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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites)

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay The park was not necessarily Katherine's favorite place in all of FallenVale, simply because of the fact that she often found herself bored while there. Still.....being outside at the park was rather interesting and so here she was, lounging out on her back looking up at the clouds as they drifted by and occasionally taking a bite of the apple in her hand. By no means was it exciting and she had a feeling she would only be able to entertain herself for another few minutes before she would leap to her feet and look around for someone interesting to entertain her. Preferably someone who was not a vampire or a caster. That would be rather dreadful.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay At the familiar whirring and snarling sound of a motorcycle that she no doubt knew belongs to one Gary Talbot, Katherine sat up and then rolled up onto her feet. With one hand pushing her hair out of her face she used the other to tie her hair into a rather messy ponytail as she made her way over towards Gary. The good thing about him being a hunter was that he usually had some sort of news to tell or something interesting to express about what was going. Either way he would be a friendly face to talk to. Which was why she waltzed right up next to him, falling into step beside him, "Hey, Gary." Greeting him, her voice was cheerful and kind, with a hint of curiosity laced through her words.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Rolling her shoulders along with her eyes she smiled, "Nothing. I'm bored. Lucas ran off to do who-know-what and you're the first fellow pack member I ran into. I couldn't even find any of the shifters. It's like everyone is hiding away in the recesses of their homes today." Sticking out her bottom lip slightly she only pouted for about a second before turning her head and looking at him, crossing her arms behind her back as they ventured forwards, "What about you? What are you up to?"

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Nodding in understanding and being able to relate, Katherine let out a huff of air before looking about the park. It really was a sad sort of place to try to find entertainment. That was alright, she was sure there were plenty of exciting things to do......like ride a harley? She'd never done that. Dirt bike, yeah. Motorcycle? No. That would be fun. At the very least it would be something new. "Hey, how good of a motorcycle driver are you?" She blurted out rather suddenly, the silence allowing for her to come up with an idea. According to her he was good, but Kat knew next to nothing about motorcycles so she really didn't have anything or anyone to compare him to. Either way he could most likely make a ride fun, right?

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Smirking slightly she couldn't help but add in one restriction, "Only if you can ensure it'll be exciting." Yeah, when Katherine did things she liked to do them so that she had fun when she did them. After all what was the point of excitement if it didn't get your pulse racing and if you didn't think 'Oh gosh I might die' at least once during the experience? It wasn't worth it in her opinion, and being on the bike, well there wouldn't be any water unless it was water from rain or a sprinkler so that was all fine and dandy. Besides it would be a good bonding experience, in Katherine's mind it was important to have good relations with all pack members and sure she knew Gary a little but she wasn't really best friends with him or anything and this would be a good experience to get to know him.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Following after Gary, Katherine couldn't keep the smile off her face, after all this was exciting and really it was the most interesting thing that she had been able to do in awhile. Lately everything had been about the war and no one seemed to have any time to do anything fun or play video games or watch movies or anything, so lately she'd been going bored out of her mind. With this new experience, well things wouldn't be that bad for a few days anyway.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Looking at the bike for a moment there was a flicker of hesitation before Katherine climbed onto the back of the bike and wrapped her arms around Gary's torso. She'd seen enough movies of motorcycle riding people to know to hold on fairly tightly and to lean in against him to ensure that she wouldn't fall off. That wouldn't be a good thing to fall off, somehow she doubted Lucas would approve of her ever getting on a bike again if that happened. Oh well for now she just wanted to have fun.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Once the ride was over and Gary dropped her back off at the park, Katherine could barely keep the grin off her face. True to his word he'd given her a great ride, one that had got her heart racing for sure. Which meant only one thing now. She wanted a bike to ride of her own. As she headed off to her car already thinking of where to buy a custom pink motorcycle she turned and waved to Gary calling out a thanks before getting in her car and speeding off towards her house to do some shopping.

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Becca was just running for the sake of it. She had no particular destination in mind. But she loved the feeling she got when she ran, the physical exertion, the wind whistling through her dark hair, the only sound her rapid footfalls. She did have to make sure she held back her werewolf speed, as she was out in public. She slowed to a walk when she realized she'd reached Crowne Point Park. She wasn't even breathing hard, not really. She stuck her hands into her jeans pockets, her gaze idly roaming her surroundings.

