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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Maddox and Madden Smoke live here. Pack members often spend time here

Outside (view spoiler)

Backyard (view spoiler)

Entryway (view spoiler)

Living Room (view spoiler)

Kitchen (view spoiler)

Dining Room (view spoiler)

Media Room (view spoiler)

Maddox's Room (view spoiler)

Madden's Room (view spoiler)

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion put her arm over her closed eyes, there was way more light in her room than usual. She preferred her room to be as dark as possible because she tended to sleep in...a lot. She started to roll out of her bed only to be blocked -- by a body that pulled her closer...Cady didn't stay the night with her last night, did she? Her eyes fluttered halfway open only to fly completely open when she realized that it was Maddox in bed with her. What was he doing in her room? Wait. No. What was she doing in his room -- in his bed? Building the courage to look under the covers she noted that they were both unclad. No. No. No. No. Legion panicked and she untangled herself from the sheets and her...mate. Her hand flew to her mouth to stop her from crying out, she was sore everywhere. Jumping out of the bed Legion looked around for her clothes, she had to get out of her before he woke up and realized that he got exactly what he wanted from her. She couldn't believe that she had allowed herself to get so out of control that she lost her virginity in a drunken haze. Sure, it was with her mate...but he was an ass that wanted nothing to do with her-- other than sleeping with her which he just got. Holding back the tears she threw on a pair of his basketball shorts and a hoody, it would be easier to sneak out if she smelled like him. Taking a deep breath she rushed out the door, praying that no one would be home to see her 'walk of shame'.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((Haha Madden's gonna catch her in her walk of shame))

Madden had just been leaving her own room when she heard the door to Maddox's room open as well. She had just woken up so she stumbled down the hall way in her leopard print footsie pajamas with the hood pulled over her head. (view spoiler)Her blonde hair was falling out of it's two braids and her eyes had yet to adjusted to the brightly lit house. She smiled when she smelled Maddox and saw his signature grey work out hoodie and ran after him. By the time she pounced on his back she realized a second too late that this wasn't Maddox, it was another one of his bed buddies. Madden ended up taking down the girl and they landed in a heap on the floor. "Oh damn, that hurt." She said as she rubbed her side, "Sorry Random girl #1098, I thought you were Maddox." She of course was exaggerating about the number, but she felt like at his rate, he would get that high.

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Antonia (adf7793) ((Awkward... ^^))

Legion held her breath the whole time, she couldn't imagine the remarks that she would get if she was caught. What had she been thinking last night? Well, okay, obliviously that was the point. She wasn't thinking. This is why she never drank, because she was afraid of something like this happening. She had nearly made it down the hall when something, well someone tackled her from behind. She panicked when she saw the leopard spots not even feeling the pain from hitting the ground, twisting around she noticed it was just a girl in pajamas. Her sigh of relief was short lived when she heard the words that the girl...Maddox's sister said. Had he really slept with that many girls? Surely not...right? She ground her teeth as she felt hot tears burning at her eyes, Legion blinked them away. She hadn't expected that to hurt so much, it actually paled in comparison to soreness of her physical pain; pushing herself up from the ground she glanced at the blonde girl. Legion decided that she didn't want anything of her so-called mate's she had a tank top on so she pulled off his hoody, she winced at a sharp pain by her neck. Bring her hand up to it she felt teeth marks...he bit her? "What the hell..." Legion muttered out loud to herself.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((You know it))

Madden looked the girl over and she realized that it was Legion Balthasar, "Oh good god, he got to you too?" She whined as she did a dramatic face palm. "You FallenVale girls really need to learn how to deflect his advances and seriously what happened to the chicks before dicks rule? I'm going to have no friends if my asshat brother keeps screwing them all." Not that Legion and her were exactly friends. They were civil to each other and that had to count for something right? Madden watched as Legion got to her feet and started tearing Maddox clothes off, "That's probably a good idea, i have no idea that last time those were washed." She joked but her smile quickly faded when she saw the hint of tears in Legion's eyes, "OH don't cry, he really hasn't slept with that many girls. I exaggerated that a lot. Like take a thousand off the number and divide it by two and thats probably about the right number. I mean give or take a Few-" She paused mid sentence whens he saw the bite wound on the caster's neck, "That mother fucking asshole son of a bitch!" Madden screamed and jumped to her feet and was running down the hallway into Maddox's room. She'd grabbed hold of Legion's hand and pulled her with her as she went, "Maddox Joel Smoke, I'm going to Kill You!!" She yelled as she yanked open his door.

