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How sweet to look upon a perfect face,
And admire a perfect form,
Blessed with beauty, charm and grace,
A gift of merely being born.
How quick we overlook the mind,
Which may be less than keen;
To inner faults we are struck blind,
When beauty steals the scene.
But what of those who aren't so fair,
Who hasten to announce,
That people shouldn't really care,
"It's what's inside that counts!"
Yet people rarely see inside,
When first they chance to meet;
So often inner beauty hides,
And fruitlessly accepts defeat.

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My Favorite Year

You...reappearing in my mind;
You were right and I was blind-
But that was long ago. I ever cross your mind?
Are your memories like mine?
Or have they let you go?

After all the loves I've been through,
All these years-
I had to go so far without you,
Now it's clear:

You were my favorite love,
That was my favorite year.
When we...we were young forever yesterday;
Fools and little children run away,
If we could go back there, would we stay?

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The Tourist

Cities with their tourist prisons
Offer hypnotizing visions,
As art and history hide behind
A coin-slot with a master mind.
Quaint and pleasant country places
Wonder at the vacant faces
That never really seem to see
The awesome beauty of a tree.
They pack the prejudice of home
And take a trip to ancient Rome;
Its' majesty they cannot see,
But how impressed their friends will be!

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We scratch at endless fields of frozen earth,
And claw our way through beds of solid rock;
With bleeding hands we search for roots of worth,
And try to turn the hands back on the clock.
Obsessed with fading memories of the past,
We attempt to find the reason for our being;
And although the possibilities are vast,
It's the terrifying future we are fleeing.

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Looking At A Stranger

Look at me, look through me.
Can't you see the spark is gone?
Look at me, look straight into my heart,
Find my soul, then look beyond.
\Our time together ends tonight.
Look deep inside to that strange place,
Perhaps too far for you to see
My unfamiliar, saddened face.
\You pledged your love so many times
To someone you don't understand.
You never looked quite deep enough
And now, you must let go my hand.
\You looked at me and couldn't see
My hiding place, my refuge there.
You can't love someone you don't know,
I have to go, I don't know where.

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Time has always been unkind,
Leaving childhood behind,
Racing through those few short years
Of carefree hearts and happy tears.
Then time gives way to hopes and dreams,
And all of life's ambitious schemes;
The future holds such fruitful plans,
For brilliant minds and busy hands.
The child who goes to bed at night
Becomes a man at morning light;
Then time slows down to help him learn
That childhood days will not return.

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Hand In Hand

There is no ecstasy like true passion,
Nor agony like honest grief;
Happiness swirls in tornado fashion
And lifts me like an autumn leaf.
Love always flaunts its' golden glow
Amidst a dark and gloomy cloud;
Bereavement comes like blizzard snow,
Disguising sunshine like a shroud.
Tears and laughter, hand in hand,
Make this a better place to be;
The sun would seer this fertile land
If rains could never set it free.

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Are You Really My Friend?

You say, 'Call any time!'
I've left messages,
You don't call back for days.
Are you really my friend?
You say you'll do things that never get done.
You set your guidelines,
And you stifle mine.
Are you really my friend?
We do nothing together outside these four walls.
Is this a problem of yours?
Or is it all mine?
Are you really my friend?
If I'm feeling sad or lonely,
Because you aren't there,
If I go to bed wondering whether you care,
Are you really my friend?
Are you anyone's friend?

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I cringe at insensitivity,
Which bares its' face of stone
In this inhumane world around me,
Where I often feel alone.
No one cries out for the dying,
Or reaches to the heart
Of the child who's cold and lying
In a world so far apart.
All these feelings deep within me,
The compassion and the need,
Seem so foreign in a raging sea
Of hatred, fear and greed.
My humanity is spurned
By the wall of steel they've built;
Where concern has long-since turned
Into a conscience without guilt.

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