The first thing she noticed was the familiar sound of Gary's bike. Then she noticed his familiar figure up ahead. She changed direction slightly so she was walking towards him. "Hey, Gary!" she called.

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((I might have to shut down any moment, so if I disappear that's why.))

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((Just a word of warning, for future, she really hates being called Rebecca. It's either Becca or Breeze.))

She shrugged slightly. "Nothing much," she replied, flashing a brief smile in return. She had reached his bike and stopped beside him. "Just out running." She ran her fingers through her flyaway brown hair, pushed a stray strand behind her ear. "It's been a pretty slow day so far, actually," she commented. She was a restless person by nature, always full of energy. She shifted her feet, nudging a rock with the toe of her boot, then absently kicking it a good fifty feet away. She glanced around the park. She'd never liked it here much. It was too...tame. The neatly mowed lawns, the carefully trimmed trees, the fact that the ground was so clean, without even a stray fallen leaf.

She turned her attention back to Gary. "How about you, G?" she asked, using her old nickname for him. "What're you up to?" Not that she couldn't guess, given that he was on his beloved bike and all.

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She pointed at him, scowling in mock anger. "Do not mock the bike," she intoned, shaking her head at him. "My bike is twice as fast as yours. It is the queen of all bikes."

((Sorry it's so short, I gtg for a sec.))

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Becca was absolutely unfazed. She gave him her crooked half-smile, that indecipherable smile that could really mean anything, her eyes sparking with excitement. "Fine, we'll race. Me on my bike, you on that crappy hunk of metal you call a chopper." Of course, they'd raced before, many times. She'd won some, lost some. It was all in fun, after all. And at the moment, she didn't have much else to do. A good race would liven things up a bit. "So, G, what do you say? You up for it?"

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"I hope you love losing too, because that's what you're going to do," Becca said, only half-joking. It was a habit of theirs to banter like this before every race. He would boast, she would counter.
At his question, she shrugged, her right hand absently tapping out a rhythm on her thigh. "Well, whenever is fine with me. We could get my bike now. It's right down there." She gestured vaguely towards the direction she'd come into the park from.

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"See you in a while!" She called after him. "Don't get too cocky!" Spinning around, she took off in the direction she'd come from, moving slightly faster it was strictly possible for an ordinary human to move. Her hair had been pulled into a ponytail at the back of her neck, but now most of it had come free.

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Becca reached her bike and hopped into the seat. Gary was no longer in sight, but she could hear his chopper's engine. She pulled out her key and turned it in the ignition. The bike hummed to life. She leaned forward, pressing on the gas, and the bike roared down the street towards Gary.
She wasn't wearing a helmet or any protective gear -- probably not the best idea, but Becca was known to be a bit of a daredevil. And she had 't been lying, she really was good on her bike.
She stopped beside Gary and gave him a wicked grin. "Ready?"

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((I think the werewolf pack house isn't finished yet, so RP hasn't started there yet.))

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((Sure that works.))

"Pack house...nah." She thought for a moment. "How about the diner? We could grab something to eat." She wasn't very hungry, but the diner was closer.

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"Yeah, I know. We don't actually have to go in," Becca pointed out. "It's just the finish line," she reminded him.

She nodded in answer to his question. "On three, okay? You sure you don't want a head start?" she teased, then faced forward again. "One...two...three!" On three, she leaned forward and was off at a breakneck speed in the direction of the FallenVale Diner.

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Becca knew her bike was faster, if you were talking about just speed. And she was lighter than Gary. She guessed he'd try and use one of his shortcuts to even it out. She glanced over at him, then swerved in his path so he would be forced to slow down.

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Becca faced forward again and sped up even more, hurtling towards the diner. They didn't have a lot more distance to go, and if she kept this up, she knew she would win. She had to swerve twice to avoid running over innocent pedestrians, one a middle aged guy who just shook his head and hurried away, another an old woman who shouted at her in her quavering voice. Not that Becca really stopped and listened.

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