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The Shoemaker's Wife
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July book choice

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Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments Enjoying this book very much.

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Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments Finished the book!

Cindy | 23 comments I am loving it so far!

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments I went to the library to borrow 'Lucia, Lucia' because I loved this author, Adriana Trigiani so much. Then I went to Eastline books and I bought all used books by this author: the sequel to big 'Stone Gap' which I own, 'Big Cherry Holler', 'Very Valentine' and 'The Queen Of The Big Time'. In anticipation of my summer vacation which starts in one week! I bought a book for my mother for her birthday she just finished reading 'The Help' and needs a new book. I bought her 'The Wedding Quilt' by Jennifer Chiaverini. Dos anyone know if these books stand alone or need to be read in order this is book #18?

Patricia (pekemom) | 30 comments Trish, I think it is best if you read the Quilt series in order. The first one is fantastic, however, the title escapes me right now. But, I did hear that The Wedding Quilt does recap a lot of what has happened thus far with this quilting group. This is one of my favorite series. I know Cindy has read this series as well. I think your mother will love it. I always love it when I find a book that is one of a series; gives me lots to catch up on.

Lisajane | 20 comments Trish- There is another book that is suppose to be similar to The Help, if your mother enjoyed it. Its called the Kitchen House, I think. Did you read The Help? I loved it :) I haven 't read the book I mentioned yet. Its on my list. Would love to hear how you like the Valentine books. Also on my list. I have such a long I am sure we all do.

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments Patti and Lisajane thank you for your book information.

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments Patti I am going to start with the first Quilter book the Quilters Apprentice I ordered it from the library. It will be so much fun to discuss the book with you and Cindy.

Lisajane I will keep you posted how the Valentine book is after I read it. It is a trilogy.

I love if a book is a series if I enjoy the book. Looks like I might have some some great authors with some great series of books to read just in time when I have a long summer time to read them. One summer I found Nicholas Sparks book The Notebook. I loved the book so much I kept reading all of his books that summer it was fun to compare them!

Patricia (pekemom) | 30 comments Loving The Shoemaker's WIfe - such a good book.

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments Let me know when you finish it. I can't wait to discuss the book with you.

Patricia (pekemom) | 30 comments Trish wrote: "Let me know when you finish it. I can't wait to discuss the book with you."

Okay, I will. Can't put it down right now.

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments :-)

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments I picked up The Quilter's Apprentice from the library.

Patricia (pekemom) | 30 comments Excellent. I think you will really enjoy it, Trisha.

Lisajane | 20 comments When is the July meeting? I can't find my calender that I wrote it on. :) Please tell me I did not miss it. Thanks

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments Tuesday, July 16th, 6:30 p.m. Looking forward to seeing you then to discuss our great book choice.

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