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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay The bookstore. It truly was a different sort of world in Arthur's opinion. Not only was it one of those things that continued throughout time, having been around even when he was a child, something that was comforting to him. Sure they had modernized with the passing of time, but generally they were still relatively the same. Which was nice. Especially in a world that so frequently changed. Shaking his head he walked among the many shelves and rows of books his eyes looking for something that might catch his eye and yet would be something he hadn't already read. There wasn't a lot to do during the day, sunlight was a bit more tolerable now with his age, but still........better not to risk gallivanting about in it. Crouching down, Arthur rested his elbow on his knee, reaching out with his other hand to have his fingertips brush against the spines of the books as his eyes scanned the script portraying the title of each work. Finding a new interesting book was always a challenge, one that he was always eager to perform. Besides it wasn't as though he had much else to do. Despite most other beings, Arthur wasn't all that enthused with the war. He'd been in far too many to still care about the smallest details of the war. The outcome was his main goal. This war that the species were in? In his opinion it would work itself out naturally.

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Macen's heart was pounding as she quickly rushed into the first shop that she could find. She caught the scent of another shifter as she was walking down main street. Seeing as how she was technically considered to be a rogue she didn't want them to catch her in their town. She hadn't even known that there would be other shifters in this town, when she had entered it she didn't sense any of them. After being on the run for so long she had seen what her kind did to rogues, she shivered thinking about the scar left on her shoulder by her uncle. It hardly resembled a scar nowadays, since she had tattooed over it...but the memories where still there. Macy walked up to the bookshelf nearest to the shop's window so she could check to see if the other shifters had noticed her. It seemed that luck was on her side, the group strolled passed the bookstore without even a hint that they had spotted her. Her golden eyes filled with relief, her eyes were a dead giveaway of her true nature as a cheetah. She sighed, scanning her surroundings there was a faint scent that she had ever smelt before, but everyone seemed normal...enough. She brushed it off, chalking it up to the fact that she was still running on adrenaline. Smiling to herself for the first time since she got to this town, she picked up a book. Maybe she could have some down time, the shifters had gone and she felt that the danger had gone with them.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [Don't worry about it xD]

At the sound of the bell above the door making a clear ringing throughout the store, Arthur paused his browsing and straightened slowly. Looking around he frowned and then listened carefully, Odd........ The sound of a racing heartbeat immediately seemed to peak his interest and curiosity. It would've been criminal not to seek out the source of such a frantic heartbeat, especially in a bookstore. Usually the excitement of the war did not ring so clearly in the small shop of a bookstore, not did they ring so publicly. Which made him curious as to what was going on and why someone would need to seek shelter in a bookstore. Walking down the aisle way he paused as he came around the corner and the source was reveled. A young lady with wild waves of golden blonde, almost an impossible color, after all the sight of the young feminine's hair was almost like the color of a sunrise. Funny how clearly he remembered sunrises. Although to be honest he hadn't seen one in over 600 years. Not since his first few years as a vampire when he would force himself to look upon them, almost dying in the process. Such foolishness.....yet he would never take a moment of them back. She didn't seem very werewolf like, her posture was too relieved, and any werewolf would've called for pack members to back them up rather than flee the scene. The same was to be said about most shifters. Unless of course she didn't belong to the packs or the shifter pride. However the idea of a rogue in FallenVale was highly unlikely. What rogue would be foolish enough to enter FallenVale? With all the scents of the different species? She could be a caster....That much was possible. Leaning against one of the shelves lightly he smiled a bit and cleared his throat a bit raising a brow at the lady with hair the color of the sun. "Are you alright, Miss?"

