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Tall shelves full of books, tables and chairs all around, with a statue of a huge lion in the center. There is also a coffee shop inside.

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David looked around, he wasn't quite well on quiet places. He hen shuffled his feet and some books loudlt and just got hushed by a Librarian. He groaned a bit. "Hey, do you know about them ?" He was avoiding the word Supernatural since he was at a oublic library and anybody could have been eavesdropping.

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Peters walks in and notices Alanna. He stops dead.

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"Then what are you? If that guy from the cafe is a dragon or somethin'" He paused. "What are you?" David asked,

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Peter slowly starts to back away hoping that they would not notice him.

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David's face froze. "Are you sure?" He questioned, and then groaned. "Am I the only human here then!?" He almost shouted but was quickly hushed again.

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"Aw man." He stops. "I prefer the term Manakyte."

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"Great. Why does anyone I want to befriend is a Supernatural." David complained and ruffled his hair. "I even befriended a houl once. A ghoul!" He said, a bit irritated. "Then there's my brother, a wizard!" He paused again. "Nothing can really go normal for me. . ." He then trailed off.

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Peter's eyes widen. "Something's wrong." He turns and runs out the door, dropping his books.

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"A Human? Yeah, but you said the girl there was a Vampire. He's with a Vampire, who knows? He might just get bitten and turn into one." Thoughts were racing ito his mind.

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David stayed behind. He just wanted to absorb everything now. He was confused. He then picked up a book and started reading it.

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David noticed the girl read Harry Potter. It was his favourite too of course and meeting a Potterhead isn't exactly an always for him. He then approached the girl and waved "Hi, I'm David. I see you're reading Harry Potter there, love. Are you a Potterhead?" He asked, hoping he didn't offend her.

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He sat down next to her. "Do you believe about that? The Wizards, Dragons, Vampires, Werewolves and things." He asked, he wanted to know if she was human and the only way to do that is to ask if she believes those.

((Same here. :D))

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"Let me tell you, once you do find proof. There's no going back to the life you once owned." David said, ever since he found out about his brother being a Wizard. Nothing was ever the same in his life.

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David stared at her, the quesrion seemed a bit. . .off for some reason. "Seventeen. You?" He asked, hopin to not sound rude or anything but it did look like it.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Abigail walks in quietly. She sits down at a table with Divergent. She turns to page 198. Abi had left off there last time. She was silent as she read. AJ was sure no on would notice her. She wore a red fitted scoop neck sweater, blue jeans and black and white tennis shoes. Her very light strawberry blonde hair is cascading down her shoulders.

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"How long have you been into reading?" David asked, trying to start up a conversation.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) (Who is he talking to?)

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((Sorry, he was talking to Bella. I'm on a mobile so I can't reply to her post.))

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"We all do. It's quite fun to read." He too smiles. "Any other hobbies you like to do during your spare time?" He asked, it was nice for him to be actually talking to a Human rather than those Supernatural beings he found out.

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"I'm into singing, writing and I play instruments from time to time." He stared off somewhere behind her shoulder. "Have you read the Hunger Games?" He asks.

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"I don't know. My brother hasn't read it. He's not into. . .books." He looked up. "I have a question: What District would you like to be in?" David scratched his head.

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"I agree, but I do have a soft spot for District 3. I think it's because of their technologies." He chuckled.

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"Friends? Ouch, Bella. I think I just got Friendzoned." He put his hand over his his chest. "Just, kiddding." He chuckles. "I think so too." He then gave a smirk.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Abigail finished Divergent and put it back on the shelf. She grabs a new book. Hunger Games. Abi sits back down in the same place. AJ starts reading.

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David then looked over somewhere else, the silence came awkward and waved around him. He really didn't know what to say, he just kept thinking whether he said something wrong. "So, what house are you in Harry Potter?" He asked, a bit curious and so that the awkwardness would at least ease off of him.

