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((Tristan and Adelaide))

((I know this is basically a copy from my last post, but I didn't know how to go forward with their flashback without him addressing this :))

Adelaide listened quietly as he explained to her why her father had made the decision that he did. She was exceedingly intelligent for a child of merely eight, so much so that her father had allowed her to take over the treasury ledger. But that was a well guarded secret, after all what King would normally allow a child do handle such a task...especially a female child. She was pleased with the fact that Tristan treated her as if she were an adult, not speaking down to her like most of the other lords and ladies did. "I suppose you are correct...perhaps he should be re-taught the ways of agriculture. That way he might effectively use the resources he has without additional aid..." She mused to herself out loud.

She had not realized until she fully thought over her words, what she had actually done. The queen would be quite cross with her, according to Adelaide's mother, 'Ladies are meant to speak when spoken to, as decorations, nothing more.' Adelaide disagreed strongly, she did not wish to used as a prop. So what she was not a male, she was smarter than her least she thought she was. Adelaide looked over at the stranger worriedly, she had been too open with him already. She probably should not have told him over half of the things that she had already. However, she wanted to ask his opinion. As he had been the only person thus far who had appeared to have taken an interest in her thoughts.

"How do you suppose a lady should act? I've seen them you know, most of them are skittish as a newborn kitten, tis rather unpleasant. I do not wish to be like that..." She leaned closer to him, her voice growing softer, "I wish to be a spy...or a doctor, not a boring old lady or a princess." She grinned at him after she told him her secret, the only other soul she had told that before was her brother Gabriel. Who laughed at her, saying she was too clumsy to be a spy, and too softhearted to be a doctor.

Gabriel was wrong, she could be a doctor or a spy...she was sure that she could. She frowned as she paused to consider her brother's claims. Looking up at the man that had come to talk to her she remembered that she had not introduced herself, nor had he. Her father always told her it was important for people to know who she was...though she was not sure why. "I'm Adelaide Blackwood, sir, and who may I inquire are you?" She tilted her head to the side slightly, pulling her tiny dirty hands into her lap as she wondered what his name was.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Tristan was silent for several moments. If he were to be honest, he was rather unimpressed with most ladies. How men could stand to simply have a female sit and watch you while you eat without saying a word bothered him. He always felt it was too much of a one-sided conversation ... if you could really call it that when no response was involved.

He always valued opinions. Tristan's mother was her father's partner and he had always admired that partnership. When his first marriage quickly turned sour in just a few short months, he even envied that partnership.

He was bored with her silence and empty smiles on the dinner table. She was beautiful and the daughter of another lord, but she couldn't even answer when he asked her if she would like to eat on the floor or on a proper dining.

Because it was up to him to decide.

After that, he remembered packing his bags and just left.

"I suppose you can do anything you put your mind into." At least, that was the motto he lived by. He was determined to win back his father's lands. And he was getting close too.


It was clear to him now that this was the princess that the maids running around were frantic about. "Tristan. Nice to meet you, Adelaide."

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Adelaide pursed her lips as she considered whether or not he had meant his words. Surely not, most males of noble birth would cringe at what she had just inquired. Feeling her place was beneath more ways than one, that twas what her mother had told her anyways. Addie was not quite sure what she had meant, but she did not question her mother further.

After a moment Adelaide deduced that he was sincere in his words, and a smile formed upon her lips. She decided right then that she liked him, he was much nicer to her than others would have been.

"I have come to the conclusion that you are not so may call me Addie." She beamed at him, she did not allow many people to call her that, only her siblings.

Tristan. When he told her his name her tiny hands clapped over her mouth and her eyes grew wide. She had overheard her Governess planning to harm him. She gulped, inching closer to him...she had to warn him. "I do not think my Governess likes to too well...Tristan. I heard...I heard her tell the chambermaid that if she had ever had the chance to she would do...things to you." Her voice was hushed, and her face was solemn, "I think she means to inflict harm upon you." Adelaide had no clue that her Governess had been talking about another thing all together.

Oh no, her Governess wished to do something more adult, and less homicidal.

