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Quotes u can never forget

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message 1: by Samriddhi (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) In simple lang.
yr fav thought
Mine:"Who you are speaks louder to me than anything you can say"
don't forget to put the inverted commas

❄️ Propertea Of Frostea ❄️ Bitter SnoBerry ❄ (berrynumey) Quotes you mean?

"Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too."

message 3: by Samriddhi (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) yups quotes

nice one :D
"Remember,the person on the other side of the table could be right"

❄️ Propertea Of Frostea ❄️ Bitter SnoBerry ❄ (berrynumey) "A lot we have in our head,
But things of heart are not yet dead,
They have done none but just fled,
Out of us forgotten just been bled..."

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

"And at the end of the world, I'll remember to bring you flowers"

message 6: by Samriddhi (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) Awww
"Remember the 7 P's:Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance"

message 7: by Narendra (new)

Narendra (curiousone) "Your inner voice is god's voice"

message 8: by Samriddhi (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) "Your character is what you do when you know no one is watching you."

message 9: by Samriddhi (last edited Jul 02, 2013 10:23PM) (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) "A TRUE FRIEND is one who believes you when you have stopped believing yourself."

message 10: by Trinity (new)

Trinity "I used to cry because I had no shoes, until a met a man who had no feet."

message 11: by Samriddhi (new)

Samriddhi (28_samriddhi) "Have a unique character like salt.It's presence is hardly felt but it's absence spoils the taste of the whole dish."

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