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Jacqueline's Reads (miss_jacqueline) | 125 comments Mod
UK - FREE Purely Relative

UK - Free The cop and the girl from the coffee shop

UK - Free Daniel's Bride

UK - .77 pounds or is it pence? The Edge of Darkness

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L. (ladyabercrombie) Free on Amazon:

Shoe Strings
by Christy Hayes
After being hounded by her estranged father just as her boutique shoe business is taking off, Atlanta’s Angelita Barros heads for the mountains of North Carolina where she couldn’t be a bigger fish out of water. The cabin she rents is perfect, but one look at the owner’s son and Angelita’s in lust big time. She finds resisting the charming Jesse Bloodworth as difficult as maneuvering small town life in her custom made stilettos.

Jacqueline's Reads (miss_jacqueline) | 125 comments Mod
UK .99 pounds/pence? Scars and Songs

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L. (ladyabercrombie) Free on amazon:

Almost Perfect (Perfect Trilogy)
By Julie Ortolon
Sensual Contemporary Romance
The Perfect Trilogy
Maddy, Christine and Amy are thrilled that their old college suite-mate has written a bestselling book, How to Have the Perfect Life—until they realize she used them as examples of how women let fear screw up their lives. The worst part is…it’s sort of true. Together they make a pact: they each have one year to face down their fears—and maybe show Miss Perfect a thing or two!

Jacqueline's Reads (miss_jacqueline) | 125 comments Mod
Killing Sarai .77 Pence - >

Jacqueline's Reads (miss_jacqueline) | 125 comments Mod
Wait for you by J. Lynn is a pound! You lucky Brits - >

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Irene | 2 comments Definitely pence, if it were pounds I'd be broke,lol

Jacqueline's Reads (miss_jacqueline) | 125 comments Mod
Irene wrote: "Definitely pence, if it were pounds I'd be broke,lol"

lol. When I went to the UK, I've heard pence in exchange as pounds, maybe I misunderstood.

Jacqueline's Reads (miss_jacqueline) | 125 comments Mod
Finding my way is 1 pound

Jacqueline's Reads (miss_jacqueline) | 125 comments Mod


Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Excerpt and Signed Paperbacks:

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NiaKantorka (kantorka) The Nature of Cruelty by L.H. Cosway
1 Dollar:
0.75 cent:
(I don't get the UK side from Germany. Arggh Amazon)

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Cari Silverwood (carisilverwood) $1.99 was $3.99 for 3 days only
My last sale before Xmas
Bind and Keep Me (Pierced Hearts, #2) by Cari Silverwood
4.53 from 43 ratings

Dark erotica. Mff menage, capture fantasy, and BDSM themes
This is NOT a standard romance and is for those who like to delve into their dark side. There is sex, a plot revolving around abduction, and sadomasochism, as well as twisted romance.

All Romance

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John Cassian | 7 comments The ultimate wish-fulfillment fantasy short story! Shrunken erotica -- enough said! Only 99 cents!

Honey, I Shrunk Your Cooch! by Hylene Haley

Jacqueline's Reads (miss_jacqueline) | 125 comments Mod
Big Girls Do It Boxed Set by Jasinda Wilder

FREEE Big Girl Do it Box Set - >

Jacqueline's Reads (miss_jacqueline) | 125 comments Mod
Sempre (Forever, #1) by J.M. Darhower Sempre is on sale $1.99 - >

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