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Better the Second Time Through

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Timpmama Reading this series for a second time and appreciating it even more. Dunnett's knowledge of time and place is inspiring, but the characters make it an enjoyable read.

Tessa I agree that it is a difficult series to start. It took me several attempts to get through this first book. The others are a lot better, I think. And re-reading for the second time made me like this one also.

Brian I find Dunnett invariably needs reading twice. My reaction to reading a Dunnett for the first time was ??????? The same book a few months later - it clicked.

Tessa Over the years I have read them so many times, and I still find new things in them that I overlooked before. These books are just so complex. That's why I adore Dorothy Dunnett.
And I even liked her Lymond Chronicles better (this was the first series I read from her).

Margareth8537 I read these as they came out, and as each new one appeared read the previous ones again. Got more out of them each time. Still enjoy both series although I prefer Lymond

Tessa I was a teenager when I fell in love with Lymond. He has been my hero ever since.
Nicolas is much more difficult. I read the series so often and I am still not sure whether I really like him.

Helen I agree it is better the second time around. I find something new every time I re-read them. The last time, I also looked up the history in encyclopedias and history books. I love books that make me want to do that. DD is really very accurate and I like the way she connects happenings in different places to each other; so often you study the history of a single country, region, people and do not what is happening elsewhere. I have done that with Lymond also, although I know the history of that time much better.

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