she breathed. The midwife nodded. "One more," she repeated breathlessly. Miri bit at her lip hard before screaming, putting in all her quickly dwindling strength. The midwife gasped at the panting woman. "She is here." Miri looked at her, wide-eyed. "She...here?" The midwife smiled exuberantly. "I want...see...Her..." The midwife bundled up the infant with a loose blanket, placing it gingerly into the waiting hands of Miri. The infant glanced up at Miri before erupting into peals of musical laughter. Miri smiled, her husband coming into the room at hearing a new voice. "She's beautiful, isn't she, Amir," she laughed. Amir smiled, pride and delight emanating from him at the new knowledge that he was a father. "And born right before the strike of midnight..." Miri and Amir looked at each other before murmuring simultaneously: "Laila."

And 'twas the name given to the wriggling infant. Laila. Night beauty.


Explosions. They filled the sky. Deafening cracks. No one was safe outside. The walls that served as their shelter barely stood under the great bombs. They were cuddled, father and mother, daughter snuggled betwixt them. And yet each sound that echoed, each crack that ricocheted off their walls, ruined the temporarily safe redolence that surrounded them. "Mummy," the little girl cried at the sound of yet another crack. "There,there, Laila-jan," Miri looked worriedly at her husband. "What torture is this for an innocent eleven-year-old," she whispered. Amir shook his head solemnly, patting Laila's small back. "Let us hope God will take care of us..."


Six months had passed and still the haunting whistles of bombs pervaded their haven. Laila was taken under the hand of her parents who fervently taught her all they knew. Algebra, Laila managed to master on her own, based on the slightest tidbits her parents passed on to her of the subject. Biology, literature, history...these subjects were focused upon intensely; Miri and Amir knew they wouldn't have much time.

Now fourteen, Laila was blossoming up to be a beautiful flower. Her brown locks had grown to cascade along her back, her eyes now lit with an inquisitive fervor. Many things she had curiosity of at a younger age, she knew; her knowledge continued to grow even under the terrifying bombs that dropped upon their homeland.

Then, it was one night. Her mother handed her a worn suitcase and told her to pack all of her belongings and clothes. Confused, Laila followed her mother's instructions, then being met by her father who handed her a passport. "Now look, Laila-jan," her father instructed lovingly. "You have to get out of this country. It won't be safe for such a lovely flower as yourself, hmm? There will be a truck. You will be carried to the safest city near us, Rila, okay? There will be a guard. Hand him your passport and he will stamp it. Everything will be soon alright; you will be flying over to America and you will be safe, hmm? Your uncle and aunt will take good care of you. Now be brave, my gul."

"But what about Madar and you, Papa?" The worry shone in Laila's lovely eyes. He kissed the top of her forehead. "We cannot come. They will find it suspicious that we will be going together. But we will come after you, okay? I promise." Tears shone in his eyes and he embraced her, wrapping her with the faint smell of pine. "We promise." Laila's mother, who was watching the scene through tear-clouded eyes, ran over to them, hugging them all. "Be brave, Laila...Be brave."


It had been two years. Laila was in safe hands with her aunt and uncle. But in those two years, her parents had not come like they promised. Where were they? Did they get caught? Were they executed? Did they lie to her? This last thought she dismissed quickly. Madar and Padar would not lie to their daughter, would they? The phone rang. Four words. "Your parents were killed." The phone dropped out of her grasp. The light disappeared from her eyes. "Hello, are you there? Hello? Hello? Excuse me?" The words of the monotonous lady did not reach her ears. Slowly, Laila fell to her knees, her eyes still focused on the spot. What, what had happened? What was death? She couldn't understand. What was it?

As Laila knelt there, frozen, her lips parted in a small "o", she registered one thought and it would resonate with her forever and ever. 'Tis a quote of Walt Whitman:

“All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses,
And to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier.”

And as Laila continued to sit there, shocked beyond belief, darkness settled as the truth, a detrimental fog, settled upon her frame; it would be a heavy burden for her to carry. And she would carry it and pull closed the Curtain that would hide her Thousand Splendid Suns.

▬▬▬▬♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

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© Aʟʟ ʀɪɢʜᴛs ʀᴇsᴇʀᴠᴇᴅ. Wɪsᴇ Oᴡʟ Iɴᴄᴏʀᴘᴏʀᴀᴛᴇᴅ.

▬▬▬▬♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

"You think you know me.
You know my favorite color.
You know who I'm crushing on.
You know my secrets.
You think you've got it all figured out in your little head.
Little do you know that I'm slowly falling apart inside,wilting
Like a Rose."


Laila is a slightly sententious young lady, not wishing to speak with others as commonly as another might. She is not one who is extremely social, nor is she one who is a misanthropic miser. She has a voice, a soft one that struggles to be heard over the din of the others. She is not one who tends to express herself readily; however, when asked of her opinion, she mostly gives her truthful feelings.

At first glance, Laila might seem like a friendly person, talkative and bubbly. After all, her looks certainly rank top when concerning of her simple yet stylish apparels. But what those who probe and near closer realize is she's extremely taciturn. She never opens up, never spills her darkest secrets to anyone, not even those closer to her; her dearest family and motley of friends. One would even be lucky to receive a small laugh from her; 'tis not that she has no humorous demeanor, but that what Laila presumes to be her bearings are not at all what she expected.

Most often, Laila is the one found consoling many with their lists of problems. She is the receptor of many hysterical sobs and rage, the courtesy of many clueless males clumsily revealing their secretive affairs from those loyal in their intimate relationships. Mind you, she does not speak earnestly in optimism; she believes the whole "you can do better, sweetheart" is just a lovely facade of the harsh truth that lies beneath it. It is not that she believes that negative things happen all the time, but most of the time, the joy that humans feel is just a mask for upcoming pain.

Onward to academics, intelligence is quite high of her; at age 3, she was perfectly capable of handling multiplication and division; by eight, she managed to master algebra easily by herself. Perhaps it might be because her parents pushed her to strive for success at an extremely young age before they abandoned her with their early submission to death, but Laila has always comfortable with academics. Then again, though, if any emotions she is experiencing is that of strength, it could certainly overpower her academic functions and thus she cannot excel like she would normally.

