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message 1: by Samriddhi (last edited Jun 07, 2013 04:47AM) (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) write the name of a book with spaces left out in between
the next person will suggest guess the book and so on.
the one who guesses will start a new book.

T_e P_ _E _O_SE
hint:Agatha Christie
:the pale horse...
if one guesses right,he/she would suggest a new book

message 2: by Narendra (new)

Narendra (curiousone) T_e g_e_t _a_s_y
Hint: F. Scott Fitzgerald, ‎Baz Luhrmann.

message 3: by Samriddhi (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) The 1st word is "THE",MAYBE

message 4: by Rosal May (new)

Rosal May Ruda (rmruda) | 6 comments The Great Gatsby?

message 5: by Samriddhi (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) WOW!!!!!
I admire you @Rosal....

message 6: by Rosal May (new)

Rosal May Ruda (rmruda) | 6 comments I just read the title in a thread and I just noticed the letters.

message 7: by Samriddhi (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) WOW!!!
But I still admire u...

message 8: by Samriddhi (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) okay,
the next one:
Dan Brown

message 9: by Misha (new)

Misha (itz_mie) Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

message 10: by Samriddhi (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) yeah!
your chance

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