But at the age of eight, why would Adelaide know what the woman had really been talking about.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) It was ironic that young Adelaide would be the longest conversation he ever had with a female since his mother died. Even longer than any conversation with his own fiancee.

"Addie?" He almost laughed again. Again, Tristan didn't know what to make of this young girl at all. Though that shouldn't at all be unusual since he didn't know what to make of most females anyway.

Before he was about to lose himself in his thoughts as he often did, what she said brought back his attention.

Inflict ... harm?

That confused him since he couldn't remember wronging any chambermaid or governesses. He had just arrived after all and had tried his best not to standout. He did have a brief word with a few of the help about his mentor's rooms and specific instructions on what they could touch.

He was very polite though and he didn't remember saying anything to offend anyone.

"Addie, I'm sure there is some mistake," he assured her. "Maybe they were talking about a different Tristan. No one is going to harm me. I promise ..."

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"Yes, Addie." She confirmed without hesitation, "You know, I do not allow many people to call me that." She told him with a silent huff, she did not particularity like her nickname.

She listened to him rationalize what she had overheard, but she knew she was right. "No, she said she wanted to..." Her voice got really quiet, "Roll in the hay with you!"

The first and only time she had heard that term was when her father had a stable boy executed for 'rolling in the hay' with Lord Adamison's only daughter.

So surely the term meant that she wanted to hurt him, Adelaide thought so at least.

"...I promise..."

She did however like that he promised her that he would be okay, she was not sure why but she actually cared about his well being. Perhaps it was because he had taken the time to talk to her when most would have avoided her.

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Ithuriel entered the royal garden he was thinking about thode condition of the two kingdoms nothing is going in right way bt he was happy with his life after a long time

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) "Roll in the hay with you!"

He stared at the young girl in shock. That was not something he heard very often from little girls. His eyes were wide and he found himself stuttering. Racking his brain trying to remember the women he'd met since he arrived.

No. He couldn't remember showing any obvious interest at all ... and it was common knowledge that he was already betrothed.

But how was he to explain this to this young girl? Maybe he was being a prude, but this wasn't exactly knowledge he'd like to talk to her about.

"It is of no importance. I want you to forget everything you've heard." At least until she was at a more advanced age which would probably then make this less embarrassing. "I will not be rolling anywhere and certainly not with anyone. Would you imagine the damage that could do to one's clothing?" Might as well make a joke of it and pray that she didn't push further.

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Ithuriel was waiting for melody to come and he was nervous he was walking down and up and down and so on she is taking too much time he thought to himself

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Melody was crouched behind a bush, her plan was to scare the crap out of her friend. She grinned when she saw him and jumped onto his back "Rawr!!!"

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"oohh what the hell" he was taken back for a moment but seeing her he regains his composure and said "who's this scary person I never saw anyone so scaring

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Melody giggled and grabbed his wrist "come on you dummy" she said, dragging him Down the path

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melody was still dragging him he would have mind it if it wasn't her she was his bestfriend they kept on running until they were out of the castle and was away from being seen by guards
It's not that they had said somethin to them nobody will even ask where he was going there are some benefits of being a royal he thought to himself
he just didn't wanted to be seen wandering in the night

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Melody slowed down and walked casually through the land towards the ocean of Guildenstar "are you ready to see her again?"

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"well I'm always ready to see her you know question is are you ready to see her?" he asked her playfully "you got competition now" he said winking at her

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Melody rolled her eyes and scoffed "I'm not afraid of a silly siren"

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"you should be afraid you know they are killer I'm only alive because I'm too Charming" he said pinching her playfuly

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Melody swatted at his hand "you're about as charming as a drunken sailor" she said with some spite in her voice

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"Ohh now I can see why she likes me because I'm a sailor" he said still joking with her they were almost near the ocean he can hear the sounds of waves clashing with themselves and with the rocks "is that jealousy I sense in your voice" he asked curiously

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Melody a brows shot up "me being jealous of her! Definitely not!" She said

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"well yeah why not I mean you and me grows up spending time together and now I have her and you know I'll be going to the marriage of Elizabeth with her" seeing her angry look he said "sorry I know I promised you that we will go together but I think she needs to blend with the royal stuff"

