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Laura | 500 comments Please check out the rules before signing up -

There are 15 copies of this in pdf, mobi and epub format. As usual you have 3 weeks to post a review on goodreads and share a link here. Reviews on other sites are appreciated but not required.

Title: Future Letters
Author: HR. Willaston
Genre: NA contamporary


Three best friends.
Morgan's name is synonymous with what's hot in the world of fashion as she models for the world's best and most well known designers.
Invincible Rising is touring the globe with their multi-platinum selling album while lead singer Alaia uses her solo projects to experience music beyond rock.
While her friends travel around the world, Lilianna creates worlds of her own in her bestselling novels. Touring is fun, but she's much happier being beside of her talented photographer and art gallery owner husband, Dylan. They love their

Dream-Come-True lives...... Ten years from now.

Right now they're in high school. Morgan is fighting to be cheer captain and juggling boyfriends. Alaia is competing for choir solos and wants a bad boy that won't break her heart. Lilianna wishes that her long time crush Dylan would see her as more than a friend and is bored - searching for a more creative writing outlet than the school's newspaper.
She finds that outlet through writing letters as if they were ten years into the future, encouraging her friends to do the same. Comparing their teen written letters to their adult lives, the girls discover that futures don't always turn out as you plan and your entire world can change in a heartbeat.
Future Letters, filled with friendship, love, confusion and heartbreak, is the story of their lives and dreams told through glimpsing into their private world of note passing, emails, text messages and private chat rooms.

To sign up please leave a comment with your email address and choice of format. Copies will be given to the first 15 who will then have 3 weeks to post a link to their review here.


1 - Koya.Sebie - - epub
2 - Deborah - - mobi
3 - Stephanie - - mobi
4 - Megan - - mobi
5 - - epub
6 - Lyndsey - - epub
7 - Nicole - - pdf
8 - Nikki - - mobi
9 - Nicole -
10 - Robyn - - epub
11 - Theresa - - mobi
12 - Judy - - mobi
13 - MissyGirl - - mobi
14 - AlwaysReadingBooks - - mobi
15 - Kristine - - mobi

Koya.siebie in Epub format please

Deborah Sastroredjo (lievedebs) | 8 comments I like the concept mobi please

Steph | 156 comments, kindle format please, thanks!

Megan Neel | 79 comments
Mobi please.

Thank you!

Kamakshi (kamakshin) | 54 comments ePub please!!

Lyndsey I would like to read please. ePub

Nicole | 16 comments

I have a Nook and am not sure which type of document I would need, be it Mobi or PDF; but which ever file is able to be used successfully with my device I'd like

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I'd love to read this! :) kindle please (mobi)

Nicole Johnson | 83 comments I would like to read

message 11: by Robyn (new)

Robyn (robynd99) | 44 comments Hi ePub if available but any available format is ok.

Theresa (tjarosick) | 64 comments I would love to read this. Kindle format please. Email:

message 13: by Judy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Judy (judyzreadsalot) | 28 comments mobile please

MissyGirl | 30 comments Mobi copy please!

Alwaysreadingbooks - Reading Drinking and Relaxing (alwaysreadingbooks) | 281 comments Sounds good kindle format

Kristine | 6 comments kindle please:)

Christie72 (Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews) (christie72) | 65 comments Would love to review this. Kindle please.

message 18: by Cinthia (new)

Cinthia (cinthiah) | 48 comments epub

message 19: by Billie (new)

Billie (billiejeanmayordomo) Epub please? Thanks! :)

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BookLover | 84 comments kindle please

message 21: by Delpha (new)

Delpha (dgood1) | 24 comments I you have any I would love one! ePub or Mobi! Please!

message 22: by Delpha (new)

Delpha (dgood1) | 24 comments Oh and my email. :)

Megan Neel | 79 comments Thanks for the opportunity to read this book. Loved it!

Theresa (tjarosick) | 64 comments Thanks for the opportunity. Here's my review:

MissyGirl | 30 comments Thank you for the opportunity to read this book! Here's my review:

Nicole Johnson | 83 comments Enjoyed Future Letters. Here is my review

Kristine | 6 comments Sorry my review is a little late, but here it is. Thanks for letting me read this book!

Kamakshi (kamakshin) | 54 comments The review is late.. Sorry:(
Thank you for the opportunity.

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