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S O U (Sou07) | 411 comments (Also posted in other group too this is for We malayalees :D)

Rain Rain every where Raining...

I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like the coolness it brings to both Our Mind and Body...I always loves to sit alone in room and watch raining outside...Sometimes to rush to the rain and do some own choreographed steps (^.^)

I think rain got an important role in literature too...It could be a symbol of sadness, crying or a time of depression, also used during a time of pain or loss, and rain can also symbolize Calmness at the same time can create a violent scary atmosphere. There is no love stories without RAIN...It always Enhances emotions of LOVE

Lets come back to the point :P. This is the thread where we can share the best Moments happend in Books, in the background of RAIN...(also can tell your opinion about role of rain in literature)

My Best Rain Moment :-I didn't came through enough books but there is a book which i liked very much and it also contains sequences happening in the background of rain...I too Had a Love Story byRavinder Singh (for past few weeks i am talking only about this book :P)The situation is Raven And Khushi is on their way back to Khushi's house after their secret meeting. They where supposed to reach as soon as possible before the clock says 8 pm nyt. But the strong rain destroyed their plan. The heavy rain makes the situations very scary and writer succeeded to make the reader think about the things that gone through their mind. Also that was the day in which Khushi realising how much her "Shonä" loves her :P

A Raining Moment from this Book
"And if i tell i won''t do that even after marriage what you will do ? She teased me and laughed. I imagined her jumping off the bed and Running to the window to catch some RAIN DROPS..."

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Amrutha Stephen (anniestephenie) | 43 comments The Postmaster-Rabindranath Tagore. It's a short story, and it wouldn't have been as good as it is; had it not been for the rain theme. <3 A must read.

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S O U (Sou07) | 411 comments My next Fav Rain moment is from The Kite Runner by Khalied Hosseini (^.^)

Who can forgot Hasan and Amir..? :)

The Rain Moment when hassan got betrayed by amir on the day of Amir's Bday :(...I always wished when they were about to leave , if amir shuould run to the car and stop them from leaving...but that story was really meant to break hearts :((

Moment from this Book
"Slithering beads of rain sluiced down my window. I saw Baba slam the trunk shut. Already drenched, he walked to the driver’s side. Leaned in and said something to Ali in the backseat, perhaps one last-ditch effort to change his mind. They talked that way awhile, Baba getting soaked, stooping, one arm on the roof of the car. But when he straightened, I saw in his slumping shoulders that the life I had known since I’d been born was over. Baba slid in. The headlights came on and cut twin funnels of light in the rain. If this were one of the Hindi movies Hassan and I used to watch, this was the part where I’d run outside, my bare feet splashing rainwater. I’d chase the car, screaming for it to stop. I’d pull Hassan out of the backseat and tell him I was sorry, so sorry, my tears mixing with rainwater. We’d hug in the downpour. But this was no Hindi movie. I was sorry, but I didn’t cry and I didn’t chase the car. I watched Baba’s car pull away from the curb, taking with it the person whose first spoken word had been my name. I caught one final blurry glimpse of Hassan slumped in the back seat before Baba turned left at the street corner where we’d played marbles so many times.
I stepped back and all I saw was rain through windowpanes that looked like melting silver"

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Lakshmi oh god i jst luv dis ...hw could i forget it Amir and Hassan...

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Gatha G (gatha) | 1628 comments Mod
Gosh...I love rain...!!

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Amrutha Stephen (anniestephenie) | 43 comments I love the gifs in this thread! <3

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