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Miss Underworld (The Diety's Secrets, #1) by Racquel Kechagias Racquel Kechagias
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Page Count: 87

Book Description:
Melinoe had been abandon at birth, for what reason she has never known, but she knows this, she isn't like everybody else. Her eyes are a mismatched colour, one of pure black, the other filmed white. She can see ghosts, and at times she is able to help them crossover, she destroys everything in her path as well as any relationship she has ever been in. Melinoe is sick of her depressing life, until one day she meets Morpheus, and when she learns that he has a secret of his own, she'll do just about anything to find out what it is.

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1. Angie

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epub please

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sent in your request Angie

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Beppe DM Hi,

I can't review but I can post a promo on my blog

Let me know if you're interested

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