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ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 4844 comments Here it tis!

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Lol, it threw me for a second, but then I saw on the requests that you had a friend make it. Thanks! +Waves+ Anyways...Hi! XP

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments xD Lol sorry I was on my kindle and it wasnt working so I got Saphire to do it for me x) But hello! So do you have really any ideas?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments You're fine. X) Um...Maybe. Not really sure yet...What about you? Any cravings/ideas you've been wanting to do?

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments Hmm..not really; just like basic stuff, romance with action and suspense maybe we can do something off of a book we've read?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Haha, okay. Um...I just read the book Touched recently. Have you read it?

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments Hmm..I don't think so have you read any of the Fallen book's by Kate Lauren?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Not yet. Um...What books have you read that we could do an rp off of? I'll tell you if I've read any of them. And if I haven't, I can always do the same. X)

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments Hmm..I've read two of the Mortal Instrument's series, Fallen um..Hush, Hush..The Vincent Brother (<3) and thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Um...They're both the same book...But I guess we could try it. X)

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Or we could try to mix the Mortal Instruments series, Hush, Hush, and the Vincent Brothers (though I haven't read that one).

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments Oh sorry xD
Hmm..that sound's good, and the Vincent Brothers is just as the description says it is. But only different in vincent Brothers in that they're all human.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Lol, it's okay. But I was kind of thinking that maybe (and this may sound confusing) that there are Shadow Hunters with a similar situation like the Vincent Brothers, and one of the hunter's cousin is a Nepilim, and they also have to worry about fending off monsters and such. That make sense? (Sounded better in my head... :/)

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments Hmm..it somewhat makes since..but I don't hardly remember much of the vincent brother's books it was so long ago but its mainly romance and cheat and broken hearts. Loads of drama xD. But I'm guessing..the two brother's which are male are the shadow hunter's and the two girl's, the one's that are cousins, are the Nephilim?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Yup. That sounds about right. Though now that I think about it, weren't Shadow Hunter's Nephilim? Ugh! So many facts to remember! ^ _ ^'

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments I know right! O-O but yeah that is true..how about we make it like Shadow hunter's are more evil like but still protect the Nephilim which are like, god to humans ratio? and the shadow hunters kill all the other vampires and etc. like in MI?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Um...Yeah, that should work. X) So if there are two guys and gals, we're doing doubles, right? Or did you want to play both girls...? (Sorry, I am absolutely terrible at having girl charas. Which is rather sad and ironic. - _ -')

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments That's new but i kinda think that's cool! But it doesn't matter to me, if you don't mind being a girl or just don't want to be one it's up to you ^-^ I'm fine with being both girls or a girl and a boy x)

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Haha, okay. X) Then can I be both guys? It's just easier for me that way.

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments Haha yeah sure, that sound's fine to me! xD so is that all for the plot making and we go to charries or should we go over something else?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Um...Could you sum up the plot, just so I can make sure that we have the same idea, please?

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments So the two males of this roleplay are Shadow Hunter's, people who work with Nephilim and protect them from all of the Angel's, Archangel's, Fallen Angel's that was to get control of their body on a certain date of the year. But the Nephilim have to pay the Shadow hunter's in some way or another like giving them shelter and food and supplies like in a institution. The Shadow Hunter's are like evil but still defeat the bad and underworlders like werewolves and vampires.
I think that's it (may have added a bit x))

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Haha, okay. Works for me. X) And the two Shadow Hunters sort of fight over two Nephilim girls, right?

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments I suppose so xD so does that take care of everything? Oh wait what age should they all be around?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Um...Late teens, early twenties, maybe? I don't know, what do you think?

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments somewhere around 18-20 ish sound good?

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments Okie dok, so charries time?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments Sure. X) Did you want to make yours first, or did you want me to make mine?

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments Could you make your's, I'm on and off for a good bit.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments (Okay. X))

Name: Dain Thompson
Age: 19
Species: Shadow Hunter (Though I'm not sure if it's technically a species, per se...)
Personality: Dark, silent, and mysterious, Dain is sometimes mistaken for almost gloomy and cruel. But it's quite the opposite; he's got a rather soft, sweet side and a gentle heart. He's able to open up to people he knows and trusts well enough. But don't mistake him for a pushover. Dain is pretty even tempered, but if he feels like his loved ones are threatened, he'll go all ninja on you. (XP)
Appeaerance: Jet-black hair that's almost shaggy, it's a little longer than most guys' hair, but not too long, and his eyes are a bright, sapphire blue. He's about 6'3 and rather muscular. He has a scar that goes from his left temple down to his jawline. He has a tattoo of black angel wings on his back. He usually wears dark clothing, usually black, but he'll also wear dark purple, blue, green, etc. He's always seen wearing a silver cross necklace. He never takes it off.
History: Dain's history is a blank to him. A year ago, he and his twin brother were jumped by a couple of demons, and he ended up losing most of his memories. His brother is constantly trying to help him remember his past.
Other: He's good at handling bladed weapons, but his weapon of choice is a sword.

