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message 1: by maria (last edited Jun 07, 2013 04:27PM) (new)

maria Hi! Maria's friend here again to write!

Life without Love
Like a hole in my heart
Hallow, not full of warmth

Without being able to
Express this wonderful feeling
Leaves you with, instead,
a feeling of lonliness.

Can't give hugs
Can't be hugged

Without light from love

No hapiness in life
Without Love

Kallie~ Can'tLive-WithOrWithoutYou (GlambertPhan15) | 4 comments Down the lane
Round the bend
Through the valley and over the glen
Past the treees and near the sea
With stones of gray in disarray
Is where the soldiers lay.
Under the hill, beneath the daisies
Some were shot, some went crazy.
With many unnamed, in the grass not tamed,
Some are different and some are the same.
And into the old forest they creep
Below the Weeping Willow sleep
Warriors so brave, buried so deep.
So many are there, still uncounted
Fallen here, at Dogtag Mountain.

Faded flags and dying flowers
How many perished in just one hour?
Some with a name, some with a date,
Those who fired just a little too late.
Slanting shadows and haunting calls
From those men who gave it all.
The mourners who come, in numbers not counted,
Gather here, on Dogtag Mountain.

When the suns sets
Behind the hill
Sinking lower, over the Mill
They didn't come home
Through the cold night chill.

Down the lane
Round the bend
Through the valley and over the glen
Past the trees and near the sea
Where the heroes lay
In disarray, scattered all about.
But there is no fear, no, don't you doubt
Throw your coin in the fountain-
Bet your life
That there are ghosts
On Dogtag Mountain.

message 3: by Chloe Rose (new)

Chloe Rose | 30 comments Life Without Hope

When you feel that all hope is lost,
You'll see a shining bright light.
Without that light all is despair,
And at your heart the lossage will tear.
Without hope you wouldn't keep trying,
Nothing would ever get done.
No genius would ever be really smart,
No runner would ever begin at the start.
Without hope all optimism is gone,
Achieving is like keeping your pawn.
So thank you hope for helping the world,
Acting selflessly always.
Because I know that if all hope was lost,
Love and joy would be taken and tossed.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Life Without Music
By: Dreams4EverYoung

This I have tried before
But have failed, but I will not once more
For I have been pushed around
By the mindless and the weak
For they cannot hear the sound
that has captivated me
And for without this love, i have felt so strong
Life would hurt, and it would feel so wrong
For i would go back, into the pit of depression
And for I would lack, all my confessions
And once more would i feel nothing
Because depression isn't that there is something
It's that there is nothing
And i would try to cover it all
with make-up or a message
But all these walls
Echo my humiliation
For I would have no friends, that catch my teardrops
and keep them form hitting the floor
I have not had the kind of friendship before
And so my love for music stands today
For with out it, my soul would have been thrown away
And I have seen us try to cover it
But no matter how many big-macs you eat
or levels of life you complete
or floors that represent your heart you sweep!
I would never have been able to forget
So this is me saying Thank you to music
For you have saved me from suicide
And i will always thank you... Music
For you have save my life

I <3 Music

Kallie~ Can'tLive-WithOrWithoutYou (GlambertPhan15) | 4 comments @Dreams, VERY nice :)

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message 7: by Zaky (new)

Zaky (zakyadevie) | 5 comments become someone

someone call you,someone ignoring you
someone welcoming you,someone didnt
someone love you,someone betray you

someone look at you there,someone turning the head for opposite.
someone listening to you,someone out there wont listening you.

exist and vanish

who are you,who we are,who become who?

who am i? one...beside we fill our soul.

hooom...hoooom..swasti astu...hooom

message 8: by Chloe Rose (new)

Chloe Rose | 30 comments If yours is shortish than what is mine?!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Bookless life.

Life is great with books
They give you ideas
They give you sweet dreams.
Books are the source;
The source for your fantasy.

But without it,
Life cannot go on.
Dreams would be crumbled.
Endless dreamless nights.
Completely, utterly, lost.

So you see now right?
Books cannot be burned.
Books can't be destroyed.
They must have a place.
A place in your life.

Reading's everywhere.
You read on computers.
On technology.
On cereal boxes.
Reading's part of life,
Weather you like it,
or otherwise, yes.
People don't realize
How so important
Books can really be.

Life without books, see
Is just so worthless
Is just so pointless.
People will loose that.
That ability.
Its quite magical.
Its called reading, lad.

Now you see, damsel
Without reading...
Life is just god-awful

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so I guess there will be no judging

message 11: by Chloe Rose (new)

Chloe Rose | 30 comments Where are you Jada!!!!!!!!?????????

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