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The local adandoned house isn't a typical creepy place; it's quite average looking. It was foreclosed in late 2005, and has since been boarded up. It doesn't have any horrible stories to go along with it either, nor is it famous. It's just another empty home people pass on their commute to work.
The grass on the lawn is horribly overgrown, and the pavement leading up to it is cracked. It's obvious it has lack of any care.
If you manage to break it, the place is eerily silent. A thin layer of dust coats everything, and there are a few couches in the livingroom. The carpet is a faded white, and an old painting of a cabin in hanging on the wall. It seems as though the last residence were old folks, as they have a small icebox rather than a refrigerator. It has an upstairs area with two bedrooms and a bathroom. Keep heading down, and you'll find a mildew-scented basement. The only other living things that reside in the house is a mother cat and her three kittens and a few mice. Overall, it's nice.

* * *

After Samael's visit, the place is now covered in red sigils, blood dripping down the walls. Salt lines every door and window, every crack and crevice. Many cans of spraypaint have been used.
There are a few human traps laying around, such as an explosive by each main entrance. Trip the wire, and you'll be blown to bits. If you're a supernatural being, you'll at least be halted for awhile.
The place is impossible to be located by angels and demons, and in every room there are angel-banishment sigils. A single touch will blow every angel back to heaven. Devil's traps are also hidden under every carpet, and located on each ceiling. It's extremely well-protected.

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Samael appeared suddenly, Orianna at his side. He removed the two fingers from her forehead and whipped out a pocketknife.
He pressed it into his wrist carefully, blood already beginning to pool. He dipped the same two fingers in it and began to paint a sigil on the wall, having to re-apply the knife every few strokes.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments After the sudden teleportation, Orianna felt queazy. She put her hand to the wall, the wall covered with old blood, to steady herself. Seeing the blood on the wall, she quickly snapped out of it, removing her hand as quickly as she'd put it there. She glanced over at Sam, blood dripping from his fingers and wall as he applied the sigil and another rush of uneasiness washed over her like a wave. Orianna tried to push it down but her inability to handle blood wouldn't die down. Suck it up. She told herself, He was nice enough to bring you here and protect you like this so get over it. She took a breath and stood up straight, trying hard to remain calm. But even still, she sometimes looked away, trying to find a focus point that wasn't the color red.

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After finishing the first one, he turned to Orianna. A red spray can appeared in his hand, and he held it out to her. "Ash calls it my angel mojo." He explained quickly on the appearance of the paint. He took out a small notebook from his back pocket, also handing it to her.
"This will go faster if you work too. Try and spray one of each sign in this notebook in every room. And I mean every room." He advised, before returning to the bloodwork. "Ignore the angel sigils, though. They have to be done in blood. Unless you feel like donating."

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna shook her head, "Sorry, no." After teleporting like that and seeing him cut his arm, she didn't think she could handle that. She grasped the notebook and spray can, holding the notebook under her arm and the spray can in her hand. Before heading off to the next room, she turned and said, "Thank you, Sam. Really, thanks." Orianna smiled at him sincerely.

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Sam merely nodded firmly. "It is my duty above all else to protect humans, and you're half human. I cannot have my brethren attack you with blind loyalty. I am sure God has made you for a reason." He stated, before returning to the sigil. Samael himself had never seen God. Very few angels had; only four or five in the entirety of Heaven have had the chance.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash walked towards to the two, as silent as always.
He walked right up to them, inches from their backs, and let out a low whistle at the sight of blood on the door. He turned to Sam, saying, “Workin’ your angel mojo again? You need to stop it, the place is protected enough.”

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments At Ash's voice, Orianna turned around, heart racing. She let out a breath seeing it was him and placed a hand to her chest. She knew the house was well protected - Sam's sigils saw to that - but she was still quite jumpy. "You scared me..." She mumbled.

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"No, it isn't. Once again, Ash, you underestimate the power of angels. I must reiterate the fact that I am the lowest-of-the-low rank wise in my garrison, let alone Heaven." He said in a snarky manner, before walking ten feet into the living room to add another angel banishing sigil. Before he started, he turned to Orianna.
"Try to refrain from using these. If you activate it you'll also blow me back to Heaven too. It's a last resort." He added, digging the blade into his palm this time. "To make it work just slap your hand onto the sigil; should work just fine. It sends us back to our corners for roughly three hours. Longer for me, probably."

