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Kat (kitty_kat_kit) Can Lilyan Jane Johnson be Beta Female?

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Can Rebecca (Becca) Van Ravensway be beta female?

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit) Lily fisted her hands tightly,how could anyone in the pack be so stupid? You don't leave the boarder unsecured even for a second! A second is all the vampires need to sneak past their defenses and get on pack land. It was peer stupidity to leave the boarder unsecured and the pack knew that. If the others of the pack found out how easily the vampires got in they'd surely freak. The patrol was suppose to be better than this. Is better than this really. so what could have caused them to be so lax in their duties. Looking back at her alpha she could tell he was pissed. To any old human he'd seem calm and collected but to her he looked ready to kill someone. It was his eyes that gave it away; silver. Whenever his eyes turned silver it meant trouble for somebody. When he spoke he proved just how pissed off, no how furious he was about this. In a way her and her wolf wanted to shrink back from him but that wouldn't be the smartest move on their part. You don't shrink back from a pissed off alpha. That just provokes them into attacking you, so I kept my face as expressionless as possible and nodded, "We will find out right away,"She promised making sure not to look him in the eye, for that would be seen as a challenge to him and his wolf. She knew what he needed her to be was submissive which she was. Provoking and alpha in anyway when they are furious is always bad. "I want to know who's fault this is just as much as you,"She told him. And she did, she planned on figuring it out one way or another.

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Becca was facing slightly away from Lucas, though paying careful attention, turning the situation over in her mind. She kept unconsciously curling her hands into fists, and then she would realize and force herself to open her hands. She understood exactly how Lucas must feel. Vampires....a vampire passing our defenses... The rage that always accompanied any thought about vampires flamed up within her, burning with a ferocity that threatened to overwhelm good judgement. Her wolf was raging for blood. But no -- Becca would not let this cloud her mind and guide her choices. The pack came first, always first, before any personal desire for revenge that she might harbor, no matter how justified, no matter how strong. And right now the pack was in danger. Not just from the vampire, but from panic -- for surely if the pack was to discover that a deadly enemy had passed their defenses, panic would reign. And panic itself was a powerful destructive force.

She felt her alpha's gaze on her and turned her head to face him, meeting his now dangerously silver gaze with her own fierce blue-gold one. Only for a fleeting second, however, for it was not, of course, a challenge. He was the alpha. But it was a...promise of sorts, a strong resolve to stand by him, as always, to take down this enemy, however the situation called for. She was no stranger to Lucas's nature -- she knew just by the way he held himself that he was furious. If the situation wasn't dealt with right, things would get messy, and fast. His silver eyes and the rage in his tone confirmed it. "Lucas." Her voice when she spoke was steady, betraying none of what battled within her. "We need to think this through before we jump into action." Self-restraint, she thought. It was something that she had trained into herself. Impulsive actions had dangerous consequences. "If we don't approach this carefully it could mean disaster. A vampire in our lands. Panic and chaos." Of course, she knew he must already know this already, he was no idiot. But it bore repeating.

She turned away slightly, pacing a few restless steps and back. "Perhaps we have a weak link in our defenses. Whatever it is, I give you my word that I will find out who and why." She did not know yet, and that frustrated her to no end. Ignorance was a weakness. But she had her suspicions, of course. And she would get to the bottom of this problem. And anyone who knew her would have been able to see that fierce determination in her.

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Thank you!

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 6 comments May Lebani Elliot be a healer please?

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