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message 1: by Clare (new)

Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) The old Q&A Box
Ask Questions...

message 2: by molly (new)

molly (weasley3) So if I were to make a 'cat' character, what kind of cat? Or could it be any kind. I mean... not to sound rude or anything but, house cats are just lazy. (No offence to my cats but...)...?

message 3: by Clare (new)

Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) Any cat, but no house cats. For Example, they can be a breed that people have as house cats, but they aren't.

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (eiyah_fantasyfreak) | 3 comments Can we add what breed of dog are they?

message 5: by Clare (new)

Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) Yesh, anything to make the characters more detailed goes!

message 7: by Wʀɛռ (new)

Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Can I make a teacher or something?

message 8: by Clare (new)

Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) I haven't had time to make a thread for that yet!

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