Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3) Entwined with You question

Anyone read it yet?
Coralie Coralie Jun 07, 2013 07:49AM
Sooooo, what did you think?


okkay so i read all three books so far and i really wish she would of just ended it with this one. it feels like she keeps dragging the story out too much i liked the books but its starting to feel so unrealistic to me i hope all our questions on gideon are answered in the next book.

I think it's a good book but we all expected it to end with this last book so like most people I was pissed to find out after staying up until midnight to buy it on kindle then another 8+ hours to find out how it would end .... Lets just say I was beyond LIVID ... Then here ....update pop up of 2 more books to be released ....(WTF????)

O.K. so loved this series but it is time for it to go away. I did not enjoy this last one, Sylvia Day...Epilogue? It needs to be finished all ready, marry them off with some kids so we can stop thinking about them! please!

Ray i agree
Aug 06, 2013 04:59PM
Ray i agree
Aug 06, 2013 04:58PM

I thought gideons secret was going to be reaveled WTF!!!

I HATED IT. If it was a book I would have thrown it out the window.

I thought the ending was a bit of a rushed effort, left too many loose ends, I didnt feel the actual book achieved anything other than update on Eva and Gideon. I'll still read the next one though ;)

I didn't enjoy it as much as the other two but I still really liked it. I am so glad there's more books to come. I want to find out more about Gideon.

I enjoyed it just as much. I wish there wasn't so much restating of what we know about the characters because I was ready to move on. But, I understand that we might need the reminder. Of course, like everyone else, I want more.

I agree with Ilana. I really like getting to know the other characters. I find myself not wanting Eva to work for Gideon because I like Mark. I'm curious where Megumi is. I'm rooting for Trey. This series is one where I really feel like I know the supporting cast.

I love this book series and I'm almost done with this one (only have like 20 more pages). My only gripe is that I'm all for sexy, naughty stuff, but I just don't find it sexy at all when they always refer to each other's nether regions as cunt and cock. There are times when they are even supposively "making love" and not "f-ing" where they use those words. I'm not a prude, I just think in the context of the story it is used way too much and sounds gross as opposed to sexy.

Very dissapointing after such a long wait.

Loved the first two. I guess I have a little Cary-crush... Was totally disappointed in the third though.

loved Eva and Gideon just waiting for more. anyone know when the next two are so to be released? can't wait.;)

I wished I read the reviews first, borring and dull and a shame as I really enjoyed the first two. No storyline and left on a cliffhanger but sorry I will not be buying the next one in the series. A fool I'm not, if there is no storyline left. If I was only interested in the sex part I could watch or read porn.

the book seamed like a small chunk of the story stretched out, hardly any intimate scenes bar the beginning, but even tho it wasn't packed with the story i thought it would be, i love the wedding, i loved the make up at the beginning, i loved the story line of Eva's parents, and i love Cary, so even if it was the worse book in the world i would still love it as its part of the crossfire series and i cant get enough of Eva and Gideon

It was ok, but not as good as the previous ones. Felt like the sex scenes weren't as steamy but did feel like Eva and Gideon were finally getting to grips with their relationship. Really felt that it might be the final bookthe way the story seemed to be wrapping up. A bit fed up that the story will continue in a fourth book.

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In the second book at the end the detective said they were dropping the case,but at the begining of this last book all it talked about trying to find out who killed the scum. Do anyone have a ideal who set up the russian guy to take the fall. I have my suspicion do any one else have one.Over all i liked the book

I loved the third book but honestly this fourth and fifth book better get off the Soap Opera wheel because I need some closure on this couple. And I'm tired of reading continuous new found drama as if I'm watching Days of our lives. I do love Gideon and will never get enough of him and the fact that Sylvia said that she see's Henry Cavill as Gideon, the exact man I imagine as him when I read the books. Intensifies my love for Gideon more. But I freaking need closure and I need it soon lol.

i actually enjoyed it. i think that there was a lot of predictable stuff going on however there were a few things that made me think harder about what's coming next.

i felt like a bit of what's going on with Eva and Gideon is expected - that wasn't much of a surprise, but i feel like in book 4, things are going to get much more complicated for them, and that someone's going to be in a lot more danger than they realize.

i also really loved that we got to know some of the supporting cast a bit more, and that there's just something 'not right' with a few of them.

I loved Eva and Gideon but this book just added more lose ends than there needed to be. I hope she answers all those lose ends in the next 2 books or I will be very disppointed. There is so much more we need to find out about Gideon. These 3 books were more focused on Eva, I want to find out more about Gideon and what brought him to where he is now.

OMG Loved this book. We found out some more about Gideon and Eva as a couple loved that. I can't wait for the next 2 books!!!

I just LOVED THIS BOOK:)) Cant wait for the next book:)

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