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Antonia (adf7793) Macy found a book that she had been wanting to read for a while now, but hadn't gotten the chance. Living life on the road hadn't exactly allowed her to stay fluent in her reading, much to her distaste. That was one of the only things that her uncle had allowed her to do when she lived with the their Pride. She hated thinking about her old live, she didn't know why she kept on torturing herself with the past. Macy couldn't change it no matter how much she wished that she could. She ran her fingers through her golden hair, willing her still rapid heartbeat to slow down. The last thing she needed was to attract the attention of anyone in this town. Her old Pride ran their town, she had no doubts that it could be the same here. Which would spell trouble for her, especially if these shifters knew her uncle. The hair on the back of Macy's neck began to stand on end, as if warning her of danger. She scented the air again, smelling nothing out of the ordinary besides the unfamiliar smell from the first time. She had no idea what is was, but it smelled like...death? Not in an overpowering corpse sort of way, more in a foretelling kind of way. Like it was the last scent that you would have upon your nose at your end. It was highly unnerving. She gulped, surreptitiously glancing at her surrounding to try to identify the source. It seemed however that there was no need, she rapidly turned around at the sound of a masculine voice. It was him. He was the source of the strange scent...was he a shiter like her? Macy doubted it, she vaguely remembered her brother telling her that their were other people like them. Other species. She wondered what he could be, because he definitely wasn't a human. "I'm fine...thank you." She tried to make her voice come out strong, but it ended up sounding like a squeak.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay At the sound of her rather nervous sounding voice, the corners of Arthur's lips twitched upwards by the slightest degrees as though amused. While he wasn't really all that amused with the fact that the girl seemed to be rather terrified of either the situation or him, he was amused with her. After all it was obvious now she wasn't a caster. A Caster would've asserted themselves before him, treating him as lesser no doubt. No, she looked at him with a sense of perplexity, as though she couldn't quite figure out just what he was. Which meant she wasn't from town. Of course these assumptions were all based on his skill to read people, a skill which at times could be very wrong, not normally, but at times this skill of his tended to be a little worse for wear. "You're new to town?" It may have been phrased as a question, but with the underlying sense of authority behind the words it was obvious that it was anything but that. It was more of a statement. An assertion of sorts. As though he was only looking for confirmation to what he already suspected, which he was. He already figured she was not of the town in nature. Now he was just looking for her to tell him where she was indeed from, and perhaps that would narrow down her species, although he already figured her to be a renegade. With eyes like that? She had to be a shifter. Funny. Looking at her eyes he found they were rather enticing, the many hues swirling together in an almost hypnotic sort of way. Almost. He'd been walking the earth far too long to allow himself to be so easily ensnared by a pretty face. Although, thinking to himself she was rather pretty. Even if her panic made him think only of blood. Funny.....all these years and the blood lust was still rather hard to control.

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Antonia (adf7793) Macy could tell that he was enjoying the fact that she was edgy, and her eyes flashed a darker shade of auriferous. What was wrong with her? Acting like a frightened child! She had left the side of herself in the past, she had no desire to be that helpless little girl that she used to be. Macy straightened her poster, standing to her full 5'9" height. Still she wasn't as tall as him, but she was showing him that she wasn't a weakling...far from it. She frowned slightly as she realized that she couldn't feel any heat radiating from him. She could tell that he was a supernatural, she wasn't that naive, but he wasn't a shifter...or a werewolf. Then it hit her, vampire. He was a vampire...she knew that she was no match for him in a fair fight. Probably not even in a rigged fight...she could only run. Which was something she was good at, she had no doubt that she could out run him. There were some perks to being a cheetah, nothing was faster than her. Still, she didn't want to make assumptions, perhaps he wouldn't try to attack her. They were in public after all, however, he didn't look thrilled with the idea that she was new to town. Which he already knew for certain, and Macy wasn't going to deny it, what would be the point? He knew it, she knew it, lying wouldn't help her. "As a matter of fact I am." This time her voice was stronger, there was an underlying challenge in her words. As if to say, if your going to do something, do it.

She wouldn't allow herself to be drawn to his spellbinding eyes. They had seemed azure to her at first but now that he was closer to her she could see a golden ring in them. She smiled to herself, never having met a vampire she hadn't realized that they would seem so...normal? Perhaps she was too caught up on the fictional tales of his species...then again perhaps not. Surely one thing about vampires were correct, blood. Macy vaguely wondering if he was intending to feed...on her, but she brushed the thought aside. She would run if she had to, which would be the smarter course of action since she didn't know if he was in a coven or his age.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay So she did have some spine. That was something that Arthur had to admire, at first he had thought she might be one of the whimpering spineless little shifters that most of them were. They tried their best to act all puffed up and full of pride and anger, but when it came to? Well most of them paled at the sight of a vampire if they didn't have back-up. The fact that the golden haired beauty in front of him had some spine, and the nerve to stand up to him about things? That took guts. That gave her some points in his book. Of course she didn't gain too many points. From the way she was walking, from the way her body language was positioned she was still weary. No doubt she had figured out his species by now. She'd be thick not to. And one thing he assumed when looking at her was that she was sharp. She'd have to be to still be alive after walking into this town, especially as a rogue. "You know then, that it's dangerous to be in this town?" Especially this town?, he added the words silently. As in most towns she would've had to worry just about the local shifter pack. In this town? Hell she had to worry about all species.