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Ithuriel had gone to beach and had shouted her name hundreds or thousands of time but she hadn't come to him she must have been busy he thought and came home and now he was looking for melody he had to attend the marriage his father had asked him to do so and he can't go there alone so he was searching her

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Melody walked through the gardens, cleaning up a few flower beds as she went

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he saw her working there reaching her he spoke in a raised voice to scare her "AND HERE YOU'RE WORKING I'm looking for you in the whole castle aren't you coming to the wedding with me ?" he asked

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Melody rose a brow and looked up at him "aren't you taking your girlfriend??" She asked curiously

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"well I called for her hundreds of time and waited there for hours but she didn't came I think she is busy or having problems with her family" he said casually "now just get ready we wil be leaving soon" he said hurrying her and taking her with him

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Melody looked back at the flowers "but what about-" she stopped and sighed "oh fine but I need some time!"

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"well I got everything ready for you just have to go to your room" he said still almost on a running pace with her

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(( just move to church thread ok I'm posting ))

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"Okay okay I'm going!" She said, practically sprinting through the castle

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he entered garden with her on the tail,showing her around the garden and telling her about the different things although he knows that she was here many times...
he smiled at her warmly,she was looking beautiful in the dress he had got for her on the way and which had required Olympian effort to make her wear that and the complete makeover to her hair which was in bun with few curls hanging around her face.
he had looked at her in complete amazement the moment she had emerged from the room after getting the makeover....
he was busy in adoring her when she cleared her throat,he blushed slightly "so where you want to stay in three castle"

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay follows him around in the gardens when they first arrived smiling as she listened to him talk while she remembered times when her friend used to bring her out here... Tho her smile instantly disappeared when she had gotten taken away and gussied up, they even took away her cap! Whisked it away to whoever knows where... Tho she fought it the whole way they just ignored her, like seriously! no say in the matter what so ever... She felt silly and extremely uncomfortable wondering how women ever wore these ridiculous things... Arms crossed she glared at Ithuriel trying hard not to get too light headed before she cleared her throat to get his attention scowling at his question, "you do realize I will be stripping this off and putting my original clothes back on font you," she stated angrily, before she shrugged, "servant quarters will do just fine," she said trough clenched teeth knowing she'd slept there a few times before when her friend wouldn't allow her to leave when it gotten too dark...

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he looked at her in amusement fidgeting with herself he knew she is uncomfortable in it but sometime...ok he guessed most of the time he likes messing with her "yeah your highness I already you know will be doing this but what other will think that a beautiful lady comes in and a man is going....isn't it will raise suspicion and I don't want anyone suspecting you and running and telling your enemy soldier about you though I really wants to know who he is...." he ended his sentence incomplete before staring at her in disbelief "you think I'll let you stay in servant's quarter ?? oh no no !!! certainly not a single chance at all.....I was just being genuine with you and that's all otherwise I know where you're staying.." he stopped staring at her with a twinkle in his eyes "next to my room" he told her brightly "and you know to be completely honest with you I really think you're looking beautiful in this way" he spoke in an adoring tone....

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay's glare hardened at his amused look, "it isn't my problem if it raised suspicion but I'll just be dressed as a man and not a women I cannot stand these clothes," she growled her posture stif and rigid as she concentrated on getting air Into her lungs, "and it might be good that my 'enemy' finds me, then I'd be able to teach him a lesson," she muttered sucking in a deep breath and rolled her eyes of course she should have expected him to react that way, low stayed in the servant quarters before," he mumbled huffing before she quickly hid her shock and obvious surprise, the room next door to him? Oh la la i was in trouble... she thought to herself while trying to remember of there was a passage located in that area.. Before she focused back on him hearing what he said and stifled the urge to blush by just shaking her head in denial refusing to say another word for she knew he'd just argue against her..

