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What do you think about the story?
Chami Chami (last edited Jun 07, 2013 08:16AM ) Jun 07, 2013 08:11AM
When compared to the other books of Jean Sasson (excluding mayada as i have not read it yet)it seemed less horrifying as there are no harassment from men to the women. Actually speaking Iraqi Kurdish women have freedom from their men,which is very surprising after reading the other books of the author.

Joanna had led a peaceful life with her father and brothers.Also unlike in other stories Joanna had not led a life which is full of agony as parents give more freedom to the boys in the family than the girls. Iraqi Kurdish women had not covered their head or body as other Muslim women i came across in other books of Jean Sasson.Due to that reason this book was less painful despite all the difficulties Kurds and Joanna had faced. And, most significant fact is they seems not to have any pressure when selecting their husband, as Joanna end up with Sarbast in a love marriage. And, i am happy to see Joanna's story has a happy ending.

What do you think?

Iam from Kurdistan. that was in 70s 80s and 90s. now a days nearly most of kurdish grls are obliged to cover their heads.

هذه الرواية تحتل مكانة قيّمة في قلبي, أراها متكاملة من حيث الحبكة الروائية بعيدة عن الحشو في الكلمات
باختصار,, انها تحكي عن نموذج للمرأة العراقية المناضلة التي وقفت الى جانب شعبها وزوجها ضد الظلم والاستبداد البعثي في تلك الحقبة من الزمن. تحمّلت فراق الأهل ونأت عن متاع الحياة فقط من أجل أن ينعم الشعب الكردي بحياة كريمة .

سعيدة جداًبنهاية الرواية لأن جوانا تعيش حياة كريمة الآن, ومهما طال الظلم والاستبداد, فالظالم حتمًا ملاقٍ نتاج ماحصده.

I think we have to see through the traumatic experiences of Joanna as writer herself describing; there was very difficulties to memoir all bitter realities for Joanna which was still making deep and painful hut in heart of Joanna. Its like a memoir too.

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