The Casters and most Vampires would kill her on sight for just being a shifter. The shifters would most likely kill her for being a rogue, after all most rogues were rogues for a reason. The werewolves would kill her for also being a rogue. Yeah. Going into this town was like playing russian roulette. Only your chances of survival were even slimmer. The fact she was alive made it clear she had either just gotten into town, she was incredibly lucky, she was very skilled at evading people, or she was a mixture of all three. Or even two of the three. Seeing her seem to size him up he rolled his eyes, his lips still quirked in a smirk to show that it was more of amusement than irritation. "I'm not going to eat you." No offense to shifters, but their blood still tasted a little too close to animal blood for his taste. He preferred the blood of humans to the blood of supernaturals. Besides something told him that even if he had wanted to suck her blood this girl would not go down without a fight and Arthur really wasn't the type to like a struggle with his prey. Then there was a larger chance of killing whoever he was drinking from.

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Antonia (adf7793) Dangerous? Macy laughed softly to herself, yes, she had realized that this town wasn't the town for her. However, do to her obviously lack of supernatural knowledge she hadn't realized that until after she had gotten here. Macy sighed, she really needed to brush up on her facts about the other species, and their scents. She figured that she must have come into town on the side less frequented by shifters and werewolves of the like. Because she hadn't caught their scent, only the scent she had now identified as a vampire. Depending on whether or not she lived through getting out of town, she would have it for future reference. "I take it that you know what I am? I must admit...I've never met anyone like you before." She tilted her head to the side, her golden hair sliding down her arm as she did so.

She wondered what thoughts were going through his head as his face seemed troubled...perhaps he was debating on whether or not he should turn her in? Albeit she was confused as to why he wouldn't, vampire weren't known for their love of shifters...at least that's what her brother had told her. She sighed in relief when he informed her that he wasn't interested in making her his dinner. Macy couldn't explain it but he just seemed different, as if he were actually trustworthy. That however was something she couldn't allow herself to do, trusting people only got you hurt in the end. Besides, he was her "mortal enemy" or whatnot, so being weary of him came the the territory. "I'm Macen...but you can call me Macy." Her eyes widened as she blurted out her real name, she had been going by aliases for so long she was shocked that her given name had come out.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Macy." He parroted the name and nodded after he had tested it out, finding that he actually liked it. Which was rare. Being as old as he was he found he had a liking for names that were old fashioned and that the newer they were the more likely he was not to like it. But he liked her name. Macy.....it was cute and yet there was obviously some underlying bite to it. Like her. It was more than what it seemed and he had to admire that. "Yes I know what you are. You're a shifter, and a pretty one at that." Ah, yes. He was the kind of guy that gave out his opinions as if they were pennies. Sure compliments were rare from him, but still he wasn't going to hide his opinion.

Smiling at her, one of his brows quirked upwards in interest, "Now," Pausing he leaned off of the bookshelf, tucking his hands in his pockets and smiling at her, "When you say 'like me' do you mean like me as in personality wise, or like me as in species?" He couldn't keep the amusement out of his voice, nor the curiosity. Of course he was curious. He wanted to know all about her and what she thought about him, why? Because she was new. She was interesting and she was third party objective. She wasn't going to be sucked into the war and that made her a potential friend, something which was rare in these times. Most people assumed that by being an aristocratic vampire that meant that you were a coward. That was not the case, it merely meant that they had enough foresight to know this war was not worth fighting over.

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Antonia (adf7793) She grinned as her name rolled off his tongue, finding that she rather liked it. It was strange to have someone use her real name after all these years, she had missed it. "Yes, I'm a shifter a cheetah, to be exact." She smiled, her voice was full of pride, despite what she had gone through she liked what she truly was. Macen had long since gotten over her family's disappointment in her true animal. Sow what she wasn't a jaguar? In her option a cheetah was much better. Albeit, in theirs it was a sign of weakness, a sign that she was a half-breed, as they had so kindly put it. Macy was taken aback by his comment, feeling her face redden slightly, an unusual thing for her. She was normally much more composed than this, Macy cleared her throat softly her aurous gaze traveling up to meet his. "Thank you....?" She trailed off, implying that she would like to know his name.

