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Summer 2013

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message 1: by Miranda (last edited Jun 07, 2013 11:55AM) (new)

Miranda Wheeler (mirandawheeler) Hey bookies!

I just wanted to check it and fill-in any unaware members on a few things and finalize the great work we've done this year!

First things first: the Read-A-Thon went quite well! There were many attendees, and several members attended and represented the THS Book Club in the best of ways. Many thanks to all who raised money and participated to rep the Book Club at the Raiders Rally Read-A-Thon event!

Also, there's a few fun things happening over the summer: firstly, our fantastic VP Candace and myself will be setting aside chunks of our time to plan some fun things for the 2014 school year -- first but certainly not least of which including the 2013-2014 School Year Kindness Campaign. I'll be opening up a discussion topic sometime towards the end of August filling everyone in with completed plans, but for right now, if anyone wants to get involved with organizing it, either this summer or next fall, feel free to contact me!

Further, I wanted wish you all a most wonderful summer! If anyone wants a recommendation picking a book from their summer reading lists, hit me up! I'm on my last year of English, so I'm fairly familiar with the lists. As for personal reading, if you'd like a recommendation or you'd like to make one for next year, feel free to post here! VP-Candace and I will be checking the forums continuously. You can also try this website: -- it's a pretty cool platform for an auto-recommendation search engine. Quite nifty, if I do say so myself!

And if your inner bookie is going stir-crazy during these summer months, here’s a few ideas to keep the bookish mind at ease:

*Check out some book blogs or the book sections of major online news sources!

*Check for reviewers, authors, agents, readers, or publishers that Youtube vlog!

*Follow a bookish Twitter account! Here’s some excellent suggestions (methinks):

Author | John Green (@realjohngreen)
Author | Cassandra Clare (@cassieclare)
Author | Amanda Hocking (@amanda_hocking)
Author | J. K. Rowling (@jk_rowling)
Author | Sarah Dessen (@sarahdessen)
Author | James Patterson (@JP_Books)
Author | Lauren Oliver (@OliverBooks)
Author | Josh Whedon (@josswhedon)
Publisher | Simon & Schuster (@simonschuster)
Publisher | HarperTeen (@harperteen)
Publisher | PenguinTeen (@PenguinTeen)
Publisher | Scribner (@ScribnerBooks)
Publisher | HarlequinTeen (@HarlequinTeen)
Website | Epic Reads (@EpicReads)
Website | Huffington Post Books (@HuffPostBooks)
Website |New York Times Books (@nytimesbooks)
Website | YA Books Central (@yabookscentral)
Author & Book Club President | Miranda Wheeler (@writingwheeler)

*Look forward to our next meeting… next fall 2013! We will meet for a discussion of the OneBookOneSchool novel.

Many thanks for an excellent first year of the official THS Book Club! It was a wonderful kick-start to a long reign of many more (that’s a nod to you, underclassmen -- be ready to grab the reigns at the end of 2014!). Thus far, we undoubtedly have the very best club members in the school – so go ahead, pat yourselves on the back, beam, and get ready for next year! Be sure to write down anything great you read over the summer and make sure you don’t lose your Goodreads log-in information – you’ll need it next year!

To conclude: cheers! I wish you all a fantastic summer.

Happy reading!

message 2: by THS Librarian (new)

THS Librarian | 28 comments Mod
Thanks to you Miranda for your leadership and organization! You have some great suggestions here. Among the things I plan to do over the summer is to be a Twitter follower, so I appreciate the great suggestions.
Speaking of summer, the THS One Book, One School summer reading selection is (...drum roll please...) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green! Many, if not all, of the THS Book Club members have already read this great book, so your job is to talk it up among the students who have not. Let's get all of THS excited about reading and with John Green's help, we can do just that.
Have a great summer reading and relaxing!

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