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Antonia (adf7793) When Legion looked back up she realized that the girl was an old friend...well acquaintance from high school Madden. Madden was Maddox's sister? She supposed she shouldn't be so surprised, their names were similar and they looked so much alike she couldn't believe she hadn't put two and two together earlier. "Normally I'm immune to asses such as your brother, but I was having an off night..." not to mention I was way too intoxicated for my own good Legion sighed, trying to calm herself down so she wouldn't cry...she wasn't going to cry. One thing about Legion was that she loathed showing weakness of any kind, and to her crying was a sign of weakness. She rolled her eyes as Madden tried to comfort her, not because she didn't appreciate the attempt but because Legion had allowed this to occur in the first place. She jumped as Madden shouted out in anger, her violet eyes flashing to her in shock. Legion tried to back away as Madden reached out to grab her hand, with no such luck, Madden was dragging her back towards Maddox's room with ease. Despite Legion's power, Madden was physically stronger than she could even wish to be, "Madden...Mads...no! Please, just let me leave..." She trailed off as Madden threw open the door, it was too late they were staring right at the now fully awake Maddox.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "Madden, I'm hungover and still half a sleep, could you please calm the hell down and lower your damn voice." Maddox said standing up from bad in his complete naked glory.

"Oh for all that is still holly, cover your junk." Madden said, slapping a hand over her eyes. She may be legally an adult, but that sure as hell didn't mean she acted like one. Once she heard the rustling of movement and the sound of drawers being opened and close stopped, Madden risked a peak at her brother and found he'd put on a pair of jeans. "Oh thank jesus." she sighed and feature automatically shifted back into their angry ways, "How dare you! How could you do something like this? Do you have no morals Maddox!? How do you think mom and dad would feel about this?" She ranted, "They are probably turning in their graves because of you!" She was pacing now.

"Madden slow the hell down, what are you going on about?" He mumbled just as his jumbled brain had caught up with the fact that Legion was standing in his room also. Memories of last night slowly started to come back but ended when he put her in his truck. His eyes grew wide as he looked to Legion and then to his bed, which was painfully obvious of what had been happening in there. "Oh shit."

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion's eyes widened as Maddox stood in front of her and Madden completely unclad, her eyes shot to the floor and her face turned flaming red. Legion wished she had the power of teleportation, out of every power in the world that one would be the most useful to her in that moment. She could make herself appear invisible? That had a good ring to it, but if she moved she was sure that they would be able to hear her, which would defeat the purpose. At Madden's words of relief she dared to glance up and noted that he was decent...enough. At Madden's outburst Legion's eyes shot between the two siblings, and she started to inch away from them while they weren't focused on her.

It appeared she had no such luck because Maddox chose that moment to look over at her, and despite what she was feeling she found herself laughing at his words. Sighing she rubbed the sides of her temples...this day had just been great so far. "Look...I feel like we are making a bigger deal of this than we have to. What happened last night-- shouldn't have happened, but neither one of us was in the right state of mind. So let's just add this to the "let's pretend we're not mates" category and call it a day?" With that she turned on her heels and started walking away from Madden and Maddox.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "'Pretend we're not mates'?... What the freaking hell is talking about Maddox?" Madden shrieked, could her brother really be this big of an asshole. He had found his mate and now he was just going to blow her off? Oh hell no. Madden stormed closer to her brother and started slapping at his chest and arms at every word. "What.the.hell.is wrong.with.you?" She shouted, "You are such an idiot!" She continued slapping at him till Maddox grabbed her hands and pinned them to her sides.

"Not now Mads." He growled obviously not wanting to get into it with her right now. His mind was still cloudy from the alcohol and her contant screaming was giving him a bigger headache. "This doesn't concern you anyway." He said letting her arms go and shoving past her.

Madden snarled, "Like hell it doesn't! You're my brother and the only family I have! Of course this concerns me, you dickwad." She said storming after him. Her golden gaze landed on Legion who was trying to sneak out, "Get your pretty ass back in here Legion Balthasar! I am not done with you" She said, putting her hand on her leopard one-zie clad hips. Her eyes returned to focus on her brother, "You are going to fix this. Our parents would be so disappointed in you." She told him, her eyes filled with anger, "Good thing I'm here so I can be disappointed for both of us."

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion was making good progress towards the door, she felt sort of bad for Maddox, Madden was definitely letting him have it. Actually, no, no she didn't feel bad for him. She was rather pleased that he was getting yelled at, since she could bring herself to be the one to call him out on his stupidity. Though she was hardly one to speak, Legion had agreed to trying to let the bond fade and she was the one that chose to drink last night. She placed her hands on the side of her head and muttered to herself softly, if she couldn't do anything at least she could get rid of her hangover.

