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What is your opinion about the climax
Sneha Ann Vincent Sneha Jun 08, 2013 09:24AM
Though it's tragic I think it's something new

a very heart touchy climax i almost cried in reading the end pages of it

tragic climax

its sad yet i like the ending

Just a love story said well!

too tragic but this is it,what made the story more compelling and poignant.

I like the ending only if I take it as a story though the end was tragic, it leaves us with a strange hope and that makes it sting directly in our heart.

There's Nothing To say About the climax

Wonderful story well narrated, especially nearing the end! I felt like I was with Ravin and reaching the end, stopped a few times to soak in the moment-The moment that I'd never(maybe) have in another book or movie. The end was mind blowing for me, fabulous(Well,I like tragic stories)! I think he poured out more emotions at the end as it was which stimulated him to write this. I felt, there was more explanations and dragging(but a well timed drag-I even loved it.) at the end. Any way, wonderful book!

Well it was really sad, she will make it or not makes you more curious while reading so its pretty good stuff.

gr8 story. I just couldn't control myself from crying.... but i didn't like his next story 'can love happens twice' in wich he fall in love with an other girl....!!!!!

U 25x33
Aquiartz You wanted him to be a Devadas?
Mar 20, 2014 11:32PM
Rahul Rajendran Of course love can happen twice.. Infact, thats what Khushi didi would've wanted. ...more
Apr 08, 2014 03:50AM

awesome story wise...but in reality its sad..

I couldn't control my tears. All of a sudden, stopped reading, thinking what he would've done there., in reality. Great book.

Unrealistic -_-
But Hey ! Sometimes (as they say ) 'Truth is stranger than Fiction ' !

its 1 of the mind blowing stories i have read. but ending was little sad . i bow to ravinder and kushi for loving without seeing faces. thanks u ravin for giving us wonderful stories and sorry for kushi

though it is a tragic story n made me cry, it doesn't made me to feel sad..instead it made me to remember their sweet memories of being together...it is an awesome love story...and this was the first love story i'd read...

Hai my dear I love my heart

it's tragic when we read or feel it... but if we r in that situation we can't handle it .... but awesome stry ...

The moment he sits and hears her name...and the way he react by telling that cute kid "its a beautiful name" ! what better way could he narrate his feelings?

it's tragic when we read or feel it... but if we r in that situation we can't handle it .... but awesome stry ...

As a Fiction super climax.
But, as real it breaks my heart...


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