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Sarah  (smontanez26) I got Layla Niles life:
this is my life Layla was born into a normal family. She was popular in school. She had strait A's. She was the head cheerleader, star vollyball player, and track star. All the boys followed her wherever she went. She flirted and had many boyfriends. Then at the age of thriteen Layla found out that her mother and father weren't her real parents. Laya found out she had abilities that she couldn't explain. That's when a sayter found and brought her to Camp Half-Blood.

and I'm no going to tell you the rest I got...

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Sabrina  Montanez copied and pasted to

Layla Niles

Past: Layla was born into a normal family. She was popular in school. She had strait A's. She was the head cheerleader, star vollyball player, and track star. All the boys followed her wherever she went. She flirted and had many boyfriends. Then at the age of thriteen Layla found out that her mother and father weren't her real parents. Laya found out she had abilities that she couldn't explain. That's when a sayter found and brought her to Camp Half-Blood.

God parent: Aphrodite

Boyfriend: Percy Jackson. Once Layla was brought to Camp Hald-Blood she met Pecy. It was love at first sight. Layla had never felt anything like it before.

Best Friend: Annabeth.

Friends: Everyone!

Weapon of chioce: Daggers

Favorite color: Pink

Hobbies: Singing, shopping, kicking butt, playing sports, actiing, and being on stage.

What people think of you.

Percy: She's the love of my life and I love her forever! I can't imagion my life without her!

Grover: She's hot! If she wasn't with Percy I would be with her!

Annabeth: She's my best friend! Even though she did take Percy from me I love her! She's smart, pretty, athletic, and she can spend the day listening to me go on and on about my achitecture dreams! I usually hate Aphrodite kids, but she is my best friend!

Clarrisa: She's a great fighter, she even beat be once. You tell anyone I told you that I will kill you!

Tyson: She very pretty and sweet to me. But she my brothers girl.

Nico: She's very peppy. But I can't not like her.

Thalia: I can't stand Aphrodite girls...but Layla is awesome! She can fight too, Artemis would love to have her, but Layla loves love.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: I used to think she was just a bubbly airhead, but I love her to death now!

The twins: She's hot and we wish she was ours!

Chiron: Remarkable student. She's learned so much in the past few months that she baffels me. Aphrodite must be so proud.

Mr. D: She is one of the few students I actually remember, and like. She has real potential that one.

Aphrodite: She's my favorite daughter and she makes me so proud.

All about you: You may be the goddess of loves daughter and a girly girl, but you love a good fight. You hate dirt and mud, but you don't let that stop you from winning. You are one of the best students at Camp Half-Blood and everyone loves you. You are smart, pretty, and athletic. You love to flirt and party, but you and Percy were meant to be. You've only been at Camp Half-Blood for a few months, but you've already been asked to go on a ton of quests. All the gods and goddesses love you and have given you special gifts when you were a baby. Your powers are remarkable!

Powers: Charmspeaking, fire, magic, nimbilty and huntress instics, and many more still undescovered.

Future: You and Percy grow up and get married. You have to kids, twins, named Shelby and Richie. Eventually you and Percy compleat a big quest for the Big Three that grants you the power to become a god and goddess. You two live forever a Mt. Olympus.

This is exactly what my girl looked like!

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Nikkie Campbelle

Past: Nikkie loved hunting ever since she was a baby. Her mother took her hunting every weekend. Nikkie was skilled! She was strong and brave. She was nimble and quick. Once she found out her father was Ares no one was more surprised then Nikkie.

Boyfriend: Grover. You were trying to agust to the fact that Ares was your father by walking through the woods. Grover snuck up on you and asked if you were ok. Something snapped inside of you and you broke down crying in his arms. You two have been together ever since.

Best Friend: Thalia Grace.

Friends: Annabeth, Percy, the nymphs, Artemis's hunters, Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

Weapon of Chioce: Bow and Arrow

Hobbies: Running through the trees, fighting monsters, being outside.

What People think of You

Percy: She's a great friend, and I'm so happy she's with Grover! They both love the Earth and make a perfect couple.

Grover: The best girlfriend I've ever had! I love her with all my heart!

