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Sam/Applejack♆ Complete with a fountain and everything, you often see lovers and young children hanging out around here.

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Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) ((Just to put him somewhere, I suppose. ))

To the androcentric organism with heterchromic ocular sitting on the edge of the fountain, the seemingly lighthearted atmosphere of the vicinity did nary a thing to settle his disrupted nerves. Betwixt his hands, he toyed with a deck of cards, shuffling them here and there, though his eyes remained entranced on something he could not fully see. His receptors ringed with the sound of lip smacking and he turned to land his scrutiny upon a couple beside him. They seemed to be neither of Soc nor Greaser origins, not that whom they were changed the way he spoke to them.

"Hey, do you mind?" The couple regarded him with ugly faces, as if telling him to back off. "Yeah, I'm not sure if you've ever noticed, but the public doesn't want to see you eat one another's face off." As they stood to leave the rude male to his psyche, Sebastian nodded, urging them on. "There you go, leave… yeah, idiots." Sebastian did not care if they felt embarrassed or offended. Twas there fault for being so ignorant.

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