Name: Dareth Thompson
Age: 19
Species: Shadow Hunter
Personality: The complete opposite of his brother, Dain. And I mean complete. Dareth seems like an open book, always laughing and smiling and wanting to be the center of attention, not to mention that he's a big flirt. He seems to be kind-hearted and sweet, but in reality he's actually a self-centered, calculating, and manipulating jerk who seems to love no one but himself. And Dain. He's got a hot-temper, and most of the time only his brother is able to calm him down. He's impulsive and insensitive once you get to know the real him. And you get to know the real him reeaal quick.
Appearance: Jet-black hair like Dain's, except it's short and spikey, and he, too, has bright, sapphire eyes. He's about 6'1, and though he's slightly muscular, he's more lean than anything. Usually wears slightly tight clothes that call for attention.
History: Hmm...Let's make this interesting and keep it a secret for now~
Other: His weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.

(I had a little more fun making Dareth's chara than I should have... XP)

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♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments Name: Gabrielle Giffens
Nickname: Gabe or Gabby
Age: 19 almost 20
Species: Nephilim
Appearance: http://westminster-city.blog.cz/1207/...
Personality: Gabrielle is very independent, smart, wise and is very irritable. She look's nice on the outside but on the inside she's thinking of way's she's wanting to kill you.
History: She was raised to kill people and she's murdered about three people, willing she say's, but that's not the truth at all. She is a book that is needed to pry open but be gentle with the pages or she'll tear.

Name: Unknown, goes by Shade
Age: 18
Species: Nephilim
Appearance: http://favim.com/image/751627/
Personality: Shade is a real party girl, a teenager.. she's nice.. has the theme of a 'bad ass' and is pretty self conscious
History: She's done a lot of bad things that she shouldn't have done..specially by killing her own brother whenever he was 15. Karma has come back to get her and karma in this case is finding out she's Nephilim and instantly being attacked.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments (Cool! Who wants to start?)

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments ((Could you pretty please x3)

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments (Sure. Any particular why you want me to start?)

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments (..Hm nah not really, I'll figure out where to go from where you start xD)

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments (Okey-dokey. X))

Dareth let out a soft sigh, stretching his arms behind his back as he and Dain walked down the sidewalk that wound through the path. Dain glanced over at his brother. "Something the matter?" he asked silently. Dareth chuckled. "Nope. Just enjoying the fresh air." he replied. "...I thought you hated fresh air." Dain said quietly. "Hey! You remembered something else!" Dareth exclaimed, clapping Dain on the shoulder. "But...I already knew that..." Dain said softly. Dareth sighed again in slight exasperation. "Sometimes I feel like giving up on you, my brother." "...Sorry..."

(Sorry if this seems rather pointless. I didn't really know what to make them do. ^ _ ^')

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments (It's fine, but one question..should it be like my two charries are being attacked in their house(s) and they come across them or they are being attacked in an ally way or something? or are they already with the Shadow hunters?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments (Um...That's up to you, except they are not already with the Hunters, I'll tell you that. But they can be attacked wherever, if you want. Doesn't matter to me. X))

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments (Alright..hm I'll make it..)

Gabrielle and Shade were sitting inside of a cafe, getting some lunch together after a long day at their thrift store they work at, along with Gabrielle getting ready to go out for training. Shade sipped her warm hot capichino as she wrapped her hand's around it, loving the smell of it. "Once you finish up your drink we can head out, I've got a lot of stuff to do when I get home." Gabrielle said, really she wasn't going home. Shade sighed and she took a few gulps of her capichino and then stood up from her seat with a sigh "Alright, let's go." she said with a small smile. Shade and Gabrielle threw their trash away and headed out of the the cafe.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments (Should I play the demons attacking them?)

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments (hmmm..sure ^.^)

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments (Haha, okay.)

As the two Nephilim girls were walking out of the cafe, they were being watched from the shadows with hungry eyes from several dark forms. There were slight snarls and hisses of excitement, but the dark creatures all knew not to attack in the open; that would just draw the unwanted attention of the Shadow Hunters. So they bided their time, stalking their newfound prey through the shadows.