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"ahaa I see but in my opinion It's your problem because you will be staying as a guest of me which is a rarity so by now everyone knows about you in the castle and you must be sort of news in there so your highness you don't get a chance now" he spoke rapidly before smiling triumphantly at her.,considering what she have told him because it was way too dangerous "well I don't think it's a good idea shay right now you're here officially not hiding so you don't have to do anything with don't know any one here you're here first time just pretend this way" he told her he was really cautios about her safety since he had knows about her past and then about her shapeshifting
"are you thinking of running away from the room ?" he asked suddenly reading her facial expressions...."don't worry I won't do anything to you" he tried to reassure before his gaze moved around to see if anyone is near or not,when he was sure no one is there he turned her around "we need to look and find out about your condition you can't keep on changing with out your sense of it" seeing her somewhat startled look he quickly added "I'm not scared or embarrassed of you but it can get you in problem or you can harm someone unintentionally when you're changed so just do what I says" he finished his sentence and gave her a quick peck on lips and looks at her nervously.....

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) "I am not wearing these dresses as I have told you!" Shay snapped royally pissed off, "I'd rather be skinned alive then forced to rearrange my organs," she hissed, "if you don't like it I'll take my things and leave," she stated completely serious grinding her teeth together in her anger, "and I do on fact know people here and they will remember me," she growled, "but luckily only the staff will know me so I don't see the point in that I can lie to the royals but not the staff...." She muttered smiling wearily at his next words, "no I'm not worried just I always enjoyed moving through the passage ways," she said with a shrug... She froze scowling at him before looking away, "I don't know how I'm going to control that... I didn't even knew how I was doing it before," she said softly, "I'll think of something..."

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"you don't need to leave I'll just quit on these afterall who I'm ? no one in can wear anything you wants I'll get someone to bring your those clothes from the shop we left them" he said with a little hint of hurt and annoyance mixed in his emotions....
he was still not been able to understand her completely,some time she is all sweet and the other she is sharp with him, Girls !!!! he let out a deep sigh "maybe people will recognize you your maid friends and all but what I'm trying to say is this time you're here with me so you need to understands the difference" he said to her trying to prove his point to him but he thought arguing will produce nothing so he shrugged his shoulder and motioned her to sit on a bench nearby "yes I know you love secret passageway because you yourself a puzzling character" he spoke in a teasing manner although he knows that he meant every single word of it "did I said that you knows how to control it ?? obviously no !!! what I'm saying is we will look for a solution and we will do it in my room...." he stopped winking at her "you need to see my room which is sort of a mini library" he finished grinning like a child

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay flinched her anger cooling slightly as she looked away shaking her head, "Ithuriel, this isn't me dresses, manners, behaving just isn't anything I do it's hard for me to adapt to anything else..." She said softly, "I only buy food, I snap at anyone who try's to do anything for me... It's how I learned how to survive I just can't..." She mumbled drifting off unable to finish as she put her mask back on before looking at him sharply, "I may be here on different circumstances but how I feel and act is the same as ever, and I may be here with you this time but people will treat me the same if I have anything to do with it;" she said stubbornly before she sighed and reluctantly took a dear next to him shifting uncomfortable before rolling her eyes, "it's the mystery that makes it exciting," she said simply before giving him a glare, "well controlling it is the main problem at the moment so so not give me that," she said sharply trying to breath, "can you please just let me get out of this dress before I pass out?" She asked breathlessly..

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"shhh" he puts his finger on her lips to quiet her "I know this isn't you I love you the way you're you won't believe me but when you cried I thought that I wished I can get my old shaylin back who snaps at me,glares at me and other stuff is is just I like you in your dress" he said with a shrug of his shoulder "ahh yes I see people will behave the same with you but would they when they will know about us ?" he asked her pointing his finger first at her and than himself... before he raised his eyebrows at her next statement "you know shay I'm not accusing you of something like that and yes surely your highness I'll take care of your clothing just follow me to your room" he said getting up,extending his hand towards her to take it.......

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay glared at him but had to agree with him for she had thought the same, "moment lapse of sanity," she stated shrugging at her explanation to crying he couldn't blame her for finally breaking down after 8 years, "and you may like me in a dress but I do not... Please yourself then others is my motto," she said strongly and glared at him, "as I said if I have anything to do with it they'll treat me the same most know of my temper," she muttered hugging as she crossed her arms against her stomach while her one hand started to fiddle with the chain hanging from her neck while continuing to glare at him, "accusing me or not..." She drifted off deciding to leave that one hanging as she sighed rolling her eyes as she grasped hold of his hand pulling herself up easily and gestured for him to lead the way, "hurry please the world is spinning and definitely not in a good way," she mumbled sucking in a breath..

