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Hanne (hanne2) | 791 comments Mod
ch 36 - again what is it with these vestrits? do they have some elderling blood in them? wintrow frees one without so much thinking about it, malta is trying to do the same. and althea is the only person right now who has described the serpent as 'beautiful'.

i'm getting worried what selden might be doing in the future... i hope selden ignored his sister's command and took a run for it!

interesting learning about the previous book:
"The dragon spoke quickly, eagerly. "There is a great door in the south wall. The Elderlings created art here, in this chamber. They made living sculptures of my kind, from the memory stone. Old men would carve them in this chamber, safe from wind and weather. Then they would die into them and the sculptures would briefly take on their lives. The door would open, the simulacra would emerge into sunlight and fly over the city. They would live a brief time, and then their memories and false life would fade. There was a graveyard of them, back in the mountains. The Elderlings thought of it as art. We found it amusing to see ourselves copied in stone. So we tolerated it."

Hanne (hanne2) | 791 comments Mod
ch 37 - i like Selden. why has he not played a bigger role so far??

Hanne (hanne2) | 791 comments Mod
ch 38 - Weapon drill aboard the Paragon has started!

Paragon: There's two of us. Me and me
I guess my mixed plank interpretation was correct. The poor sod is shizofrenic

But what is more intriguing is Paragon's description about Amber She knew now what he had finally discovered
What does Amber know? She's very secretive. The only thing we know is that she's after a nine fingered slave boy

Hanne (hanne2) | 791 comments Mod
ch 39 - i won't lie: i was hoping Reyn and Selden would escape on the back of the dragon.

i do like the dragon though and how she refers to the humans "the poor bugs" :D

Hanne (hanne2) | 791 comments Mod
ch 40 - ooooo, the serpents have it figured out. are they going after all the liveships? is this war, and they will ruin them all?

the ending is quite annoying! i thought i had 50 pages left, but they appear to be a sneak peek of a next book.

David Sven (gorro) | 567 comments Ch36 - Yeah, that quote sounds very much like the dragons in the last series. That would mean though that they were not real dragons but "simulacra."

Then that quote "blood remembers" - Remember how the statues last series were made alive by the blood of someone with the "Wit?" I wonder how "Wit" and "Skilling" fit in this world or if we'll see anyone who has "Wit." In fact the Wit and/or skilling sounds very similar to the connection between liveships and their owners.

Hanne (hanne2) | 791 comments Mod
good point! i hadn't thought about wit and skill yet. it does seem that it could be something similar to that. although isn't there some contact needed for their speechless communication? so maybe it's a third variant of a similar thing

message 8: by David Sven (last edited Jun 08, 2013 09:19PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

David Sven (gorro) | 567 comments Hanne wrote: "Paragon: There's two of us. Me and me
I guess my mixed plank interpretation was correct. The poor sod is shizofrenic"

I don't think this is the mixed plank thing. I read this as the Ludlock memories plus his original dragon memories before he became a liveship.

“I'm not just what the Ludlucks made of me!” he burst out suddenly. “There is a me I was before, just as much a part of me. I don't have to be whom they made me. I can be who I was. Before.”

His revelation of his other self now gives him the freedom to choose who he wants to be. He may become the only liveship to have unified his memories into a new entity? He might finally become totally sane? Amber seems to think so.

“I'm fine,” Amber said softly. “Just fine. And I think Paragon is going to be just fine also.”

The dragon hatching and then deciding to rescue the "poor bugs" was cool :) - I wonder if she will now go and help rescue Vivacia and Kyle as she promised - I suppose she only promised Malta and Malta wasn't actually the one to free her - then again she did expose all those mechanisms and the dragon would never have gotten free without her.

This was a fun read. Looking forward to the next book.

message 10: by Sumant (last edited Jan 23, 2016 08:28PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sumant Dragon hatching was a cool part, also now I think the next book will convergence of serpents on the rain wild city because I think the rain wild river has the same toxin which the serpents have flowing through it because the boats on the rain wild river start corroding when they row in river and the same thing happened to the boat in Kennit and co were traveling to vivacia from the Other's island when she who remembers helped their boat.

Here is my my review of Mad ship, 2nd book in Live ship traders.

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