Macy mulled over his question, trying to decide how much she should actually divulge about herself. She had already told him more than she had ever told anyone before, even if it wasn't that much. Her main fear would be her uncle finding out where she was. The chances of the masculine organism in front of her telling him, or even knowing him for that matter, was slim. Macy took a deep breath, leaning back against the table behind her, "As in species. I've never met a vampire before...actually I've never really met any other species besides my kind." That might sound strange, but Macy had grown up believing that she was a human until she was thirteen. She wasn't fond of her general unawareness of other supernatural species, it made her feel...dense in a way. Which was a feeling that she loathed.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay A cheetah. He could've been surprised. But he really wasn't as surprised as others might've been. Her animal definitely suited her, her eyes had that look to them. No doubt she would fit in rather well in the Savannah setting, he could almost picture the lithe athletic form of a cheetah stretched out in the sun, seemingly easy to catch only to have it race off before anyone would even hope to get close to catching it. "It suits you. Your animal." He'd seen cheetahs before, but they had always been asleep. Surprisingly enough Cheetahs tended to sleep at night, and unfortunately he wasn't able to head out in the daylight like a human. So he'd had to settle for book images of most exotic creatures. Smiling at her when she trailed off in her reaction to his compliment he supplied his name easily, "Arthur."

Hopefully she wouldn't be like some of the dense annoying dimwits who tried to shorten his name and call him Artie. How bothersome. He was not an Artie. He was Arthur. Anything else was unacceptable. Unless possibly terms of affection, although he very rarely had ever been called one of those. Mostly because if and when she slept with a woman it was under one night stand laws only. And normally he was gone before they woke up. He watched her as she seemed to contemplate how she wanted to answer his question, when she though and her pupils dilated slightly before retracting when she let them move about. Observational guy that he was, he enjoyed watching people, learning things about them. It fascinated him. Judging form the way she was acting Macy was in a bit of an internal struggle, but she still answered him so it wasn't anything that need concern him....yet. "Understandable. Vampires aren't really known for being friendly." As if to prove his point he flashed a smile, canine teeth extended slightly into fangs before his lips covered his teeth once more the fangs retreating. Vampires didn't have a reputation to boast about.

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Antonia (adf7793) Macy could practically see the wheels turning in his head, she didn't see a surprised look flash across his face however. That's what made her realize just how observant he truly was. Though she supposed when one had been around for...well however long he had it was natural to see more than meets the eye. She wonder just how much she had revealed about herself in the short amount of time that they had spoken. She pulled herself from her thoughts when he informed her of his name, she grinned in response. Arthur...it was an unusual name to hear nowadays, it suited him however. Judging from the way he said his name with a slight underlying tone of finality he wasn't a fan of nicknames. Which was fine with her, there wasn't a shortened version of his name that she found acceptable, so it worked out.

She stiffed slightly as he flashed her his fangs, she had to admit that they were quite frightening. She wasn't stupid in the fact that she believed herself to be fearless and invincible like most shifters. Macen knew her strengths and she knew her weaknesses, she was very careful to follow them all. As a rogue she had to be careful, it wasn't like pack shifter who people watching their backs. No, she was alone. "You don't seem so bad..." She supplied thoughtfully, so far he hadn't attempted to attack her or threaten her in anyway. Which she was extremely thankful for, knowing that she was honestly no match for him in a fair fight. "Actually...your significantly friendlier than any shifter that I have ever met." Her words ran with honesty as she brushed a loose piece of hair behind her ear.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Now that was quite the interesting little statement. The fact that he seemed friendlier than any shifter she'd met? Even the ones in her former pack? That was quite the interesting statement indeed. It only furthered his curiosity as to what sort of pack she was from, where she was from, and then why she was banished from her pack. Why she was alone now. "Well, I'm glad to know that you don't fear me. It's refreshing to know of someone who does not fear me upon first finding out who I am." Smiling at her with that signature half smile of his he ran his tongue over his lips and looked around the area, taking a step closer to the girl before returning his gaze to look at her. She had no doubt already taken great risks in confiding to him about her name and her species. After all being rogue she no doubt was always having to keep an eye on her back, since she had no one to do it for her.

Thinking along that lines he should've doubted the information she had given him. Was her name really Macen? Oddly enough though he figured he could trust her. What would she have to gain by lying to him? He wasn't going to run off to tell her old pack about her. And he didn't even know what her pack was. "I am becoming increasingly curious about you. About why you are alone now. I do not think it was for murder like most rogues." Nodding at her, he ran his tongue over his lips and smiled, "After all you don't have the look of a killer in your eyes." Stepping back from her he was only stepping close so that no one would overhear what was being said. Now that he had said what was on his mind, what was such a risk to say he stepped back not wanting to intrude on her space and make her feel uncomfortable.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [psssst Antonia :) ]

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Antonia (adf7793) ((I'm halfway done with it lol, sorry.))

