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Sarah Okay, so this is actually just an experiment to see how many views this will get. I've noticed if there is a OMG how could they think that-topic posted by the trolls of GR, everyone will open it up to see what is going on and post their opinion about what an idiot the thread maker is and to go away.

Why is it we do this?

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No, Smiles- not you! Leave this for the trolls!!

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BTW, I am not a troll.

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notyourfriend I am number 14!

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notyourfriend #14 viewer...

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Aaah! I see!

Sarah Don't worry I am not a troll lol

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Then please don't troll, Smiles.

Sarah Oh I know. Like I said, I was just posting it up there to see how many people look at these ridiculous threads like... oh there is a troll thread! KILL IT! KILL IT! I know if I saw this thread, I would be like, who the heck is sadistic enough to think this?

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