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Book Review- A Girl Who Survived

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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex Rojas | 29 comments Have you meet a Jew who survived the Holocaust? It is hard because about 5.9 million of them were killed. But this one girl is special. That is what "A Girl Who Survived" is about, she was able to survive the Holocaust. In my opinion kids from 12 years and older should read it because it has some weird words that they won't be easy to understand. This book is like Anna's Frank Diary. In my opinion this book is sad because people in her family died and many Jews die. "A Girl Who Survived" is not and autobiography because I think she passed away. This book is and biography. So the call is yours, will you read it?

message 2: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Delariva | 25 comments Alex I also read this biography and it is sad but I suggest this book to 11year olds and up this is an awsome book hope you liked it alot.

message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Arteaga | 11 comments I like books about World War 2 and I think this will be a good add to the knowledge I have on the Holocaust. I think I will read this book if I have time to read it.

Xxpedro_velazquezxX | 29 comments I like books about the Holocaust this sound alot like ann franks diary like you said.

message 5: by Adan (new)

Adan Castro | 24 comments i would totally read this book because it is the beast book from the looks of it, it looks very cool and sad.

message 6: by Matthew (new)

Matthew | 26 comments Amazing Alex you found a book that I would like when it comes to Holocaust. Sounds like an interesting book, maybe we can talk about it next year when I finish reading it.

message 7: by Sam (new)

Sam | 23 comments Good review Alex, but did the girl lose her family, or was it just her?

message 8: by Juan (new)

Juan Garcia | 27 comments I would like to read that book because it's about the holocaust.

message 9: by Alfredo (new)

Alfredo Beltran | 25 comments This book seems interesting I would like read it.

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