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [haha don't worry about it xD]

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Antonia (adf7793) Maybe she should have felt weird or even bad for telling him what she had, but she didn't. It was the truth, maybe her half-brother and her father weren't so bad, but she hardly knew either of them so it's not like she actually knew. "It takes a lot for me to fear someone nowadays..." Macy told him with a sad sort of smile, running her fingers through her hair. She blinked rapidly as Arthur was suddenly closer to her than before, she was sure her eyes flashed a dark hue as her cheetah was startled as well. She gulped, unsure of what to do, should she run? He told her he wasn't going to eat her...but should she believe him. Her instincts told her she wasn't in any intimidate danger from him, so she allowed herself to relax. Besides, if had wanted to harm her she was sure he would have by now. "I'm glad that you haven't tried to kill me, yet, I've heard stories about the rivalry between our species..."

As he stepped back, Macy frowned, oddly she liked him being closer to her. Maybe it was because this was the first actual social interacting that she had in as long as she could remember. She tilted her head to the side as he informed her he wished to know more about her, Macy sighed, "Thank you..." The fact that he hadn't believed the worst of her actually touched her, it was a rare thing. Most supernaturals hated all rogues with a passion, killing them on sight. "The pride I...came from was pure, well until me." She shrugged slightly, it was a rare occurrence to have a pride full of only one type of animal. "My father mated with a human, my mother, and his pride killed them for it. I didn't know what I was until then..." Macy looked down at her feet, she wasn't sure why she was sharing this information with him.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Pausing Arthur listened to her explanation and then a sort of smirk crossed his face, as if he couldn't believe it. Brows furrowing slightly his eyes narrowed a bit and the smirk on his face was clearly sarcastic. Tilting his head to the side slightly he held up a hand and shook his head, "What? You were banned from your pride because you weren't the same type of animal as the rest of them and soiled their little pride pure-ness?" Shaking his head his face relaxed slightly and he laughed a bit before composing himself after only a moment. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh. It's not funny that you were banished from your pack.....it's just that to me the reason seems so ridiculous." As for the whole rivalry between species thing, well yes it was true. But Arthur really wasn't petty enough to still hold onto rivalries like that, he was too far over it. In his time of roaming the earth he'd learned to let go of a lot of things. Rivalries being one of them.

Shaking his head he sighed and then bit his lip before tucking his hands into his pockets to resist reaching out to touch her shoulder and offer her comfort. He usually didn't want to offer people comfort but with her he did, and well the reason he didn't was because he'd seen her eyes darken in hue when he had moved closer and he didn't want to startle her and make her feel uncomfortable if that was what he had done before. Nodding at her he sighed softly, his eyes softening a bit, almost apologetically. "I'm sorry about your parents though. That had to have been hard......not to mention finding out you weren't what you thought you were. I know all about how hard it is to be human in mindset one day and then supernatural the next." Pausing after that he looked towards the door of the shop and then back at her and a slight smile touched his lips, "How long exactly have you been on your own?" Realizing she may not want to answer all these questions without any idea about him he nodded, "And I'm frozen forever at the age of 22."

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Antonia (adf7793) Macy narrowed her eyes at him as he started laughing, she didn't understand how he found the situation humorous in the slightest. Her eyes softened when he apologized and she felt rather bad for assuming the worse. It was a very touchy subject for her however, and she was known for getting worked up over it. "No...I wasn't banished, I was marked for termination." Macen sat on the table behind her, bringing her knees close to her person. Strange how something that she had believed she had moved past still tormented her today. "I ran..." Her words were barely above a whisper, she was still ashamed of herself for running, for leaving her brother to die. Sure, he was only technically her half brother but technicalities didn't matter to her. He had given up up so much to save her life, his title as alpha and eventually his last breath. It was more than she could have asked for and she wished that she could have done something...anything to return the favor.