Flaunting, though, of her many aptitudes, Laila finds immensely irritating. What nature has graced her with, she has accepted. She believes those noticing of her skills need not say more in terms of praise, but rather treat her the same as she is.

Immigrating from Bulgaria has put further problems on the already heavy burden Laila carries. Defined by her natural beauty and strange yet intriguing accent, she was the new talk of the city. Rumors swiftly spread, glancing from the subjects of what shampoo she used to what color her toothbrush was. Not for once, Laila has been the receptor of many crude wolf-whistles and toothy grins by lusty males. While the attention did its best to embarrass and flatter her, as seen by the sudden appearance of a crimson hue gracing her cheeks and her paroxysmal tendency to look at her feet, Laila did not want anything more than silence.

Often times, Laila can seem immensely the opposite of arbitrary; many, if not all, of her decisions are based on careful reasoning and logic is her best friend when making such choices. However, at rare occasions, Laila can seem to loosen up and have a "What the hell" moment, though, mind you, a careless Laila is not something one would expect to see on a regular basis.

While it does not seem, Laila is the receiver of many, many hardships and limitations that lessened her wonder of life significantly; much of the negative events that have happened to her have greatly been concentrated upon with heavy grief and rage, along with desolation focusing at certain parts.


✔ English breakfast tea
✔ Books; they possess the mystical power to carry her away from the hell she claims is her life.
✔ Maths; they have one problem, one solution. Most of the time, at least.
✔ Language Arts; the world of gerunds and participles!
✔ Science; enlightening, how the world of theories is.
✔ Chocolate; the food of the gods!
✔ Music
✔ Teddy bears
✔ Animals; all except the most predatory ones which feast on humans. Not very nice to hear, is it?
✔ Writing; usually, it allows her to get out some of the tight emotions which insist on clenching upon her heart till she does not know what happiness feels like.


✖ Angry Birds; the involving of bombs and such remind her too much of her past life in Bulgaria and...her parents' deaths.
✖ Death; it took away her parents and made itself known to be the terrible truth.
✖ Any weapons associated with the disturbance of peace; need I say more?
✖ Too many perverted jokes; one can handle a bit of dirtiness in their life; to pollute more would just mean succumbing to morbidity.
✖ Terrorists
✖ Violence; whether 'tis play or real, it certainly doesn't win her heart.
✖ Wannabes; what's the point of being unique if you're following the ideas of society?!
✖ Drama queens; save it, bitch. No one wants to hear your whines.
✖ Therapists; why do you keep saying that everything's okay? It's not and get used to it!
✖ Arrogance; those who treat everything like his/her inferiors are not true to human morals.

Bucket List:

࿊ Overcome her depression caused by her parent's deaths.
࿊ Read all the works that have been recovered by Omar
࿊ Have a genuine smile for once
Own a teddy bear from at least 10 countries
࿊ Return to Bulgaria and visit her parent's grave
࿊ Address the heavy burden of agony she has been carrying for so long
࿊ Fall in love with someone truly destined for her
࿊ Own at least 30 pieces of classic Farsi literature
࿊ Learn to become a fairly good artist
࿊ Study astrophysics at M.I.T.


✗ Meeting death in the same way her parents did.
✗ Failing in academics
✗ Meeting someone who pretends to love her dearly, then discard her to the side
✗ Being kidnapped
✗ Spiders
✗ Becoming influenced under peer pressure
✗ Falling in love for the wrong person
✗ Not getting admitted into a good university
✗ Acrophobia; falling off a skyscraper.
✗ Amnesiphobia; forgetting vital information and her parents.


❣ Reading
❣ Eating
❣ Sleeping
❣ Laughing; it would be good to laugh for once.
❣ Hugging her teddy bears
❣ Writing
❣ Hiking
❣ Running
❣ Astronomy
❣ Collecting teddy bears


Laila is currently in the midst of deciding which university to attend as next year defines her path of life via academics. She is currently hoping to get into the field of astrophysics.


Miri Mariama Akrami {Mother}
Amir Akmal Akrami {Father}

♛ Akeem Hassan Taheri {Uncle}
♛ Soraya Aqilah Taheri {Aunt}

Other: Having received excellent grades throughout her academic career, her uncle and aunt presented her with a treat to go on a trip alone to an island. Laila reluctantly accepted and in the process of her trip, was left stranded on an island with a male.

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Heylo! I apologize. xD I know how it feels to be left hanging. C: I'm an idiot. No worries. I'm still interested.

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It's all right. :) Okay, good to know.

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments  photo DOILOOKLIKEIGIVEA_zpsc4c16916.gif

❝Do I look like I care? No? Good.❛
The Basics:

Full Name: Lucas James Morrison.

The name, Lucas, means, 'light.' It is pronounced as: | LU-CES.

Nickname: Luke, Luc, Lukie, or Lou. (Only a few of his close friends call him that, though.)

Date Of Birth: July 4th.

Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, California. ✯

Getting Technical.

Age/Grade: Eighteen years old. [18]

Gender: Male/Masculine. ♀

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. (Straight.)


Appearance:  photo lucastill_zps40b4c4a2.jpg


Personality: Lucas James Morrison is probably the most badass person you'll ever meet. He's audacious; witty, and last but not least, a narcissistic jerk. Or, at least that's how he appears to the public. He's a funny, wiseacre guy--that's mostly how he earned his popularity. Lucas is known as the school's 'bad boy'; the one who sticks out from the crowd--the guy that all the girls swoon over. Of course, to Lucas, it's all just fun and games. He'll flirt with you, seduce you and eventually sleep with you; and the next morning, he won't even remember your name. Although, don't get him wrong, though; Lucas isn't intentionally like this--he has his reasons, but deep down inside, there's a kind hearted soul. Lucas just doesn't like to show it too much, especially when he's around people he doesn't know comfortably. He's not a straight-out jerk, because Lucas definitely a bit discreet about his arrogance, but even a fool would notice his snarky attitude. He has a tendency to let his 'holier-than-thou' attribute shine out, and he's occasionally stubborn. On a lighter note, once you get to know Lucas, you'll realize that he's considerate, and as shocking as it seems: humble. Lucas is extremely over-protective of the people and things that he loves; albeit, he doesn't trust people easily. He's loyal, but oddly at the same time, Lucas is scared to death of commitment. He's moody, and if you say one wrong thing, that'll probably set him off--but, Lucas is skilled at masking his true emotions, so no one really notices. This boy is truly a complex species; some might even call him an 'enigma', but once you get to know him, you'll not regret it.