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"ohhh yess really ?? but I think I'm thankful you have had your 'moment lapse of sanity' because now I know there's a girl inside you and I sorta loveee that girrlll" he purred the words mimicking girls voice "well your motto won't work for me.....can you imagine how I'll look if I wear your a dress ?" he joked at her,than he shuddered "not really a pleasant site" he suppressed his laugh with a cough "seems we're gonna have a competition than because they knows my temper too well too" he said before he entered the castle "don't worry let the world spin I can carry you to the room if you falls and about the other thing I'll talk to you when we will be alone"he said matter of factly to her in a low whisper...

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay laughed shaking her head, "just be happy that that lapse of sanity was breaking down instead of killing everything in sight, "she said highly amused before rolling her eyes, "my motto doesn't mean that, but if you always wanted to wear a dress go ahead.. I can see it now!" She said literally picturing him wearing a dress and laughed hard before she managed to compose herself enough to stop laughing but grinned ear to ear still having the mental picture.. Shay shot him a glare before rolling her eyes, "oh just remember who can change if angered," she reminded him with a wicked gleam in her eyes before she followed him with a sigh at his next words only nodding in response looking at the ground as she kept on taking deep breaths so she wouldn't pass out...

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"well I'll keep that in my mind your highness that It was a breakdown......" he stopped than added "don't kill me but I enjoyed the breakdown it gave me 'you'..." he finished with a emphasis on the last word "I know what it means I was just joking with you" he said to her pointing out when she broke into a laugh,he smiled to himself "well what is so funny I didn't find anything amusing in it" he said in a fake annoyed voice before he looked at her up and down "ahh yes I see who can change when wearing dresses and shirts" he teased her before moving slightly into the castle with her....

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay chuckled rolling her eyes while she continued fiddling with the chain, "just count your lucky stars that I didn't try and kill you only clung to you as I sobbed," she said shaking her head, "I bet you liked the clinging part we were touching!" She said teasing him with a smirk before she rolled her eyes, "ssure you do... I doubt that," she teased with a another roll of her eyes composing herself enough not to smile, "ohh it was so amusing just imagine yourself wearing a dress! Oh The Lord give you mercy," she said overly amused chuckling before raising an eyebrow at him strolling in next to him as she glanced around stiffening, she hadn't been there in a year or two since the maid she befriended died a couple years back...

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"I bet that you that you will do everything but kill me because you already have killed me with your looks" he teased her back,"well honestly if I denies than it will be a lie so I'll tell you the truth that I hella liked that very much" he spoke beaming at her before he chuckled at her next words,amused by her he laughed a little before giving a little peck on her cheek "unusual...." he said but she gave him a confused look "...our relationship, you like male clothing and you fantasize about me in girls clothes what a pretty site" he said imitating a girl swooning...they were in front of a room "it's yours and mine the adjacent one so go in and change quick I'm in my room waiting for you" as soon as she heard this she was in the room,amused by her behavior he walked into his room.....

((to Ithuriel's room than......?))

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay rolled her eyes patting his cheek, "you need a new line it's growing old," she teased, "since your dead by my looks then I should be able to blow you away," she said grinning tho she didn't try it knowing it would look foolish... She then chuckled shaking her head, "men will be men," she said rolling her eyes smirking slightly when he pecked her cheek... She raised an eyebrow waiting for him to continue before chucking, "yes seems so, but special experiences for a special couple," she said chuckling when he pretended to swoon... At those words she bolted into the room to change hearing his chuckled but didn't really care only wanted to get out of this thing!

((Yup... Can ya post first?))

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((o.k sure))

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ((Thanks! Oh and I 'created' him! :D. Eep!))

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((well I posted there and that's cool I'll check him now))

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Paige Cockbain  (strikelightning) | 173 comments Ink skipped into the gardens, Gowey at her heels. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled at him.

"Thank you," she said, "Our prince often finds himself in such compromising situations."

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