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"A proud Gryffindor." David smiles, he was definitely happy to be sorted into Gryffindor. "Hufflepufffs and Gryffindors do make the team, don't they?" He laughs for bit but then stared at the drumming of Bella's fingers on the table.

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Peter walks in and looks around. He notices a huge pile of books that he dropped. He grabs them and checks them in. He notices Bella and David chatting. He wonders what they are talking about.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Abigail finishes Hunger Games and sighs. She stands up and goes over the YA bookshelf. She looks for a good book.

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Peter walks out.

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Holly | 154 comments Hal walked in, the ends of his hair looked singed as he walked up to The Art of War by Sun Tzu

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"Hey, why do you have to stop? It wasn't annoying if that's what you're thinking." He explains, god he was so awkward. "I was just thinking about the Master from Doctor Who. Sounds like drums." He was a huge fan of the show or so to say.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Abigail looks at the section for a minute, but then leaves. She walks out the door.

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Åᾔα {♥_♥} wrote: ""Oh.." Bella said. She wasn't such a fan of Doctor Who. She had seen the first episode, but she didn't really like it. Maybe she should've gotten into watching it more. Who knows, she might be able..."

"So, what kind of music do you like?" David asked, once again. He had thought about doing covers soon but he doesn't know what song he should sing. "And tell me your favorite."

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"Well, I like every music there is. I just don't like pop much." David said while he hums softly a tune. "Do you do covers of songs?" He asks, he would really like to collaborate.

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"Yeah," David stopped humming. "It's nice to do covers at times." He then continued. "What kind of instruments do you play?"

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"well, I play the guitar, bass, piano, banjo, ukulele. Almost every instrument really." Davie looked upwards towards the ceiling. "Where did you learn to play?" He asked.

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"It's nice to have a connection for once in a while. . .if that made any sense." David was still looking at the ceiling, he had been wondering about his twin-brother and whether or not he was still outside doing something. "Do you have any siblings?"

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David then snapped back into reality. "What? Oh, yeah. I'm alright, I was just thinking about my brother is all and if he entered in here. I'm starting to think that he'll just look upwards on the ceiling and act fascinated by it, he's never been. . .outside much." He took a long pause, it was just that he wanted to tell someone that his brother is a Wizard but it was hard to since his brother might get banned from the Wizarding world.

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"Fine, fine. You the part where Harry noticed the roof of Hogwarts bewitched to look like the weather outside? Think of it as that way." David wasn't making much sense unless of course you know about the Supernatural then you'll know what he actually means. "I wish I could tell you but it's really hard to explain it." He pointed out.

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"I don't think you do. . ." David replied a bit dully but thought to change the subject before he finishes his sentence. "Funny really, I haven't seen him all day and who knows what he's up to now." He gave a quick light chuckle.

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"Well, I haven't seen him for about a lot during these years. He went somewhere else for it." David's expression was seemingly blank. "He's easily fascinated by anything. Like electronics."

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"Well, yeah." David gave a smile. "He's a tad bit curious about everything, well almost everything." he then rubbed his head as he continued. "He's easily amused." He then looked at Bella and asked. "How about you? What are you easily amused of?"

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Åᾔα {♥_♥} wrote: "Bella shrugged. "Alot of things, actually. It'll be hard to nane 'em all." She said, pushing a strand of her hair behind her ear. She then sighed, wondering what time it was currently."

David nodded, and silence fell over him. He didn't know what to say, sure he was talkative but that seemed to annoy her. He then quickly stared at the bookshelves, checking if there's anything good to read on them.

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David hummed for a bit, he then stood up quickly. "Uh,I'll go now. If you don't mind. I'm not good with dealing silence." He gave a half smile and went over to the fantasy section of books, finding a book he could read.

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Peter walks in and looks in the informational books.

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 72 comments she walks in and looks around frantically for something but can't find it while she's looking around for it runs into peter and they both fall "sorry!" she says quickly

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Peter gets up and helps her up. "It's ok. What were you in such a hurry for."
((Could you try to clean up the grammer, please. I would be very happy.))

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Peter looks around.

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