Dain looked up at the sky, tuning out whatever it was Dareth was scolding him about this time. Something didn't feel quite right; the air had become just slightly cooler, the atmosphere slightly thicker. He turned to Dareth-who was still ranting-and nudged him with his elbow. "Dareth." he said quietly. He knew that his brother wouldn't be able to feel the same, almost undetectable changes like he could, but Dain did know that Dareth listened to him when he became alert. Now was no exception; he instantly stopped his ranting, looking at Dain seriously. "What is it?" he asked. "Something's not right." he answered quietly. Dareth gave a small, half grin. "Demons?" he asked almost excitedly. Dain gave a slight nod. "Feels like it." Dareth's grin turned almost maniacal. "Let's go check it out, then!" he exclaimed, starting up a steady jog down the path. "Dareth." Dain called after him. Dareth stopped and turned to look at him. "What?" Dain tipped his head back in the opposite direction Dareth was heading in and pointed with his thumb. "Other way, Dareth." Dareth gave an almost sheepish chuckle. "I knew that." he replied, correcting his mistake. "I was just making sure that you were paying attention." "I wasn't the one who was too busy ranting about ground squirrels to be paying attention to anything else." "...Shut up and let's get going already."

(Ah, brotherly bantering. Always fun to do. XP)

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments (Haha, that was beautiful it was like annoyance then serious and then that pinch of comedy at the end XD)

Gabrielle slipped her small slide out keyboard phone into her right jean's pocket after checking the time and seeing if anyone had called or texted her recently that she hasn't seen. Gabrielle sighed and she looked around, thinking that it was pretty out, nice weather and clear sky's. "It wont last long you know." Shade said, looking over to Gabrielle already knowing what she was looking at and thinking about. Gabrielle looked at Shade, her eye brow's furrowed "What wont last?" she asked her. Shade shrugged and looked back forward where they were walking, the more poor part of town where the tree's hung over the side walk from not being taken care of and it was dark and gloomy. "The weather. It wont last long since autumn is just around the corner." she said simply, her eye's clear and blank but on the inside, in her mind she was observing everything and knowing her surrounding. Gabrielle relaxed with a sigh, thinking that Shade knew about who and what Gabrielle was and did but turns out she didn't thankfully. "You know how to read me well don't you?" Gabrielle said with a small smile to only get a nod from Shade in return.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments (It's my specialty. XP)

As the two Nephilim girls reached a more isolated and dark part of the town, the demons grew more excited. More hungry. One by one, they emerged, forming a kind of make-shift circle around the girls, trapping them. They all varied in looks, to wolf-looking demons to bears to even small child-like looking one. There were around ten, possibly fifteen of them, all hissing and snarling, waiting to attack.

"I mean, in all seriousness, ground squirrels are evil little bastards." Dareth continued his rant as both he and Dain raced towards where Dain had felt the demonic. Dain, however, was not listening to his brother anymore, tuning him out once more. Dareth scowled at Dain's disinterest. "Dain? Are you even listening to me?" "No." Dain said, matter-of-fact. "You're so mean to your little brother." Dareth complained. "I mean, you're not even listening to the sad story of the time that a squirrel ate my-" He stopped abruptly as the temperature turned freezing. His and Dain's breaths fogged in the air, letting them know exactly how cold it was. "They must be close." Dareth said. "Yeah." Dain replied. "And there must be quite a bit of them, huh?" "Yeah." "Are you going to continue only saying yeah?!" "...Yeah." Dareth sighed in exasperation. "Come on." he said, taking off again, Dain following close behind. "There's only one reason as to why there would be so many of them: Nephilim."

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments Gabrielle and Shade both stopped dead in their tracks whenever they saw people starting to come out the shadow's all of sudden. They looked around, circling in spot to see that they were starting to get surrounded by these creature's. Gabrielle knew what they were and was pretty calm about it but the fact she had nothing on her to kill them scared her. Shade was looking around from all of the hideous creatures that came out into the open around them, not knowing what they were or what was going on. "If this is some sick prank stop it!" Shade yelled at them, freaking out greatly. This is the point in time where Shade is coming to figure out that she is a Nephilim after all of these years. "Shade this isn't a prank. Those a demon's." Gabrielle said to her but of course, Shade who lived a human life didn't believe her how could she?

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 3881 comments (Are Dareth and Dain supposed to know them? Or at least Gabrielle?)

♥ʟαgσσηѕɧα∂σѡ.♥) | 62 comments (Hmm.. well I don't want to say that they know them or Gabrielle but that they've heard of Gabrielle since she's a well known Nephilim who's always running into trouble here and there. But they don't know Shade since Shade doesn't even know she's Nephilim, yet.)

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