Brief History: Lucas James Morrison was born into what some might call, 'strange circumstances.' His mother, Darlene, was a stripper in Vegas, and was only twenty-one when she'd found out that she was pregnant: it was a drunken one night-stand, so Lucas has no idea who his father is, nor does he want to know. Darlene moved back to her hometown, Los Angeles, California; and nine months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Although Lucas's mother struggled immensely to raise him, she managed to nurture him with love and care; raising him to be kind and outspoken. Everything was going fine; until he turned seven. His mother daringly got involved in a relationship with a cocky man named Charlie. At first, Lucas was ecstatic--he would finally have a father figure now, and Charlie had even moved in with Lucas and his mother. One night, Charlie came home from the bar, absolutely trashed, and took out his entire wrath on Darlene. That evening, Lucas watched--petrified in a corner, as Charlie took up the mission to almost beat his mother to a horrifying death. Of course, the next morning; Charlie would always apologize, saying he was just drunk and that he'd never do it again. Darlene, covered in bruises and stitches, would simply smile weakly and accept him back into her life again. The abuse continued for three more years; and for those few years, Lucas cried himself to sleep at night--waiting for the day when Charlie would hit his mother just a bit too hard, and her life would end. He was absolutely helpless; why? Because compared to Charlie, Lucas was a twig. It wouldn't help if he got involved. It all changed when Darlene couldn't take the physical, and verbal abuse any longer, and she contacted the authorities. Charlie was taken to jail immediately--and is currently serving life in prison. Darlene got a restraining order for both her and Lucas. Although they're not dirt poor, Lucas's family is not doing so well financially; although they are fairly middle class. Secretly, Lucas takes up three jobs to help support the family income. He yearns to forget those three dreadful years and finally put his past behind him.

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments asdfghjkl. My character is crap compared to yours. c: <.>

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Nonsense! It's way better than mine! c;

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Wise 유리 wrote: "Nonsense! It's way better than mine! c;"

Guuurrrl. xD  photo lies_zpsba23dcc6.gif

Alright, so how should we start this RP off? XD C:

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Er... :3

Um...maybe Lucas is hunting for food or something and he's just walkin' around, bored, and then Laila's also there, being all shy and stuff, and boom? I dunno, LOL.

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments xD C: Perfecto. Um, and it's their first time meeting, right? Oh, and I warn you; Lucas . . . well, simply put, he has the mouth of a sailor. :d

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Yes. Like, they're been stranded for, like, two weeks now or something.

'Tis alright. x3

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments x3 ^^ Okay. Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions; but, do they dislike each other? Just want to know, so that in the RP we have a basis. Oh, and can you start? c:

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Dislike? I dunno, exactly how to word it. But Lucas is, like, the all-around seducer, so naturally, he thinks Laila's hot or something. But Laila's just trying to ignore him because she thinks he's a nuisance. You could say she doesn't like him. x3

And sure!

ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Yay! ;3 Sounds great. And, thank you. ^^

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She was alone.

Stranded, isolated, whatever you prefer. Change the word however you want. But it definitely wasn't bettering Laila's situation, however many ways you tried to change the word 'alone.'

She didn't know how the hell she even ended up on this island. All she recalled was the faint glaze that softened the edges of her somnus and then suddenly waking up to the sound of birds chirping merrily. Tropical birds, mind you.

Thinking about it won't solve your problem, she now thought, annoyed with herself. Over the course of the first few days, Laila had succeeded in pacing back and forth for any logical explanations that would come to explain her problem easily. She had pulled her knees to her chest, rocking back and forth and trying not to succumb to desperation. That, of course, only lasted for a few hours before Laila launched herself up and had screamed her throat hoarse for help that never came. But now, Laila felt...normal.

It was peaceful here on this island, excepting the cheerful twittering of birds that flew at odd intervals and the rustling of trees that danced along soft breezes. The redolence of coconut was almost palpable and Laila had been on a mission ever since to find the mystical drupes.

She hummed a little tune, bordering awfully to Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata', as she traipsed among the trees, smiling slightly as the wind tousled her dark brown locks. Ah...serenity. How she had longed for it back home. And how strange she had found it in the last place she expected.

She immediately became flustered when from the corner of her eye, she spotted movement. Was someone else on this island, too? Laila's brown eyes widened as she began to quicken her steps, her small hands curling up into fists. Her lips fell open just slightly, a small 'o' as she fell upon realization.

Someone was here on this island with her.

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments It had been two weeks. Fourteen days, five hours and ten minutes; to be exact. Whatever. There wasn't any other way to put it. Lucas James Morrison was stranded.

He had remembered everything. From the blood-curdling screams, to the sour taste of salt and sand in his mouth when he woke up on the coast. Shit. And to think all of this was caused by a little bit of turbulence.

If Lucas just shut his eyes; and took in the warmth of the weltering sun, perhaps he could imagine that he was on a vacation. A very long, lonely vacation. Denial. Vacations were supposed to be fun. There was nothing entertaining about being stuck on an island with nothing but annoying seagulls to talk to and crappy shellfish to eat. Hell, at least he had something to eat.

Nevertheless, today Lucas had made a discovery. Never before in his life did he think he would be so thrilled to find a damn coconut. Yes, a coconut. Thank the Lord. He brought his lips to the sweet, thin nectar and a sigh of relief lingered in the warm air. He'd keep the shell--save it for later. Maybe even make something out of it. From day one on this, 'paradise,' Lucas had picked up the skill of improvisation. Believe it or not, the city boy had even managed to form somewhat of a shelter.

His throat ached for the honeyed concoction once again, but it was long gone. You're doomed, Morrison. The scalding sand didn't help to boost his speed; as Lucas felt his feet tingling relentlessly. He might as well just kill himself now. Spare himself the trouble.

One, two, three. He'd passed this palm tree thrice now. Damn, Lucas was going in circles. He cut the corner, and the next thing he saw surely almost gave him a heart attack.

A girl.

"Holy shit," He mumbled, dropping the remnants of the coconut onto the grainy sand.

