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Avril of Themyscira Khalin walked down the long hall, removing her blue traveling robe as Tyr followed her slow, slinking walk. Poise accentuated her, her every move like a calculated movement in a chess game. She dropped her cloak in the arms of a cowering servant girl and continued, her cold blue eyes staring ahead.

Avril of Themyscira She laughed smoothly. "Caspian. I do not lurk. I slink," she corrected, with a wave of her hand and billowing long sleeve. Tyr grumbled at Caspian but she waved him off casually, displaying an ease in control over such a powerful animal. "And where has my great and powerful lord the king been hiding himself until so late in the day?" she questioned, a playful smile dancing upon her lips.

Avril of Themyscira Khalin's jaw set, her fists bounding into fists in her sleeves until she quickly calmed down. "Very true, my lord," she answered, folding her sleeves behind her back and nodding.

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Lucy walked in. She pulled her cloak from over her head, revealing herself. "Caspian?" She said.

Avril of Themyscira Khalin drew back and gasped, Tyr blocking her from the King, growling as steam poured from his nostrils.

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"Woah, I'm not here to kill any of you, Espically not him," she said pointing to Caspian.

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"Thank you." She said. "I came to say hello, and tell you that we're all back. Me and Edmund are going to be living here. And I'm not sure about Susan or Peter." She smiled.

Avril of Themyscira Khalin whistled at the dragin and it curled at her feet as she clung to a stair rail, eyeing the small girl.

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Lucy looked at Khalin wondering if she was always like this. She tried not to laugh. Why would someone fear her?

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Avril of Themyscira Khalin sneered at the girl, petting her dragon. She could smell a Narnian for miles.

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Lucy smiled even broader now. "So, how are you? It's been a long time," she said turning to Caspian.

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She smiled and hugged him back. "Why is she stairing at me like I'm a threat?" She whispered softly looking at Khalin.

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"He didnt come with me. But Peter and Susan are here. They just haven't decided if they are going to stay. But me and Edmund are," she said kindly as she walked down the hall with him.

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She smiled back at him. "Would you like to see the others? I'm sure they'd be happy to see you,"

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"I would love that, and I know Edmubd will love to see you. It was nice speaking to you," she smiled before leaving. She pulled her cloak ver her head and headed down the beach.

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She left walking down the beach.

Avril of Themyscira ((oh yeah. Sorry.. I will move them. Would you post there first?))

Avril of Themyscira ((Where would you like me to post it?))

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Lucy came riding in, Alin holding her waist. She was smiling. "Woah," she said pulling the reins and slowing down.

Avril of Themyscira He dropped down, beaming. "Isn' i' great?" he asked, beaming. "I mean, it's no Cair Paravel, but,,"

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"Yes, it is beautiful. I've been here before already... And almost got burned by a dragon." She said remembering the day Khalins dragon almost burned her to ash.

Avril of Themyscira He frowned. "I'll protect you!" he laughed

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She smiled. "Thanks," she smiled and hugged him, something she rarely did.

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Avril of Themyscira ((sorry))
He smiled, hugging her and walking ahead, pulling on his collar again. "You coming Lucy?"

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"Um, yeah. I just have to tie her down," she said tieing Kindles reins on a pole.

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((It's ok.))

Avril of Themyscira He stood, leaning against a wall and running a hand through his perfectly swept hair.

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"Ok, I'm ready,' she said.

Avril of Themyscira ((To cair paravel!!!)

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((OK I'm there.))

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