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message 1: by Jovon, Little Miss Sunshine :D (new)

Jovon Tucker (book2buzz) | 80 comments Mod
Anyone interested in swapping some books at all?

I was thinking we could use this thread to list what we have and wouldn't mind parting with.

I think this would be a good idea for those of us that have not enough space for the books we are only "so-so" about, you know? I know I have some!

What do you guys think?

message 2: by Alenette (new)

Alenette (ah-lee-neht) | 10 comments How does this "book swap" work? I'm curious and I actually have some (I think).

message 3: by Jovon, Little Miss Sunshine :D (new)

Jovon Tucker (book2buzz) | 80 comments Mod
Well I was thinking like say I have several books that I don't care to hold on to and to me they are just taking up space. But to you or Joe Shmoe over's something he's into.

Create a comment. Something similar to this:

I have 4 books up for grabs! Lets see what you got and maybe we can swap!

*book1 by author 1
*book2 by author 2 (ARC)
*book3 by author 3 paperback
*book4 by author 4 (slight tear on back jacket)

I'm open to suggestions but am really hoping to score:

*The Host

Something like this maybe?

Say you have Opal and you want my book2...either leave a comment, or better yet, message me and we can work something out!

Or if you can think of a better way to do this!

People must be honest about things or it won't work and definitely not for long.

Ya dig?

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