Well, there goes first impressions.

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Upon spasmodically hearing profanity arise in a masculine deep voice, Laila squeaked in fright, stumbling backwards until she met her vertebrae with the unmistakable roughness of a palm tree. Thankfully, the impact met was not even close enough to jolt a few precariously hanging coconuts. Fourteen days had been hard on Laila. She had never expected to see any other human, much less a young male who seemed to be close or above her age by a year or two. After taking a few moments to catch her breath, she nervously guided a trembling hand to run along her coiffure, eyes still fearfully intent on the male.

"Um...I...er...w-what are you d-doing here and...w-who are you?" Her words came out in a rushed stutter. Who knew what this guy did for a profession? Maybe an assassin? A rapist? The possibilities were frightfully endless.

Whilst she waited for his response, she took a few moments to inconspicuously run a casual run-down of his profile. Now that her eyes raked at him with no emotion - except fear, of course - she had reached a conclusion that he was not too shabby in terms of demeanor. Rather, he was quite handsome with blue orbs and blonde hair. He probably was trampled over by lovesick girls, Laila thought, studying him whilst biting her lip in an adorable fashion. Yes, this male was probably an Adonis to many, but to her, Laila...didn't feel anything for him. Fear, definitely. Hatred, she didn't know yet. But infatuation? Not exactly. She didn't feel that tingling of her heart or the unmistakable heat from the rosy hue that would discolor her cheeks. Hell, she didn't even feel that overbearing shyness she usually felt with guys. She had long accepted the wrong fact that she was undesirable in terms of looks and only dismissed the longing lust that shone in many males' eyes when they caught her in recognition. It didn't help that she was immensely insecure of herself; this only enhanced her conviction that she was not quite pretty to look at.

She tentatively reached for a lock of her hair, toying with it shyly as she continued to stare at him in disbelief. How could another human be here? Were there others? Or was it just him? Laila hoped it wasn't the latter. After all, how much awkwardness would she have to undergo with such a handsome lad as him?

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Jumpy. That was Lucas's first impression of the female specimen. He tilted his head to the side, slightly awe-struck. He bit down on his lip, feigning a cheeky grin. What an odd creature. Although this girl was definitely . . . special; it was refreshing to be in the presence of someone either than a bird. And she just so happened to be attractive, too. Odd, but pretty. He almost never went for that type. Lucas usually settled for the blonde, ditzy and rich bunch. After all, they were the ones whom were the best in bed.

His lips settled into a sour scowl for just a second. Moody. That was one way to describe Lucas. Was she really that frightened of him? "I'm not an axe-murder; if that's what you're thinking." He dismissed her question in a slightly cold manner, whilst furrowing a brow in suspicion.

Albeit, this girl wasn't exactly what he'd usually go for--but she certainly intrigued him. In a way that Lucas couldn't say for many.

Lucas sighed deeply, as if he were wasting his time, and bent down to grasp the coconut shell, dusting off the bit of sand that had coated it. He tossed the drupe around in his hands, trying to stop himself from chuckling as she gawked at him. "Are you checking me out, new girl?" He questioned smugly, crossing his arms over his chest as an eager grin arose on his lips. She was literally staring. Usually, most females would try to hide the fact that they'd succumbed to his devilishly handsome attributes; but, oh no, this was one was blatant about it: apparently.

Now, it was his turn to study her. Nice lips? Check. Nice body? Check. Beautiful eyes? Check. Unfathomable awkwardness? Double check. Overall, this girl was bang-able; but perhaps a bit too weird for his liking.

"Well, it was nice meeting you," He said sharply, and turned around to saunter in the other direction. Of course, Lucas wasn't actually leaving her. Maybe she had some food that he could mooch off of. He simply wanted to test her. To see just how desparte she was.

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A soft, relieved sigh escaped from her lips as the male confirmed, rather coolly, that he was not related to one who harbored sociopathic emotions. The last thing Laila needed, or wanted, for that matter, was a psychotic specimen chasing her around with a running chainsaw. Laila shuddered at the graphic image her amygdala oh so happily provided her.

She eyed him almost distastefully as he amused himself momentarily by throwing around the coconut in the air and catching it. She was about to ask of his alias and essential infrastructure when she gasped at his rather arrogant question, slight tinges of rouge tainting her cheeks. "Excuse me?" She had regained control of her alveolar articulation in the moments spared of glancing at his physique.

"I have no intention of gawking at frivolous males like yourself who seem to parade all over themselves like they're the greatest prize of the whole world. Oh? You think since you've been understated in your preliminary life experience, you can just come back with a vengeance of megalomania? Well, let me tell you something. I don't tolerate huge egos. Especially not here in this bird-filled island. So do yourself a favor and release some of the hot air from that huge balloon you call your head. Since I haven't seen anyone else but you around here, I suppose it'll only be good for it to diffuse into the air."

She harrumphed fractiously, only sparing him with what Laila presumed to be a cold glare. "Alright then. Good day to you," she offered, still disgruntled at his assumption of her having fallen in love with his looks. "Checking you out, my ass," she muttered, as she turned away from the setting of the recent scene and maintained a slow yet jaunty peregrination opposite of where he headed. Of course she knew what he was doing. He wouldn't dare to leave her, especially not if she had been the only human he had crossed in 14 days. Oh, no, sir. He simply wanted to see just how desolate she was from lack of company.

And right now, in the annoyed state he had left her, Laila wanted nothing more than solace. Oh, sweet, sweet solace.

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Lucas must've been hallucinating; perhaps he'd finally gone stir crazy; either that, or this person, this girl, had left him speechless.

His eyes widened; not so much in resentment, but more in a sense of new found surprise.

She had miraculously ignited a fire in him. And he didn't like it one bit. In fact, he felt defeated. A feeling, that just a few minutes ago, Lucas hadn't even comprehended better yet felt. He stood there, gaping as she droned on, and on. Never before had someone pointed out so many of his perfections in one take. Was that even possible? It simply amazed him. It was as if someone had taken a video of him, and he was stuck in rewind. Well, if she wanted to take the feisty route; ha, two could play at that game.

Lucas whipped around to face the little firecracker; and he took two steps toward her--keeping his eye contact with her poised, and domineering. "Look, " He began, his jaw tightening. Lucas was ruthless when he was like this; and he could easily pick apart someone's confidence, eventually leaving them as nothing but a bag of insecurities.

