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Comment on past book picks.

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Brooke Nolan (brookesbooksmom) | 15 comments Mod
The Color of Magic POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Finished! But wanting more. I'm currently madly looking for The Light Fantastic left here by #1 son...Oh! Found by #3 son in the kitchen. Got it all wrong. #3 son bought these copies from McKay's last year. He has unseated #1 son as current favorite. OK...Terry Pratchett has taken his place among the gods of Diskworld as The Writer. I really really enjoyed this book. And by the way, he did leave us with a "cliff hanger" in TCOM...Another reason to continue with the series.

What was your favorite character? Mine was DEATH... *cricket noises*...Never thought DEATH could be funny, but Pratchett pulls it off.

What did you like or not like about Diskworld?

I want to see the 6+2th color Octarine. What the hec does that look like? It's supposed to be close to purple but with some sparkly greenish thing going on. Me and my minions are going to do our best to concoct experimental Octarine Punch this weekend. If we succeed you may never hear from us again except for the postcards from Ank Morpork, Krull and the Rimfall at the Circumfence. Although we might avoid Krull for obvious reasons.

And one more thing...I want to see a fish swim by in that troll's chest.

Congratulations to our little group, that must not be named, for completing our first book.

What did you think?

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