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They're just teenagers. Kids.

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So... there I was, thinking about how much I hate Teresa and how much I love Gally, and then it occurred to me... does that make me a hypocrite, to say I love Gally and he's only a kid, that it's not his fault and so on, and that I hate Teresa and that EVERYTHING is her fault?

The Gladers, they're all just kids. The amount of haters out there for Teresa, and even Thomas is huge. To be honest, I think if we should hate anyone, we should hate WICKED and Rat Man. Opinions?

Bailey Dishman I completely agree.

However I'm not a big fan of the word hate, because I feel like that is reserved for extreme occasions and that (most of the time) characters in books, and even some people in real life, such as celebrities, are not worthy of hatred.

Honestly, it kind of irritates me when people are talking death threats towards people, and characters, and throwing around the word hate towards people who haven't really done anything. I understand disliking a character due to personal annoyance, but HATING, and wishing DEATH upon them? It's a little extreme.

I'm getting off topic, yes I agree if people want to throw hate around it should definitely be towards the true villans. WICKED and Rat man and anyone else in this story or other stories that have done serious wrong.

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Gabby I agree with both of you. I feel that in society today, the word hate is used way too much. It's either been desensitized by using it on people/characters that are only mildly annoying and shouldn't be plastered with just that word or some actually are just extreme and believe that whatever they strongly dislike, deserve to die. I personally dislike the word for its harshness and its often misuse or overuse. And hating book characters? I think it's funny personally. Especially kids? You can strongly dislike someone, I feel. But hate should be reserved for terrorists or truly evil villains, not some nasty or annoying teenager that did something wrong or made a mistake.

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But what if you DO really hate someone? Someone who's broken our heart or betrayed our trust and we can't help it but 'dislike' ain't gonna cut it.

But I spose if you're talking about book characters then hate seems a little silly. Maybe I just really, really, REALLY dislike Teresa then. But I feel it more for WICKED/Rat Man which I think is what people should feel their hate for.

Brian Tran Kaylee wrote: "What I like to say is, "I don't hate them as people; I hate them as characters."

Which is to say that I don't hate Teresa, or Thomas. I just don't like them as a character in these books, and I f..."

Yeah Kaylee, I agree with you, I don't really think the characters of Thomas and Teresa really fit. You're also right when you said when James Dashner put the wrong character in the wrong roles. The story was great, the plot overall. But having Thomas and Teresa there just felt awkward while reading it.

Brian Tran This reminds me a lot of the story, Lord Of the Flies. The two situations are very similar, but have many differences between them two. But they're similar because of their situations they're in. They are stuck in a dangerous location and cannot seem to get out. Maybe Dashner got some inspiration from Lord of The Flies, maybe not but both stories have great concepts with different, yet compelling plots.

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UM?!??! What the fuck?? Why would you say the main characters should be replaced?!?!? No no no.

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I think the main characters in this are great. Like its been said a hundred times THEY ARE TEENAGERS!! They respond to the situation just like any teen would!Probably better then some! Thats why so many teens like this book.. because the main characters are just kids.

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I've always thought hatedoms to be ridiculous.

If I think a book is horribly written and doesn't deserve the hype, I don't go out there and make more hype by wasting my time and energy on it.

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