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Evan Bollinger (goodreadscomeballz) | 1 comments Hey everybody,

I'm a teacher, dreamer, writer, and avid people-peeper. For the most part, I've focused my efforts into writing psychological and disturbing horror, but I also have a piece of work called "Shit Ain't Perfect" ( that exemplifies my crazy satirical side.

My work can be found here on Goodreads, but also on Amazon. I enjoy reading most genres, and am happy to provide free copies for anybody interested in my work as well. I figure we're all trying to improve at our craft, so anything to promote and possibly elicit reviews is a good thing!

Shit Ain't Perfect by Evan Bollinger Black Willow by Evan Bollinger The Followers by Evan Bollinger Marin's Dale by Evan Bollinger

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Lovely to meet you, Evan!

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