Legion winced when she heard Madden walling on her brother, she definitely didn't take any prisoners when she was furious. Legion made a mental note not to get on Madden's bad side...ever. Maddox just brushed passed her like it was nothing though, Legion was in awe over the physical power that these shifters possessed.

Her hand had just touched the door knob when she heard Madden chastising her, sighing she turned around to see both pairs of the siblings' eyes on her before turning back towards each other. Legion's eyes widened at what Madden said, and she felt the urge...no the need to defend Maddox. "It's okay, really, there's nothing to fix..." She started to say but was cut off by her phone ringing, it sounded like it was coming from Maddox's room. She couldn't believe she had nearly left it, judging by the ringtone it was Acer calling her. Legion's face turned a shade of scarlet, as if this morning couldn't get anymore awkward...

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Madden spun around and faced Legion, "Oh yes there is something to fix. Finding you're mate is the best freaking thing that will ever happen to you in your life. That piece of you that you've always known was missing is filled by your mate.You finally feel complete and that empty spot in your soul is gone." She said, repeating the words that her mother told her when she was a child. Madden had clung to the those words like they were her life line since her mother's death. Maddox winced when Mads said the all too familiar words. "You are so damn lucky. Both of you are, even if you're both too blind to see-" madden was cut off by the ringing of a cell phone. Madden looked around the room for the source and found the device right by her foot. "Acer?" Madden said, cocking her head to the side. "You know he's gay right? I saw him hooking up with one of our Coyote shifters." She said to Legion. She didn't know it was some big secret. she hadn't told anyone though. It wasn't her thing to tell.

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Antonia (adf7793) As Legion listened to Madden's word she felt herself building up with rage, Maddox had acted as if finding her had been the worst thing that had ever happened to him. The whole time is was supposed to be the opposite. Sure, she hadn't really wanted the mate thing either...but she felt that she had been more open to the idea than him. Honestly it didn't matter though...at least that's what she was telling herself. Legion didn't even look over at Maddox, she just wanted to be as far away from him as possible. "Could have fooled me..." She murmured softly to herself, forgetting that shifters had enhanced hearing. Legion frowned when Madden revealed that she knew that Acer was gay...he was being too careless. Instead of walking over near the Smoke siblings to retrieve her phone, Legion made her phone come to her. "Yes. I know." She replied stiffly, rubbing her forehead softly.

Glancing down at her phone she seen that she had a few missed calls and texts, Is is true? Adam told me that you were making out with his alpha on his car last night...is Maddox really your mate? Legion bit down on her lip, harshly, the metallic taste of blood entered her mouth. She wondered who else knew...if Lynx knew. Legion couldn't even imagine how her twin would feel about this news. "I've got to go." She didn't care that she was only wearing a tank top and her boy short undies, she didn't care that she didn't have her car, she just needed to get out of here.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Madden's hand shot out and grabbed Legion's elbow, pulling her back into the room, "Oh I don't think so, Witch." She stated as she pushed Legion farther into the room and closer to Maddox. "You guys are going to work this shit out." She demanded. People didn't tend to disagree with Madden, especially her brother. He knew how she could get. She was ruthless. Madden crossed her arms and glared at the two of them, "what you guys have is special. Were's and shifters can go their entire lives without finding their mates. You're a lucky bastard Maddox." She said meeting his gold stare. "You guys will stay in here till you work it out." With that, she slammed the door shut and with quick motions, pushed a large cabinet in front of it

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Antonia (adf7793) Almost at the door, Legion was stopped in her attempt to leave once again by Mads. She couldn't believe how strong the other girl was. Being pushed through the door to Maddox's bedroom, she narrowly stopped herself from falling to the floor. Her eyes widened as she saw Madden slam the door and faintly heard something being pushed against it. Legion ran to the door trying in vain to push it open, "Are you freaking kidding me? MADDEN! OPEN THE DOOR!" The house shook slightly at the booming of her voice, Legion closed her eyes as she attempted to use her powers to get out of the room. She found out the hard way however, that hang overs and using her magical talents didn't work together so well. Sighing in defeat she turned her back to the door, sliding down it to the ground. Pulling her knees to her chest, Legion looked everywhere but directly at Maddox. This wasn't how she planned her morning to start...or her previous night to end. How had things gotten so screwed up?

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