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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliace) I saw this game on another groupt and thought it might be fun to bring it over.

First person says a page number:

Then they say a sentence number:

Then you pick any book you want and go to page 48 and type in what sentence five says. After that you type in your own page and sentence numbers.


I'll start...

message 2: by Julia (last edited Jun 07, 2013 03:58AM) (new)

Julia (juliace) Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1) by Patricia Briggs
"I'm not saying that there are not explanations other than a betrayal by one of the pack, but you made the right choice."

page 35 / line 35

message 3: by Tien (last edited Jun 09, 2013 10:57PM) (new)

Tien (tiensblurb) | 8675 comments Mod
Thanks, Julia! This might prove interesting!

Unfortunately, page 35 is end of the chapter so I've just picked a line...

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

"The simple and astonishing truth about India and Indian people is that when you go there, and deal with them, your heart always guides you more wisely than your head."

page 64 / line 21

Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) | 2826 comments Mod
Love this one, Julia. I am all for anything quotes!

Spirit of Lost Angels

"After what a noble did to my father?"

Page 25/ line 30

message 5: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliace) Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

He was dressed in his usual style-faded Levi's jeans and an old Pearl Jam t-shirt.

Pg 87 / line 11

message 6: by Tien (new)

Tien (tiensblurb) | 8675 comments Mod
Julia wrote: "Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah"

Loved this book! Worth a box of tissue ;)

Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) | 2826 comments Mod
I have yet to read that one, but I own a copy. Big Surprise, huh?

message 8: by Tien (last edited Jun 27, 2013 08:05PM) (new)

Tien (tiensblurb) | 8675 comments Mod
Saving Francesca -again, end of chapter!

'The return of the off-the-shoulder T-shirt. Be afraid of that. Be very afraid.'

Pg 300 / line 6

message 9: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliace) The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott

"That ungrateful girl has quit on me, accusing me of all sorts of thing."

pg 201 / line 21

message 10: by Tien (last edited Jul 05, 2013 09:10PM) (new)

Tien (tiensblurb) | 8675 comments Mod
lol - this time it's the beginning of chapter from the middle of the page, ha ha ha

Highways to a War by Christopher J. Koch

"All the bars and massage parlours of Patpong Lane swarm with lights and neon, and the Foxhole's no exception: its ceiling is a firmament of coloured bulbs, winking on and off."

pg 67 / line 13

message 11: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliace) The Clan Of The Cave Bear

"With a quick flick of her knife, one made by Droog and a tool Iza treasured, she cut off a piece of the long thong that held her wrap closed, first measuring it around Ayla's neck."

pg 14 / line 3

message 12: by Tien (last edited Aug 08, 2013 08:27PM) (new)

Tien (tiensblurb) | 8675 comments Mod
Banish by Nicola Marsh

"This assignment didn't scare me. The repercussions of acknowledging my past did."

pg 90 / line 8

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