"I don't know what kind of impression I gave you; but I hope you know I'm not willing to put up with your unruly, childish antics. I was simply asking you a question, and perhaps if you would've stopped being a defensive prude for one second, you might've noticed that I was kidding. This is the real world. It's not my issue if you can't take a joke. I was trying to be friendly, but if you want to put up a fight; be my guest. I know your type. You think you're better than everyone because you're so reserved, and you use big words; when in reality, you're just a stuck-up bitch who doesn't know how to make friends." He said bitterly, a sour taste left in his mouth.

"Oh, and just a little memo," He tacked, on; looking her up-and-down, as if surveying her, "I'm not interested."

Well then, they were off to a great start, weren't they?

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Laila immediately took two steps back instinctively, fear flooding back into her veins. The way he assumed his position and how he towered above her small physique was enough to send her heart racing out of fright. She mustered a small swallow as she saw his maxilla become rigid, readying herself for the words that would pass from his lips.

They stabbed at her small frame like a knife. Each word was directed so carefully to hit every part of her body that Laila couldn't help but feel flattered for a second that he actually took the time to think them through before sending the words to her carefully. But a second is only the smallest fraction of all eternity, and the damage caused by him spread among her like a flower opening its delicate petals. Her sensitivity did not help as tears automatically flooded into her eyes. She tried to blink back them as much as possible, but he had won the round. A lone salty drop of the liquid glissaded down her rosy cheek before she swiftly turned around and blindly stumbled around the periphery until at last she was stable enough to settle her shaking form under a tree. She pulled her knees toward her chest and rested her chin against the crook of her joined patellas.

What did it matter? She tried to console herself. He was just a male, an ordinary stranger whom did not know her very well. He had spoken out of annoyance and it had gotten to him in the only harsh way he could manage; taking it out on her.

Was she really a bitch? The part about how she didn't know how to make friendly relationships was only true to the reason that she had to deal with the grief of losing her parents to bombs and such. But many had easily made conversations with her and she did receive some invitations to parties and whatnot.

And the part about flaunting her vocabulary. Having only assumed that books were her true companions, Laila couldn't help but let them fly at times, this being one of the few exceptions. But was it her fault to let them pass from her lips; she was pissed at him after all, but she didn't deliberately choose those words. They just fell from her lips like any other normal word.

But the part that hurt the most was how he had looked down at her and claimed that he was not at all keen on starting an intimate relationship with her. With Laila, her looks were what she was most insecure with. She held this conviction that she was not at all desirable to the eye even though many had proven it wrong. But now...now, this stranger...this male had confirmed it.

A young man who barely knew her for five minutes.

But even so, Laila could not stop the tears that fell so easily from her brown oculars. Saddened. Hurt. Broken.

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Lucas had prevailed. But, then why did he feel like an utter failure? You're an asshole, Morrison. His conscious whispered eerily into his head, enabling him to cringe discreetly.

He watched from afar as the girl retreated to the nook of a palm tree; tears streaming down her face audaciously. Lucas sighed deeply, digging his hands into his pockets; a lump forming in his throat. He had screwed up. Big time. It didn't take a fool to notice that. Lucas couldn't bare to look at her. Albeit, this certainly wasn't the first occasion that he'd released someone into a trembling state; but nonetheless, he didn't even know her name.

His train of thought was interrupted by a dew raindrop. Lucas let his eyes avert to the melancholy sky. A storm was brewing. His lips settled into an unexplainable scowl. They needed to find shelter. And quick. If there was a time to make amends with this female; it was now. Shit. How in the hell was he going to do that?

Lucas, being the huge procrastinator that he is, solemnly tried to avoid approaching her; and opted for kicking around some grainy sand mindlessly. Focus. Remember, there's a freaking storm coming on the way? He reminded himself, groaning softly to himself. Would she even want to talk to him at this point? Better yet, go anywhere with him? Wait a second. They were on a deserted island for Christ's sake. It wasn't like she had too many options.

Lucas grudgingly sauntered over to her, his gaze downcast. He fumbled infront of her, mentally kicking himself for doing so. Get yourself together; you blustering imbecile. "I apologize," He said sharply, trying not to sound snappy. Well, at least he tried. Although she had practically started it--Lucas did feel a bit . . . ashamed. She had looked so, broken. Almost fragile in a way. It was funny to think that just a few minutes ago, she had been lit up like a fiery beacon. Lucas cleared his throat hastily, trying to get back on track.

"It's starting to rain; so, it would best to find some shelter--unless you'd like to freeze to death." His voice held little to no emotion. It was like a blank, icy slate. He was like this sometimes; so withdrawn, and extremely cold. But, of course--part of it was because he had just provoked someone to break down.

So, perhaps they weren't a likely pairing; but in these circumstances, they'd just have to suck it up. For now.

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A light dampness had begun to form along her hair and Laila, surprised, inclined her striking countenance, light droplets of the familiar form of precipitation caressing her face, dripping along fluttering lashes. She sighed rather shakily; she had still not regained control of her emotions. After much deliberation of whether she was strong enough to maintain a steady gait away to find shelter, she heard the voice. His voice. The male that had caused her to be distressed.

She did not dare to meet his eyes; she knew they would still be as cold and unwelcoming as ever. Instead, she focused her brown oculars, which were shining with desolation and unshed tears, on the ground. Anywhere other than him would suffice for her.

His tone, she realized, as he continued to speak with slightly masked irreverence was still in its icy trill and Laila could not do anything but to let her long eyelashes flutter shut - this action was to aim for shutting his voice out from her receptors, but unfortunately, his words did not get stifled from her attempt.

She finally mustered up her quickly dwindling courage to look at him silently, no trace of any other emotion to be found, except the heartbreaking desolation that provided the glint of her tears more than otherwise.

"Well," her voice finally came out, a little of her Bulgarian-British accent seeping out to caress the word with a gentle croak. She quickly cleared her throat before starting once more with a fresh yet trembling vibrato. "I...um...saw this c-cave around here when...er...I was walking around a few days ago. It's r-right around the corner, so..." Without another word, she stood up, shakily, gesturing him with a small hand before leading the way. Along the duration, though, she self-consciously tugged at the loose sweater she donned. Though she was quite broken at his harsh words, her reluctance in offering a nice view of her rather petite physique was impeccable.

