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taada :)

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chose any C:
1)mental assylum
2)love triangle
3)arranged marriage
4)incest ?
5)Friends getting hot but not dating
6)teacher student
9)bf gf turned Stepbrother/stepsister
12)lost island
14)ancient rp kings and queens

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Oh wow, thank you!

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np :)

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chose now;)

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I am seriously fine with anything. Not being silly and gentlemanly, I am seriously unable to choose.

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ok um chose from 1/3 /4/6????????

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4/3 are pretty cool.

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um then arranged marriage ?if we get bored of it we can switch to incest ??

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Sure thing! They start off.. friends or not liking each other?

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not liking each other or strangers maybe who were in relation and when their parents got to knw about it the disagreed and marred them off ??what about this ?

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Ok! I'll make my charrie later, though. I have to go now.

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aww okies :) bubiee

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Very nice, may I say.

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Name: Peru Bane

Age: 22



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awww cute ok you start :P

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Peru sighed. He was in starbucks and they still didn't have his coffee ready. He frowned. What was taking them so long?

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abby can out of the kitchen door and placed his coffee on the table "i am so sorry for the delay sir " she apologized

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Peru raised an eyebrow "Apology not accepted, Abby" He remembered her from a few years ago. Their relationship had only lasted a few weeks Or was it a few days.

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"oh my gosh Peru how are you "she asked looking up now with a happy smile and hugged him for a second

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He pretended to choke in her hug, before breaking off and laughing "I'm fine, where have you been?"

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"sorry um here and there working on my projects "she tells she had actually loved him but things din work out then but she was over him now

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Peru nodded. "Been staying out of trouble?" He asked, being polite. If only she knew just how UN carefree he was right then. His parents were discussing marrying him off to someone. No people in mind yet, but the threat loomed over him constantly.

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"not really my work is full of being in trouble remember "she said looking at the window "what about you what have you been up to these days " she asked in a soft voice

((ok so she is a reporter and is in this cafe cuz of that as is spying on a guy working in the shop ??))

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((No problem. That's kinda cool actually!))

He laughed "Abby, what are we going to do with you?" Unbeknownst to both of them Peru's father had just been past. He saw them talking and recognized Abby from when they were dating. He took a photo and scurried home, as you do, to study her family.

((What type of family does she have? Rich or poor or what?))

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((um rich but she separated from them when they broke up and now her mom will call her up.. what about that ?))

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((Sure thing))

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she laughed as well *her phone rang * "oh i am so sorry i need to take it its mom " she said trying to sound normal in front of him as he din know she has left her home when hey broke up but she was shocked on seeing her call and din pick up

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just stared at her hand set

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((yay cool ))

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Peru looked at the handset. "Aren't... Aren't you gonna get that?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

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"ah yah i will " she whispers in a sad tone and received the call "hello mom?" she said to he receiver
"ya how have you been hon " her mom asked
Abby had tears in her eyes "great " her replied
"i need you to come home we have we have decided to get u married "said hr mom
"ma-married " she repeats scared now "why you call me after so long to speak of my marriage I told u m not ready "she protests but her mom hung's up

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Peru looked up, eyes wide. "You too?" He asks in a sympathetic voice. He hated his parents when the first told him. He had thrown a couch out the window... Yep, good work Peru.

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((aha lol ))

"what do you mean by you too " she asked rubbing her eyes lightly then looked up at him

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Peru knew he might cry, but gods damn that was unmanly. So he settled for just telling Abby. "My, uuh, parents are arranging me to get married aswell." He said in a flat voice.

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she sat on a chair which was close to being called she fell "and you agreed "she asked

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He snorted "Hardly. Do you call trashing the house and then ringing up the police, fire brigade and ambulance to drive to the scene of a murder, fire and sexual assault, which didn't actually happen Agreeing? If so, then what is wrong with you." A small smile played on his lips.

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she looked away "but at least you " she broke as she wasn't sure if she should tell him about that

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"At least I what?" He asked, automatically defensive. His muscles tensed.

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"um i i gotta go "she said standing up

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she was broken now din know what to do and what now to

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Peru looked on after Abby and sighed. Why did parents and his own temper have to ruin everything. And then it came. The dreaded phone call of doom. Aka, his parents telling him 'they had found someone' He went to his car sped home, going way over the speed limit.

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she went to her mom's place after years and walked in with teary eyes she was forced to be dressed and look good she had missed being her in her big room instead of her small apartment

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Peru objected but soon he was wearing 'suitable' attire. Apparently him and his 'fiance' would be meeting for dinner with the family's soon.

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*that night * Abby was forced by her family and supported by her brother she din wanted to meet a random guy

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Peru was seated at the table, and when asked what he wanted to eat and drink he ordered the Japanese salad and the lamb rack. He grinned, deliberately ordering the most expensive things on the menu.

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Abby entered with her family she had a smile on her face as her brother was tickling her when were she made a face

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Peru looked up to see a family enter. One of the people was Abby. He ignored her until his father got up and shook hands with her mother. His faced drained of colour. Please no...

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"wanna look who's the guy he is hot " said her brother and points out Abby turned to that direction "what " she exclaimed a lil louder then expected

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