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Evangeline's tanned form was sitting on a little rocky ledge that went down a few feet before stopping at the water surface. She had jumped off it a few times but had stopped to just breath in the complete serenity of her surroundings. Evangeline's blonde hair had almost completely dried, a few golden strands still wet. She leaned back on the palms of her hands, staring out at the undisturbed surface of the water, a faint smile on her face.

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit) Lily had been walking around the lake on her packs territory bored out of her mind. Her brother Jesse was out and about doing who knows what leaving her alone and bored. She'd came to the lake for piece and quiet away from the pack members and other supernaturals. The lake was one of the places she went to think every now and then seeing it as a calm quiet place. She'd always wondered how a lake could be considered the packs territory though. She never knew one could buy a lake as your own property.

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Even though Evangeline's sensing were pretty dull compared to other werewolves, she did pick up a noise a few yards away. She raised her head, searching for the source and came to rest on a familiar looking girl. Lilyan. Eva let out a heavy breath, wishing the other werewolves would accept her for what she was. Who cares if she was a caster-were hybrid. She tried to hide her golden locks unsuccessfully, ducking her head from view so Lily wouldn't notice her.

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit) As soon as Lily had gotten to the lake she could smell another pack mate who's smell wasn't all wolf. She only knew of one person like that though so she knew instantly who it was. Not that she cared. She had never understood what her pack had against Eva. So she wasn't a pure-blood were who cares. She was still pack and that was all that should matter. Maybe part of the reason she didn't think it was a big deal though was the pack hadn't exactly been nice to her when she first joined having been a rogue at the time and one who lived like a human. As if living like a human where a bad thing.

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Evangeline gulped as she noticed Lilyan lift her head to the wind. She was bound to catch her scent now. Giving up, Eva stopped trying to hide from view and simply crossed one legs over the other. She saw Lily's eyes dart to hers and Eva lifted a hand tentatively, wiggling her fingers in a form of a wave. Maybe she would be different, and could be nice to her if Evangeline let her through her brick walls. She tucked a piece of blonde hair behind an ear, adjusting the bright green bikini she was wearing.

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit) Lily smiled when she saw Eva wave at her. She waved back with a smile. When she'd came here she had wanted to be alone at first because she found most of her pack mates kind of on the annoying side sometimes but Eva wasn't one of the annoying ones so she didn't mind. She bounded over to Eva in a friendly way, maybe even a little to friendly. "Hey Eva."She said kinda cheerfully. She could tell Eva was worried about her giving her crap like the other pack mates usually did but she wasn't that kinda girl. She got to know a person before she judged them.

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"Hi Lilyan..." Evangeline trailed off, a wary expression on her face. Lily was being very cheerful, something that certainly wasn't seen around Eva these days. What if they were planning to prank her? Evangeline pushed the thoughts away, giving Lilyan the benefit of the doubt. Quickly, Eva tied up her mostly-dried hair in a high ponytail and patted the spot beside her for Lilyan to sit. She seemed like a friendly person, not too judgmental so Evangeline offered her a lovely smile.

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit) "Its just Lily."She told her. Yeah Lilyan was her full name but she preferred to be called Lily so that's what she told everybody to call her. Lily noticed that she seemed wary of something so she toned down her cheerfulness a bit and settled for a nice smile instead. Lily sat next to Eva in the spot she indicated and at looked out at the lake. "So whatcha doing out here? Trying to get away from our annoying pack mates?"She asked. It was true her pack mates could be annoying at times. Sometimes with the best of intentions and sometimes just to be annoying.

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"Not annoying... just judgmental." Evangeline replied, a slight smile on her face. Glad that Lily had toned down the over-happiness, Eva felt much more comfortable now. "And yeah, just for some peace and quiet," She licked her soft lips, glancing down at the calm waters. She wanted to jump in again, but knew she should probably head back home soon. "What are you doing out here?" She asked placing her palms face down on her thighs.

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit) "I don't know they can be pretty annoying at times too. Yes they are judgmental but they are also annoying."She said with a grin. Lily could tell that Eva was more relax now that she toned down her over cheerfulness. "Same thing as you really. This is a great spot for peace and quiet to just think."She murmured that last part almost to herself as she watched the water. The sun had just started setting which was part of her reason for being here. She loved to watch the sun set over the water.

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Evangeline nodded hesitantly, her blonde curls bobbing in response. She never liked to talk about people behind their backs, let alone say bad things. She got to her feet and jogged to a pine tree where she had hidden her belongings before swimming. Eva threw on her white singlet to cover most of her torso and a pair of board shorts. She grabbed her towel before smiling at Lily, beckoning for her to walk back to the main territory.

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit) Lily watched Eva throw on her while singlet over her swimsuit. Lily got up and ran over to her when she waved her over to her probably to go back to the packs main territory. She was too keen on the idea of going back but at least she wouldn't be going back alone so it didn't bother her that much. She wondered what the pack was doing and if she had missed anything while out here. Probably not things had been boring these past few days and she had a feeling they'd continue like that for a couple more days.

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As the two made their way through the dense forest, Evangeline's eyes flicked back to Lily's. "So... how has the alliance with the shifters been? I heard that some of them were annoyed that the weres got to govern them." She stated, genuinely curious about their allies. The shifters were good allies, and she even knew a few of them but that didn't stop rumours threading through the social pyramid. Being the pack's lead healer, Eva was pretty close to the top and was treasured by higher ranking beings. She was part of their big defense mechanism but Evangeline didn't really care for the drastic warfare plans.

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit) She shrugged. "Well yeah there's always gonna be someone who's annoyed with having another species govern theirs, especially those people who like to make their own decisions on everything."She explained for the simple fact that that was true. "I mean its going good other than that really. They complain about and then eventually get over it. Its not a big deal right now and the alliance works. Its not like we're treating them like slaves."She told her. Yeah she knew about the rumors flying around about the shifter and werewolf alliance but they're gonna always be rumors and gossip about it and there isn't anything anyone can do about that.

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit) Gracie?

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