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash rolled his eyes. “Once again you underestimate the power of angels,” he mocked, walking in the door to flowed his friend to the living room. He leaned on its doorframe. “Jeez, Sam, could you be any more of a walking encyclopaedia?”
He watched as Samael placed the new sigil, and quickly became bored. He went off to see to the kitchen in the hope of food.

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"You won't find anything to eat in there." Samael called out, intricately placing the symbols on each side of the circle that made up the sigil. "I haven't had the chance to stock it. If you want you can visit the local grocer and purchase some food." He suggested.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments In reference to not setting off the sigils, Orianna replied, "Okay, I'll be sure to be careful." Then she went off to the closest room - the bathroom - and began to spray paint the design, studying it closely to get it just right. She listened in on Sam and Ash. If he went out and bought food, she'd be very grateful. After all, she'd be living in this house for quite a while and she'd need food.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash came back to the living room. "I might as well," he said. He tipped his hat in a salute, and left without another word.
It was kind of his style, to just leave with a brisk nod or tip.

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Sam moved onto the next room. At this point his vessel would have begun to feel light-headed and queasy. Then again, Sam was possessing him, so he felt fine.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash came back into the house, bags in hand. "I have food," he declared and went to the kitchen.

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Samael had no need to eat, but he thought it would be a nice time to discuss things. He made his way towards the kitchen, blatantly ignoring his arms that were covered in blood. Massive gouges littered his flesh; blood still coming out in hard pumps.
He sat down at the crummy table, looking distressed. "I'm afraid I've ended my vessels life." He noted, staring at his red arms.
"No matter; He was devout. And my presence in his body will keep him from deteriorating." He added.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash place the groceries onto the counter. “Oh great,” he said, as he started to unpack the food from the bags and place them in various cupboards. “And where am I supposed to put your vessel’s body? In the back garden?”Actually, that wasn’t a bad idea now that Ash thought about it.
He gave out a sigh. “How long will it take to find a new body?”

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Sam shook his head. "I don't need too. Unlike those filthy demons, when our vessels pass on their bodies don't rot whilst we wear them. At least with guardian angels, that is. More powerful ones; Lucifer and Michael, for example, have trouble finding vessels that can contain them, or so I've heard." He smiled lightly. "Sadly I'm not specialized in healing, so he'll retain these new scars forever."

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna walked into the kitchen, her white shirt and hands splattered with red paint. She smiled at the two of them seeing the groceries, "Oh, good, I was starving." Looking down at herself, she commented, "I don't know how, but I managed to get myself covered with paint." She walked over to the groceries and began to help Ash. "Sam," she said, frowning at the Angel, "you look like you just went through a paper shredder."

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He smiled to himself. "This is the most damage I've ever done to a vessel. I've managed to keep all my others alive and well." He looked towards the grimy window. "But it had to be done, for our safety."

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash raised an eyebrow. “So you went through a shredder to protect us? Wow,” he breathed out, “when you said you were dedicated to protecting humans, you sure weren’t sugar coating it.” Of course, his voice was thick with sarcasm.
He placed all the food into the cupboards – thanks to Orianna’s help – and made a sandwich for the three of them. He didn’t know if Sam could eat, but it was best to be safe before he started moaning. He gave the plate to Orianna, and took his own to the table where he sat across from Sam.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna laughed at Ash's comment and then took the plate he handed her, "Thank you." She said, smiling. Though he didn't always show it, Ash was a pretty good guy Orianna thought. After all, he did go to the store and get food for them; that had to count for something.

Walking over to the table, Orianna sat in a seat between Ash and Sam, digging into the sandwich the moment she plopped into the chair. "This tastes great." She told him. It was nice, she thought, to be able to live here. It may not be under the best circumstances or in the best condition, but at least there was a roof over their heads.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) “It’s a sandwich,” Ash said. “No, scratch that; it’s a sandwich made by me. Of course it tastes great.” He took a chunk out of his own sandwich, and sat back. He closed his eyes, thinking.