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments His locks of wet, golden hair now glistened in the dim sunlight; and Lucas reached to ruffle up his tresses, just as he met her quivering gaze hesitantly. He cleared his throat, staying presumptuously quiet.

She didn't need to say anymore. As the look in her eyes blatantly said it all. Broken. Hurt. Pained. That disturbed Lucas more than he could possibly comprehend, or for that matter; explain. He gave a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders, groaning softly to himself and nibbling on his bottom lip as the rain pounded relentlessly down onto the wet earth.

Lucas stood there for a moment, hands deep in his pockets. A weary look appeared in his eyes, and was captured instantly--as he simply looked at her. Well, more like gawked. Just for a second, though. His lips dared to quirk into a tiny grin. This girl was gorgeous-- if you were to put it rather unpretentiously. He had noticed her beauty long ago; but was too caught up in his anger to act, and perhaps, even think on it. The way her sad, but soft amber eyes gleamed timelessly. Her soft lips, looking simply so kissable and lush. And the outline of her slim, yet curvy body in the rain; just purely indescribable. If only she knew what he wanted to do to her right now. Snap out of it.

A look of undiluted lust arose on his face; and he fought to dismiss it. The way he was feeling right now; it was pure longing. A craving. After all, he'd been on a stranded island for two weeks: without any physical contact, which mind you, was what he was used to having. He shook his head, as if mentoring himself to stop pondering on it. This was wrong. Lucas had literally, just a few minutes ago, brought her to tears--and now, he was having thoughts. Very sensual thoughts.

Lucas followed beside her solemnly, trying to keep his gaze up and averted from her, as they went on a scavenging for this cave that she'd apparently been witness to. Just as the female had said, around the corner was a gloomy, quaint cave. It would have to do. "Home, sweet home." He mumbled just a smidgen bitterly under his breath, and made his way inside the surprisingly strong shelter; his cheeks blazing up slightly at the fact that he had to duck to enter.

Now, what? He wondered to himself, deciding to sit in a corner of the gave--not flinching once as a few water drops dripped from the ceiling. It wasn't like they were even friends--nevertheless, acquaintances. This was certainly guaranteed to be interesting.

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Laila hesitated slightly when she noted the rather blatant concupiscence that glistened from his countenance. Her footsteps quickened just a tad and she mentally sighed in relief when the cave neared their view. As if the cave could protect her from becoming the victim of his undying lust.

Immediately after having reached their destination, Laila set herself at the corner opposite of the male's. If anything, she still did not want to warm up to him; she believed he would only lash at her with more harsh words and she definitely didn't need any more pain than she already had to deal with. She took heed of her bearings, flinching slightly at each drip of precipitation falling onto her head spasmodically. She sighed slightly, fixating her gaze at the spires of rock that hung from the ceiling and stood erect upon the floor before getting up. Life was boring in the cave. There was nothing to do and thus, out of desperation, she set upon herself to make the cave as homey as possible. God only knew how long they would be stuck here on this island after all.

She spared the male a momentary glance before stepping out of the cave, canting her head towards the sky as rain pattered mercilessly along the ground in imprecise symmetry. The rain wasn't too bad, not enough to get her drenched almost immediately. She canted her head towards the left and marveled at her fortune of finding quite a large bunch of coconuts hanging at odd intervals from a low tree, just near the mouth of the cave. It would certainly last them a few days, if of course, they didn't irrationally waste the bountiful supply. Laila carried the precariously stacked bunch of coconuts back to the cave, laying them down, putting her small hands on her hips.

Studying the open mouth of the cave and how the now pounding precipitation easily poured in, she bit her lip thoughtfully before heading back outside to pull some palm fronds and vines from nearby trees. She soon arranged some sort of curtain along the mouth of the cave, the surprisingly durable vines providing as a makeshift curtain rod for the palm fronds to hang from. Laila knew they probably didn't stand a chance if they were met with blistering gales, but at a time like this whence there was such heavy precipitation, she could not do anything to alter the situation.

Laila hesitated when she focused another glance on the male. "Er...do you want a c-coconut?" Her Bulgarian-British accent seeped out once more to caress the innocently soft question. She chewed on her bottom lip, quite an adorable action when seen upon her, waiting for his response.

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments As Lucas was about to fall into a deep slumber, a frilly voice awoke him. He grumbled softly under his breath, and glanced up to look at the specimen. Her. He didn't even know her name yet--they had barely discussed that yet.

Lucas didn't manage to witness her leave for the short amount of time. Damn, was he really that tired? But then again, it wasn't really too surprising, considering he had opted for a life raft as a bed for two weeks straight. Albeit, Lucas was groggy--but was certainly in a slightly chirpier mood. Which would definitely be better for the both of them. "Sure." He mumbled, quite surprised that she'd actually ventured out to get something. Lucas couldn't help but smile sheepishly at her seemingly guileless question. Her naiveness annoyed him, but intrigued him at the same time. How odd.

"What's your name?" He inquired bluntly; his small smile faltering a bit, as he let his knuckles brush softly against the wall of the cave. The sound of the rain pitter-pattering was almost lulling, and he sighed whole-heartedly, his gaze settling for the ground. Lucas's brow furrowed as he noticed her accent, and the ends of his mouth quivered into an almost unnoticeable smirk. She probably hated him. After all, he'd make her cry. And most likely she'd also seen the look Lucas had given her a while back. The thought made him frown mentally, and he uncomfortably diverted his gaze behind her. Smart move, Morrison. But really, quite the contrary; because that would most likely make her feel more unwanted--which wasn't the truth at all.

"Where'd you find the coconuts?" He tacked on, this time, looking her dead in the eyes. It would be a reliable source to know where to find them--in case all the shellfish run out. But, nonetheless, Lucas doubted they would survive another week. In fact, if they couldn't even stand each other for more than five minutes, how were they going to survive the night?

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Laila tentatively handed him a drupe, taking one herself. She settled herself some considerable paces away from him, albeit she was not too close for one passing by to assume that they were of an intimate relationship. She absentmindedly ran her hand over the husk of the drupe she held, her fingers gently grazing over the coarse endocarp, as she maintained a slightly glazed gaze at the ground of which they were sitting on.