Annabeth: Funny girl! She's a great friend! She makes Grover so happy!

Clarissa: Stupid girl! She's not worthy of being a daughter of Ares. Too weak and spindless. She hates us and we hate her.

Tyson: She's as clumbsy as me!

Nico: Eh, she's ok. Just another Ares girl.

Thalia: She's my best friend! I know she's a little jelous of the fact that I'm a hunter of Artemis. I know one day she will join us!

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: She's really funny and such a clutz. I like her!

The Twins: She's a great pranker! She's really cute too.

Chiron: Hard worker and great student. She just has to get past the fact that Ares is her father.

Mr. D: Nikkie who?

Ares: Nikkie can't exept I'm her father. She hates me. Mabey one day she will learn to exept the fact that I am her father. Other then that her work makes me a little proud.

All About You: You despise the fact that Ares is your father, but you try not to let that stop you from doing your best. All your brothers and sisters hate you because of your pretty face and because you don't fight with swords. The only two things that keeps you going is your dream of being a hunter of Artemis and Grover. If you became a hunter then you would have to give up Grover, but it's your dream. Even though you have great balance and are a great hunter, you are such a clutz. Your extreamly funny and smart, and most people love you.

Powers: Great instincts, amasing with a bow an arrow,

Future: After you leave Camp Half-Blood you decide you can't loose Grover. You two get married even if you did throw away all your dreams. Fortonatly after years of begging Thalia finally convinces Artemis to allow you to help out every once in a while. You've gotten everything you've always wanted, even Ares comes to visit you every now and then

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Raven Jones

Past: Raven was always a loner. She didn't have any friends at school. When she found out her father was Hades she realized she had always known it. She was whisked away to Camp Half-Blood.

Boyfriend: None, but she has a crush on Percy Jackson. Sadly, he's with Layla Niles (other result)

Best Friend: Nico

Friends: Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Weapon of Chioce: Magic

Favorite Color: Black

Hobbies: Practicing my magic.

What People Think of You

Percy: Raven? Well she's pretty I guess, in her own dark way. She's Nico's little sister so I guess she's cool.

Grover: Nico's little sister? Um, she's ok I guess.

Annabeth: Raven keeps to herself. She keeps eyeing Percy though.

Clarrisa: Raven who?

Tyson: She scary.

Nico: She may put out that she's tough, but my little sister has a heart of gold. I worry about her sometimes, but I love her.

Thalia: The goth girl? Um she's ok I guess.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: She's a great friend. I don't hang out with her that much, but she swings by my place from time to time.

The Twins: She's an easy target to prank, but she gets us back and so does Nico.

Chiron: A lot of power that one. If only she can learn to control it.

Mr. D: Who?

Hades: Powerful daughter of mine. I just wish she would find someone more suitable to crush on.

All About You: You put on a tough face, but you can be a softy when you want to. You aren't athletic or popular, but you are careing in your own way. You are extreamly powerful whether you beilve it or not. You like Percy a lot, but he doesn't even know you exsist, so you throw yourself into your powers.

Powers: You can raise the dead, posses people, and many more still undescovered.

Future: You grow up to meet a mortal boy who can see through the mist named, Ethen. You two fall in love and get married. He's no Percy, but he exepts you for who you are. You and Nico will always be close, and eventually you and him both get invited to help and live with your father, Hades. Ethen get's mad, but he loves you too much to let you go. So you move into the underworld.

I got this second

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Sarah  (smontanez26) I got Layla to Sabrina!!! the same one as you!!! X[)

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Sabrina  Montanez wow!!! Well i'm not surprised we are twins!
But i am the way opposite of her!!!! The looks to but i'm not calling myself ugly or anything since she is "fabulous" or so they say!

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Sarah  (smontanez26) I'm married to Percy Jackson!

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Sabrina  Montanez me too!!! that's kinda weird especially since your my sister!!!!!!!!!

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Sarah  (smontanez26) "HUNGER GAMES!" (this is Sabrina!) wrote: "me too!!! that's kinda weird especially since your my sister!!!!!!!!!"


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Sabrina  Montanez *does disturbed hand gesture*

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