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A large movie/ play theater that has 10 movie showings and 5 plays going on. It has a clever name.

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Peter enters with Alanna.

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"I don't know, what do you want to see?"

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"Ok." he orders two tickets to Man of Steel. "Let's go to our seats."

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Peter follows and takes his seat. "Do you want popcorn or snacks?"

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"Ok." he gets up and saves his seat with his jacket.
He walks over to the concessions and gets two medium popcorns and a pack of skittles. He takes his seat again, passing a popcorn to her.

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"No prob." the movie starts.
((gtg sorry.))

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Peter watches the movie. He always loved super heroes, but he did prefer marvel but this and Batman where the exception. He eats some popcorn.

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The movie ends. Peter gets up. "Well, that was fun but I think it's time for you to go home."

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"Where do you live? I could drop you off on my motorcycle."
suit: ))

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Peter walks out and gets on his bike. He slips on his helmet. ( ) He offers Alanna a spare helmet. "Hop on"

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"Hold on." he guns the ignition and takes off.

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