"Thank you..." It had been rough, thinking she was normal her whole life and then having the rug ripped out from underneath her left her dazed. Even now. Sometimes she would wake up thinking it was all a dream only to have a rude awaking in store for her. She had an odd notion that he had wanted to...comfort her? She must have been mistaken, he didn't seem the type. Yet, part of her wished that he would, not that she wanted to be consoled, more like she wanted to be consoled by him. Shaking her head she cleared her thoughts, trying to focus on answering his questions. She scrunched her brows, trying to recall how long she had been a rogue, "I left my pack when I was thirteen, so six...nearly seven years." Macen couldn't believe it had been that long, it always seemed like it had happened just yesterday. 22 that must have been rough, having to leave all his loved ones behind...she wondered how long it had been since he was turned.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "They were going to kill you because you were different? Now there is something I haven't come across in decades....That's how the world becomes a screwed up place." Shrugging his shoulders he smiled at her slightly, finding that he was genuinely glad she was different. Different was good in his eyes. Special. Meant that there was no one in the world quite like that person. "So if you want my opinion, I think you were smart to run. Running just means you get a chance to live your life. See the world. All that stuff." Sure, living on the run sucked at times. But it usually wasn't too bad. He'd done it enough times before to know that it wasn't too terrible.

Although he wasn't a shifter. He didn't know what it was like to belong to ap ack and have people so close to you that living without them felt wrong at times. He had no idea what any of that was like. For all he knew she could be suffering terribly because of the pain she dealt with by being on her own. "Seven years?" Whistling low and under his breath he nodded in understanding. He knew what it was like being on your own for so long. "So since you ran....and weren't banished. Could you join another pack?" Shifter law was as foreign a concept to him as the pain of childbirth. He'd never have to deal with it personally so he had no idea how it felt or worked or whatever happened. Although she no doubt would like to stop running. So if she could find another pack.....well he figured that she would probably want that. To belong somewhere. "An unpure pack anyway? One that was actually nice. Didn't kill people off for being different. Could you join? Or no because you have a bounty on your head by your other pack?" Pausing for a moment he smiled a bit, "Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, if you're curious."

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Antonia (adf7793) "Yes, they believed that me being different would cause others to be as well...narrow minded people will believe anything that is fed to them." Macen shrugged and looked up at him, she was surprised to see that he was smiling and she found herself smiling back at him. Macy laughed when he told her that he thought she was smart for running, he was the first person who ever said that to her. Most thought that she was being stupid and that she should go back...surely they wouldn't kill a child of their former alpha. Those people were stupid, and they were the reason she stopped opening up to anyone. With Authur it was different, Macen found herself telling him things that she had never told anyone else before.

"If there's one thing I am good at it's running, maybe because I'm a cheetah, but that's how I've survived on my own for so long. Thankfully I've been running so fast my past hasn't caught up with me." Hopefully they never would, Macen didn't know what she would do if he never found her. The very thought of being within their clutches again terrified her like no other. Macen frowned at his question, not because it upset her in anyway but because she was deep in thought. Could she join another pack? Honestly she wasn't sure, she had no way of knowing if this pack was friends with her old one. "I'm not sure. I suppose they could still be looking for me, but maybe they think I'm dead. A thirteen year old brand new shifter doesn't have the best odds of living as a rogue." She tilted her head to the side, biting her lip, "The pack here, is...is it better than my old one?" Macen asked because she figured he would know, he did live in this town after all.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Unfortunately for humanity, narrow-minded thinking has been an ailment that it has suffered from all throughout the passing of history. Anything different has always been shunned." Arthur frowned shaking his head, sure he had once been like all other humans. Afraid of what was different and lashing out at whatever was odd and unusual, although with the passing of time he'd just grown beyond all that. Part of the reason why he didn't partake in the war, he just didn't see a reason for it. Besides, he liked this girl. She was interesting and there was definitely something about her that just intrigued him, the fact that she was stunningly pretty didn't harm things too much either. Not that he was shallow enough to judge solely on looks....he was quite shallow though, he knew that. He liked pretty things....it was a flaw of his.

At her admission of her skill, Arthur found himself nodding slightly in approval. Most thought it cowardly to run, not realizing how difficult it was to run and not go back. He didn't comment on her comment of running, what was there to say? I hope you keep running from your past? No. It was best not to say anything for that little situation, after all he couldn't really say much. They didn't really know one another. Watching her as she thought about his question he bit the inside of his cheek, hoping he hadn't intruded upon her in some way. At her answer though he felt a small wave of relief wash through him, she had only been thinking. "That is true. Even most adults don't survive long as rogue." He paused for a moment before continuing, "As for the pack here, I don't know them too well, but from what I know they are quite a wide variety of shifters. Lions, bears, panthers, all sorts of different kinds." Shrugging he watched her carefully wondering what she was thinking.

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