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It was true; Sam didn't need to eat. But he decided it was best not to be rude so he took a tentative bite out of it. It tasted... dry. Of course by human standards he assumed it was great food; everything humans made seemed to be much less great than what resided in Heaven. Samael sometimes wondered why God loved them so much, but he would quickly shove the thought away in fear of any sense of rebellion forming in his mind.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna smirked, "Of course, Ash. Silly me!" She leaned back in her chair, her sandwich finished. It was kind of quiet now, both Ash and Sam looked to be in thought. Not wanting to disrupt any of their thoughts, she came up with her own. Her mind clouded with thoughts of what was happening: Angels coming after her, tensions building between the Angels and Demons. She wondered if it was all truly real. What if it was just a dream? She snapped out of it: no, it wasn't a dream. It was real.

Trying to free her mind of thoughts of war, she thought of when she was at the Academy and had no idea of her other part. It hasn't been such a long time - Sam had found her only a couple days into her being enrolled - but she'd made some friends before that. Like Henry. She wondered what he was doing right now, where he was, but then she stopped herself. might want to stay clear of them. Ash had told her Henry was dangerous, but she didn't think that was right. He hadn't seemed dangerous; he hadn't done anything to hurt her. But she guessed she really didn't know about anything anymore.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash was deep in a memory.

His shirt was covered in werewolf blood, and the carcass of the best was at his feet, a long, silver bladed knife deep in its chest. The girl a few feet away got from the snow covered ground – she had been thrown across by the werewolf like a ragdoll. He didn’t know her, and was just passing by, but as soon as he saw the beast throw her Ash felt the urge to help her.
The girl he’d soon know as Alicia rushed over to him. Her breath came heavy, and made white fog escape from her mouth, and her blue eyes were wide. “You... you...” she breathed, and then punched him in the jaw. Ash stumbled to the ground and looked up at Alicia as she continued, “You jerk! I had him! What gave you the right to kill my werewolf?!” She went off in a rant, about how stupid he was, and selfish and how she hated him, and at that moment; Ash feel deeply in love with her.

He gave a sad smiled at the memory and took one more bite out of his sandwich. Finished, he got up from the table and placed the plate in the sink.

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Samael was simply sitting there, eyes flickering between the two before retreating back to his hands. He shifted nervously, still feeling horrible about what he had done. In a word, he had rebelled. I should just turn her in. Her kind isn't allowed anyway... Thoughts of Lucifer and other fallen angels flooded into his mind and he cringed slightly in horror. Why had he assumed Angels would even hurt the girl? He stood up abruptly, chair scraping loudly on the linoleum floor.
"Um... I think I should take you to Heaven. Momentarily, of course. Just a check up." He said, smiling weakly. "I mean, I can protect you. I have an angel blade." He nodded to himself, shoving his hands into his pockets. "I promise not to let you get hurt up there."

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash paused from washing, and looked over his shoulder, waiting for Orianna's answer. It was interesting, how Sam suddenly cared for this girl, but he didn't ask.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna looked up in surprise. She wondered at first if she had heard him right but when she saw the expectant look in both Ash and Sam's eyes, she knew she had. "I..." She paused, thinking about what answer to give. If Orianna went to Heaven, there was a chance that everything could go wrong. She would be putting both herself and Sam at risk. Did she really want that to happen? But if she went there, there could be a chance of finding out more about the other half of herself. Plus, she didn't even know for sure what would happen. She finally made up her mind. "Okay. Yes, sure." She smiled, hoping she looked somewhat confident.

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"Ash, if we do not return in a timely fashion, use an angel summoning ritual to get one to take you into Heaven. From then on they'll assign you a new guardian." He spoke slowly, before turning to Orianna. "I'm going to have to touch your forehead again." He added.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna nodded, standing from the table, "Okay, that's fine." She braced herself, ready for the queasiness that was sure to follow. Shifting her eyes toward Ash, she said, "See you in a little while." She hoped she did. Though she hadn't know either of them for that long, she still felt somewhat attached to Sam and Ash.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash still looked over his shoulder at them. He gave a grunt at Orianna's attempt at a good bye. He turned to washing his plate. "Don't kill yourselves," he said, cheerily.

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Samael nodded firmly, before setting his first two finger on her forehead gently. In the trademark woosh of wings, they were gone.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) When Ash looked back once more, he found that Sam and Orianna were gone. He dried the plate, left it in a cupboard, and walked to the sitting room where he threw himself on the couch dramatically. He lid on his back, blankly staring at the ceiling, wondering what wasn’t a “timely fashion” to come back from Heaven.
Bored out of his mind, he took out his gun from the holster strapped to his belt and pointed it to a sigil-less wall. He shot two bullets in the wall, just to have a moment of excitement in his now dull life. It sparked an idea in his head, so he got up and pulled out a marker to scribbled on a bulls-eye so he could have some shooting practice.

