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Laura | 500 comments Please check out the rules before signing up -

There are 6 copies of this book in mobi, epub or pdf format. As usual you have 3 weeks to post a review on goodreads and share a link here. Reviews on other sites are appreciated but not required.

Title: Three Daves
Author: Nicki Elson
Genre: NA contemporary


Jennifer Whitney was the last American virgin. At least that’s what she felt like in 1986 as she began her sophomore year at Central Illinois University. She was proud of her decision to wait for the right guy, and yet she was getting restless. It seemed like everyone around her was doing it... and having fun doing it, too. She didn’t want to become the campus slut or anything, but surely there was a difference between a trashy skank and a nice girl with a little experience. Perhaps it was time to stop relying on fate to guide her and instead take matters into her own hands. And with that realization, Jen decided to find “the one” and lose her virginity, although not necessarily in that order...

Nicki Elson has created a heroine that everyone will cheer for as she comes of age in the mid-1980s. Whether you lived through the decade and survived the bad hair and acid-wash jeans, or just heard the wild stories, readers of all ages will identify with Jen Whitney as she searches for “the one,” enjoying her romantic ups and downs, made even more entertaining by Nicki Elson’s amusingly wry sense of humor.

To sign up please leave a comment with your email address and choice of format. Copies will be given to the first 6 who then have 3 weeks to post a link to their review here.

1 - TeriLyn - - mobi
2 - Lindsay - - ePub
3 - Dallas - - mobi
4 - Monica - - ePub
5 - Angie - - mobi
6 - Bettina - - ePub

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TeriLyn Kindle version. Thank you!

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Lindsay | 46 comments Love to review. Nook ePub please

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Dallas | 9 comments I would love to read & review.

Kindle compatible


Monica (monie1278) | 21 comments Would like to read ePub thank you.

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Angie Elle (angieelle) I would love to read and review this one. Mobi format, please.

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Bettina Sivyer | 39 comments I loved to review it. ePub. Thanks!

Roxie | 2 comments
Kindle Please

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Jo (joco74) | 17 comments I would like to review this
mobi thanks

Nicole Johnson | 83 comments I would like to read this

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Laura | 500 comments COPIES NOW ALL GONE :)

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Lindsay | 46 comments Just realized my email address above has a typo. Please send Nook ePub to Thank you!

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Laura | 500 comments Lindsay wrote: "Just realized my email address above has a typo. Please send Nook ePub to Thank you!"

We discovered it had a typo so I found the actual address by looking at your previous sign up coments for other books :)

Monica (monie1278) | 21 comments Three Daves Three Daves by Nicki Elson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed Jenn's story. She dated 3 Dave's and the entire time she loved only one. It was a quick read. I liked this book a lot.

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