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Need more time to read book!

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message 1: by Jean (new)

Jean Coleman | 89 comments How blessed I am that I can look
Within the pages of a book
And find a world I never knew
With people, places, plots anew.
A book's a friend and teacher too,
Amazing what a book can do
It picks you up when you are down—
Adventure, romance can be found.
And when you have a book in hand
You're taken to a fictional land
Where mystery and suspense you find
In a place for the imaginative mind.
And I thank You, Lord, for giving me
The Bible which will always be
My favorite book—it is the best,
But I give thanks also for the rest.
The world would be an empty place
Without the books that I embrace.
But with so many books to read,
Please grant me, Lord, the time I need
To sit down and enjoy myself
With the books stacked up there on my shelf.

Does anyone else have time to read all their books?

message 2: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (curlykew28) | 3 comments I am so behind on my stack!
I am such a slow reader. The Bible is also
my main read. Good luck on your stack.

message 3: by Mona (new)

Mona Hodgson (monahodgson) | 9 comments For those of us who love to read, I think never-enough-time-for-all-the reading we want to do is a universal problem. To make time, I read in the bubble bath, carry a book with me when I go out...for those waiting times, treat myself to a good read on after the day's work is done enough and on Sunday afternoons.

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