She glanced at him for a moment after he inquired her name. "Laila," she said softly, her attention returned back to the floor. Her parents. She hadn't thought of them for at least an hour or so. Was her grieving over? Immediately, she felt her heart constrict slightly, albeit it was not agonizing as before. More like a light tug. Huh. That was good. Now she wouldn't be prone to spasmodic tears. She could actually regain control of her feelings.

But at the thought of her parents, she felt herself drift away for a moment, thinking of the good old days whence she had spent weekends in Bulgaria with her parents, traipsing along streets and giggling over silly things. She bit her lip thoughtfully before returning back to the present, to the reality in which she was stranded on an island with a male. "It means 'Night Beauty' in Arabic," she added quietly, her hand still running over the exterior of the coconut, head ducked slightly so as to provide a slight curtain from him, her luscious, dark brown hair falling in gentle cascades of molten chocolate.

Laila quickly used his next question to her advantage, to draw away attention from her currently distracted self. "I saw a tree near the cave," she gesticulated toward the mouth of cave where the makeshift curtain of palm leaves pirouetted with such violent grace; some gales had gathered in the moments after soft rainfall.

She let out a soft breath, setting down the coconut onto her lap and leaning her head against the wall, and watching the remaining droplets of precipitation dripping slowly in miscalculated precision. Drip. Drip. Drip. With each drip, Laila found herself getting worried of their well-beings. How long would it be before they would be saved? Had anybody noticed that they were gone? And why, exactly, was this male lusting over her?

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Lucas grasped the brawny drupe in his rather calloused hand; his fingertips slightly grazing over hers, before he pulled away with haste. He sighed vastly, and cognition skimmed through his mind. His mother. She was probably devastated; and the mere thought of it made him sick. He chewed on his lip, trying not to ponder on it too much. They would make it out alive, right? No. One could not simply survive on coconuts for eternity.

Lucas's ears perked up slightly at the mention of her name. Laila. It was pretty. His lips tugged into an almost permanent, cheeky grin and he rested his head on the foundation behind him idly. "The name's Lucas." He mumbled airily, glimpsing up to see her hazelnut hair styled around her like an elegant waterfall. Was she really that shy? From now on; he'd have to come up to ways to lighten the mood; or else they'd be stuck in an awkward silence for ever. The tension was so thick; Lucas was sure he could cut it with a knife.

"No wonder," He responded to her second comment, his lips curling up into a discreet, crimson smirk; as if he were proving that he was indeed attracted to her. In Arabic, huh? That made him begin to brood of her whereabouts. His gaze flicked sharply to the crevice of the cave, and his brow furrowed in distraction as he witnessed the night sky creep in. It was quite foggy, so the sun was drowned in the horizon; its rays of light glimmering in the darkness, the clouds fading, the moon peeking at him from the stars.

"Are you alright?" He questioned--a hint of concern weary in his voice as he elongated his back and rose to his feet; pacing back and forth in a seemingly chill manner. Just another one of his nervous habits. If they were going to make emends any time in the near future; then he might as well act as if he cared about her well-being.

But, the funny thing was--a part of him actually did sympathize with her. Lucas wasn't sure if it was because she was appealing to the eye, or mayhap he fancied her personality. Or maybe, he was just faking it all. Well, that was something that Lucas would have to figure out for himself.

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Laila mentally noted his name. Lucas. The name fit him. She had read somewhere that Lucas meant 'light' or something, and judging by what she presumed to be his persona, popular and outgoing, it actually worked for him. Who knew?

Upon his reply to her additional comment of the etymology of her name, a blush, red like henna, bloomed upon her cheeks. So that look he gave her...it wasn't of desperation. Completely, at least. He actually thought highly of her. He was actually attracted to her. But associating his previous words, harsh with unexpected hostility, she couldn't help but feel hesitant. Was this all a game to him? Toying with the heart of a girl, taking care of his insatiable needs, and then dropping her to the side like a dirty Kleenex...was this his idea of fun? Nonetheless, though, Laila did not want to push the matter. Just accept the compliment graciously and continue on. And besides, she didn't want to be the victim of his anger, if she was so brave to inquire him of his newfound attraction with her.

"T-Thanks," she smiled slightly, her cheeks still rosy. She made an effort to make momentarily shy eye contact with him, gently tucking her hair behind her ear, before following his gaze over to the fissure of the cave. Dark persimmon hues had gathered along with streaks of cerulean and beige, colouring the sky with the certain premonition that night was about to fall upon them. Stars had begun to find their way, dotting the palette-like sky with shy, tentative steps, slowly making their twinkles more presentable as the sky gradually darkened to submission of the cerulean streaks.

She shivered slightly as she felt the sudden burst of cold air tickle its way through the mouth of the cave; the palm leaf curtain certainly did not work its magic , especially not with the raging gales that had started to collect in synchronicity with the settling of the night sky. "Hmm?" She looked at him, suddenly aware that he had asked her a question of her well-being. She was surprised to hear slight concern creeping its way through his inquiry and her heart fluttered slightly, exalted that he actually did care for her.

Interesting persona, she thought as she managed to murmur a reassuring, "I'm f-fine." She dragged her knees to her chest, her teeth chattering slightly, the iciness in the atmosphere perceptible. "Just a l-little cold, that's a-all," she managed a weak smile. Noting the small niceties in which he had shown a bit of his kind soul, Laila had to admit that she was intrigued of this masculine specimen.

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments A smile. Lucas had actually gotten her to smile. Either that, or she was just skilled at fibbing. Whatever the case--shockingly, it made him feel . . . special. As if he'd just unlocked the key to some forbidden door; but of course, he was most likely far from that. "You should smile more. It works for you." He pointed out keenly, his tone still a smidgen distant. Lucas wasn't ready to completely open up, but nonetheless, he was certainly starting to warm up to this Laila girl.

His lips broke out into a tiny smirk as he took note of her glowing, coral cheeks. Lucas cleared his throat, as if trying to snap himself out of this trance that she'd magically managed to put him under. The swift, bleak breeze wrapped around him--lingering in the air ever so eerily. He certainly wasn't used to the current weather; having lived in a place where blazing sunshine was regular.