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Samael appeared suddenly with another woosh, and he looked around frantically for Orianna. He really hoped she hadn't messed up her first flight. He then located Ash in his search around the house, casting him a curt nod.
"Orianna is currently a fully, artifically-created Angel. She still has some human in her, so she'll still have the emotional capabilities of one. Though stay away from her back area- I doubt she's got full control of her wings." He said quickly, before turning around a corner.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash, who was just pointing the gun for another round of shooting, heard a thump! coming from outside. He rushed to the window and pulled back the curtains to see Orianna flailing about in a bush, large white wings shooting from her back.
And being the true gentleman Ash was, he laughed his socks off. He was still laughing when the two came through the door, and had to lean against the door-frame. He hugged his stomach because it was sore, that's how much he laughed, and was slightly doubled over. "I can't breath!" he said through gasps of air. Tears pricked his eyes.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Finding herself in the shrubbery outside the house, Orianna looked down in confusion. She hadn't expected it to go right, but why the bushes? Oh, right... She made mental note to focus solely on where she wanted to fly to next time. She went to stand up but found her shorts caught on a thorn. Swatting at it, she ended up falling back into the bush again. She grumbled and stood once more, her shorts finally free. But despite her screwing up her first flight and falling into a bush twice, she was still immensely joyful.

Opening the door to the house, she had to turn sideways just to fit through the doorframe. "Ash!" She called, smiling, "It was amazing!" Twirling around, she nearly knocked everything over in the living room. She made note to also watch what she was doing more carefully from now on. "You should've seen it! It wasn't exactly like I pictured it, but it was still so amazing!" It was true: she'd always pictured Heaven to be made up of white fluffy clouds like in the movies.

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Samael watched her from the stairs, as he had been looking upstairs for her. His mouth upturned at the sides, finding it sweet but rather heartbreaking at how much she loved being an Angel. He then slightly wondered how the vessel thing would work with her. He assumed she would at least somewhat age like a human.
He closed his eyes for a moment, tuning into the telepathic communication method of Angels.
Kade, what was the break in?
Nothin'. I checked. Celeste said it was just a checkup on Sam's human or somethun'.
He only caught those few sentences before the noise flooded in and overwhelmed him. He quickly turned it off, rubbing his temples. He had to learn to control it.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ash took deep breaths, trying to calm down his uncontrollable laughter. But every time he looked at Orianna, he noticed a leaf sticking out of her hair and would be reminded of her accident and bubbles of laughter would pour out. He was truly happy for her, but it was just too funny.
Finally, the laughter stopped, and Ash whipped his eyes. “Oh God,” he breathed, “I haven’t laughed like that in ages.” It was true; he hadn’t. Not since Alicia’s... he shook his head. He wasn’t going to think about it.

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Samael made his way down the stairs, blue eyes flashing with more seriousness. "Celeste and Ariel have covered up our tracks. But eventually you will have to take on an occupation in Headquarters." He reminded her, folding his hands behind his back neatly.
"And might I suggest you learn to veil your wings. Humans aren't supposed to see them at all; that's why we all cloak ours." He noted, shooting a glance towards Ash.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Orianna grinned at Ash. She was glad he was finally showing his happy side. He didn't smile enough; neither of them smiled enough. Hearing Sam come down the stairs, she turned to face him. She was glad to hear that they had been hidden from sight, but she didn't exactly know how to do the same with her wings, "How would I do that?" She asked. It felt awful to ask him every single time she needed help, but she wasn't sure what else to do. She was completely new to all this.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) When Orianna smiled at him, he felt his own dissapear. Ash, a dark shadow suddenly casting over his face, left the two alone. They'd need to talk about strictly angel stuff, and he wanted to be alone himself.
So off he went upstairs in search for a room where he could find peace and quiet.

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Samael was hesitant to show her when Ash occupied the room, and let out a sigh of relief when he left on his own accord. That got rid of an embarrassing question.
"Um, I'm not sure if there's a trick to it. It's kind of like asking someone how to move an arm, y'know? It's just instinct. I guess my feathers kind of ruffle a bit." He shrugged, and rolled his shoulders back. His wings ruffled into existence, and with a second roll, fluttered away.

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