Lucas let a short breath escape his mouth, and he witnessed the fog arising infront of his eyes. For the first time on this tropical island; it was freezing. Great, just another way to die added to the hefty list. Frostbite. He fumbled with his fingers absentmindedly, and glimpsed up to look at her, a curious look dazzling in his eyes. Hm. His brow raised up as he heard the soft sound of teeth chattering. Crap. Lucas let his eyes scan her petite abode of a body; not so much in a luring way, but more in a leap of concern. If she happened to get sick; even with a trivial thing like the common cold--it would be trouble. As far as he knew, there was no medicine on this island; and things could get serious fast.

His lips settled into a unexplainable scowl, and he sighed deeply, as if pondering on whether to do something. "Here." Lucas finally decided, shrugging off the jacket he'd been wearing, and he held it in his hands; offering it to her. She was tiny compared to him, so Laila was more likely to catch something. He tried to force a smile, but it ended up appearing like a grimace; not an unfriendly one--more just like dazed. Nevertheless, Lucas never seemed to falter and eventually a hidden, cheeky grin was painted on his lips.

The pungent aroma of men's cologne filled the short gap between them; which, mind you, was mainly caused by his jacket. Apparently, he had made a good choice in his purchase; the rather welcoming scent had lasted for two weeks straight. "I don't want you to get sick," The words rolled off his tongue smoothly; he said, just to back up his claim that it wasn't a romantic gesture, but plainly just a safety affair. Or, perhaps . . . it was something else. After all, Lucas was just as captivated as she was.

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"It works for you." The sentence that had escaped from his lips echoed in her mind as she felt her cheeks blaze once more in the bask of his praise, no doubt flattered; yet the hesitance of accepting his compliment due to the slight dominance of her insecurity was quite impeccable. Laila had always prided herself to think not too highly of herself, albeit she did not loathe herself to the point where she just wanted to seize a knife and send a puncture through her jugular...no. She wasn't suicidal. At least that's what she thought.

In the long moments that passed, the silence betwixt them only interjected by Laila's teeth chattering, it was quite clear both were surprised by Lucas's gallant action. She hesitated before shaking her head; always the humble one to not accept things so easily. "N-No, no...it's your j-jacket. I c-can't." She shook her head slightly, noting his slightly bewildered expression.

She detected the slight redolence of something musky and immediately registered it as the scent of male's essence emanating from his jacket. Recognizing it in her nares, she found the aroma rather...comforting. It was not too rich, like those men who insisted too much on looking the 'business man' attire; they even went so far to reek as one. Others...well, from Laila's experience of being hit on by the males, a considerable amount were those sexually-deprived ones who couldn't get laid if they tried; actually, even if they tried, Laila wouldn't be persuaded easily to engage in a relationship with them, especially not if the odor of sweat and such was wonderful to their receptors. But Lucas's...Lucas's scent was nice, to put it unpretentiously. It didn't show the try-hardness of the wannabes or the carelessness of the goons...it fell somewhat right in the middle; piney, musky, citric...Lucas-y.

She bit her lip, jolting herself back to reality, just in time to realize the last sentence he had uttered; "I don't want you to get sick." Immediately, as a girl's mind is wired to be, she detected a sense of romance hidden behind the concerned words. It actually seemed like he genuinely was interested in her. And for the third time, she again felt herself blush.

"T-Thank you," she smiled gratefully, her brown eyes shining with utmost gratitude. She focused on slipping her slender arms through his jacket sleeves, tugging the garment around her. As she was a feminine organism, the jacket fell right down to almost the middle of her thighs, the jacket sleeves covering the palm of her hands, only the fingertips of her digits exposed. She adjusted her hair, letting it fall in loose, gentle chocolate brown waves against the suave material of the coat.

"Thank you," she murmured again, sincerely, with a genuine smile.

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ღWᴀɴᴅᴇʀʟᴜsᴛ° (embrace_the_dreams) | 51 comments Lucas deliberated Laila with precision, peering at her every now and then as she declined his offer with befuddlement, but gradually appeared to give in to his somewhat tantalizing efforts. She was so very modest. In fact, it was even adequately cute. Ha, he'd never actually referred to a girl as that; now that he brooded on the fact. Sexy. Yes. But, never cute. Don't get him wrong, though. It was veritably a positive appraisal. Most of the females that he went out with; or rather, 'pursued' for a couple of hours or so, were anything but docile, so this was a pleasant change. But, it wasn't like he was pursuing her, right? To put it plainly, her demure entertained him.

"You're welcome." Lucas replied gingerly, his voice rich in blatant masculinity. He gave a small shrug of his shoulders; brushing off the gesture as if it were really nothing. Sure; it was chilly, but it was nothing that he couldn't handle. His gaze flitted over to her once again, taking in the rosy hue of her cheeks. Lucas's lips curved into a heart-tugging smirk, and he diverted his attention to the sky for a split second.

Ever since he'd been here; time had seemed to be a minuscule part of life. It was virtually lulling, actually. Not really having to worry, or for that matter, care about anything. Yes, contrary to popular belief; Lucas Morrison harbored apprehension, and a considerable set of morals. He simply had a . . . difficult time showing it. Or mayhap it was just an inevitable part of his characteristics. Whatever it might be--it was an enigma, sometimes, even to himself.

Lucas chuckled to himself in a husky tone, as she had managed meandered another thank-you. "Sure thing, Laila." He murmured, rolling his eyes vivaciously, as he masked a grin. Lucas favored the way her named sounded when he said it. Airy, and sweet. Weird, huh? He felt like he was starting to sound like one of those cheesy romantic guys, who sent their girlfriends flowers and chocolates on Valentine's Day; which was not what he was shooting for. Psh, in his eyes, he'd never become like that. And here comes Lucas, the jerk.

But, as hard as he tried to be even more of an arrogant prick towards this, it seemed to eventually falter. It was as if she was too naive to pick on--he didn't want to mess with her; yet. "Er, sorry. For what happened back there, yeah?" He mumbled another apology, attempting not to make a colossal deal out of it as he settled down to plop down beside her; keeping his fair distance. Lucas wasn't sure if he was apologizing for the insatiable, lustful look--or for the little quarrel they had. Most likely both.

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